Why Does My Grease Gun Get Stuck On the Fitting?

Sometimes grease guns are stuck on the fitting and it is a common issue. The common reason is an airlock. The pressure gradient in the hose and coupler caused by a clogged fitting can make it difficult to push down the thumb lever and discard the coupler.

With a sharp instrument, apply gentle pressure to the thumb lever; it should pop right off. Refrain from twisting or jerking the coupler to the side, as this can harm the seal.

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So, why does my grease gun get stuck on the fitting is something to grab your attention. Probably it’s due to the airlock, and the pressure in the hose, which is not enough to work, and a grease gun gets stuck.

People search browse to know the answer to this question how to free up a stuck grease fitting?

You can resolve this issue by escaping the air by constantly pumping. You can also solve this problem by pumping continuously after unclipping the barrel and then fastening the barrel when the grease pumps. 

Why Does Grease Gun Get Stuck On Zerk?

Grease guns become stuck due to blockage zerk fittings, which inhibit grease from passing through and induce compressive stress, preventing them from discharging. To get it fixed up, unscrew the nozzle or hardline from the gun, releasing the pressure and allowing it to come off.

If a gun is stuck on a zerk fitting, use a wrench on the barrel of the gun to lighten the coupler body to reduce the pressure. Then it will be better to remove the gun without causing damage to the fitting.

Grease Fitting Removal Tool

A stuck fitting may require some time and effort to clear itself. Grease Buster is the most effective product for this purpose. They’re the most durable tool we’ve discovered to remove grease guns from fittings, and they really work. Fill a Grease Buster with Fluid Wrench, Mineral Spirits, or any entering oil, and click the piston several times.

As tempting as it may be, prevent bashing the stuff with a chisel; the aim is to use resonance to have the oil in there and gradually part ways with the blockage, not to pop it through your bushings.

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If you want a do-it-yourself fix, remove the Zerk and drill around with a cable or a welding rod to check any clogs. You can use probing oil to lighten things up and then blast it with air to clear it out. If that doesn’t collaborate, you can always replace the Zerk with a new one.

Wrapping Up- Grease Guns Get Stuck on Fitting

In the end, we recommend using some tools to unlock the grease guns on fittings. Most people don’t take care of it and spend a lot of money to buy new grease gun. However, spending little money and getting your gun ready for work is good.

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