What Size Nail Gun for Fence Pickets?

All nail gun types would not sense justice to every task performance; each is associated especially for different tasks. Some are great for framing; some are ideal for baseboard installation, some with help in trim work, and others are associated with siding.

Choosing the right size of nail guns for various projects is as important as breath to life as it will help perform the task precisely. There are two most important sizes of nail guns; a 16-gauge nail gun and an 18 gauge nail gun.

The 16-gauge nail has a 0.0625″ thick shaft and comes in lengths ranging from 1 to 312. It holds up better than 18-gauge brads because it is thicker.

You can also use it to secure heavier, denser wood pieces in place. Being a homeowner, you must search for what size nail guns for fence pickets are ideal for outstanding performance. As analyzed, the battle seems to be between framing nail guns and dedicated fencing staplers.

What Size Nail Gun for Fence Pickets: Explained?

Fencing is best done with a nail gun, particularly a side nail gun. It can fire annular nails as long as 2 1/2 inches. Fencing can also be done with a frame nail gun. The ideal nail gun produces the appropriate size and kind of nail for the type of wood being used for the fence.

Furthermore, the nail gun must be ergonomic, light, and powerful enough to swiftly pierce the nail so that you may move from one post to the next.

Attaching fence rails with nails is just as crucial as attaching battens with battens. You can detach the panels from the posts, and you can split the wrong nail sizes. 16-d (3 1/2 inch) nails are the best choice for fence rails. An annular nail features concentric ribs (rings) that run along the nail’s shaft, allowing the implanted nail to grasp the wood so tightly that pulling it out is difficult.

The type of wood used determines the appropriate nail material. Cedar and redwood fences can be made from aluminum or stainless steel. For impregnated wood, you can use stainless-steel nails or hot-dip galvanized. Now that you know what type and size of the nail are ideal for fencing, let’s look at the nature framing of framing nailers.

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About Framing Nail Guns

This kind of nailer is an essential asset in any of the home improvement or building sites. Framing nails are used in heavy-duty applications such as roofing, timber decks, subfloors, and, of course, framing. Larger nails – 0.113″ to 0.131″ in diameter – 1-1/4″ to 3-1/2″ long are lowered by these nail guns, mostly used to nail larger pieces of wood. As a result, they’re one of the top options for fence construction.

When to use a framing nailer for fencing?

Framing nailers or nail guns are considered the best for fencing. A ramp gun comes in handy when attaching boards or wooden planks to wooden poles the day before fencing. This includes projects for building insight fences, fences, pet fences, pole/rail fences, and so on. This job will generally require a ramp post that shoots nails 2 “to 31/2” in length.

Can I use roofing nails for fence pickets?

No, you can’t use roofing nailers for fencing as their diameter isn’t enough to carry the projects, including fencing. Instead, if you can’t grab a framing nailer, you can have a power staple that contractors usually use for fence building and installing wooden floors. A roofing nail gun isn’t a bad choice, but it won’t provide an ideal performance or the one you desire.

What’s the best nail gun for fencing?

Metabo and Bostitch never disappoint when it comes to having your hands on the best power tools. Metabo HPT cordless framing nail gun and Bostitch round head framing nailer are considered the best nailers for a complex project like fencing. They offer the best performance and high durability without laughing all the way to the bank.

Is it better to nail or screw fence boards?

Nails are easier to install than screws, which means less effort for you or your contractor and perhaps reduced installation costs. Screws, on the other hand, do a better job of holding the fence together. When you need to repair a damaged strike guard, they also make rebuilding easier.


We hope you got the required information about fencing from this post, focusing on what size nail gun for fence boards. Choosing the right type of nail gun has become a bit challenging as we are currently trapped among enormous options available in the market. We recommend you not have your hands on any of the products unless you are fully aware of that.

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