What Size Nail for Framing with Nail Gun

If you do not know what a nail gun is, let us give an introduction for your better understanding. It is a type of tool that is used to hammer nails into the wood or other materials via different technologies such as compressed air, propane, butane, electromagnetism, and many others. A nail gun is proven to be one of the best tools to fix and install complex things. You might have bought a nail gun for home use and fixing wrecks in your home.

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What Size Nail for Framing with Nail Gun – Understanding the Gauging System:

It is highly appreciated that you know how to use a nail gun but what size nail for framing with a nail gun can be confusing though no matter how experienced you are. You will be happy to there is no need to worry about this matter anymore because we researched deep on this nail size problem and came forward with a guide after a lot of analysis so you can get what you have been looking forward to.

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Nail Sizes for Nail Guns:

We list all the nail sizes for framing with nail guns with their detailed descriptions so you can understand everything conveniently without facing any complications. Nail sizes are measured in ‘d’ or penny which represents different properties of a nail. Let’s start with our first size of the nail for framing with a nail gun.

1. 6d framing nails:

The first framing nail that we have on the list for you is 6d framing nails. The common 6d nails come with a length of 2 inches and include a diameter of 0.113 inches while the box 6d nails have 0.099 inches diameter. If you want to fix wooden floors or want to install quarter round then 6d framing nails will prove to be the best option for you. They are commonly used for fixing indoor applications.

You might not see these framing nails commonly used in the market because of their small head. 6d nails come in two categories that are box and common so you should carefully choose one according to your requirements and needs.

2. 8d framing nails:

The next type of framing nail is known as 8d framing nails. You will find these nails with a length of 2.5 inches and a diameter of 0.313 inches. They also come in the box variant and include a diameter of 0.113 inches. 8d framing nails are commonly seen in houses and constructional areas to fix sheath, subfloors, and other areas where big nails cannot perform well. It can also be used for toenailing as well as for furring strips. A big advantage of 8d framing nails is that they come in a very narrow shape.

3. 10d framing nails:

The third option you have for framing with a nail gun is to use a 10d framing nail that comes with 3 inches in length and 0.148 diameters. If you are looking for a box variant in 10d nails then it can provide you a diameter of 0.128 inches. The applications of 10d framing nails are to join doors or floor surfaces. 10d framing nails are very efficient for fixing and installing things. You have to make sure of the area and other factors because it is a large nail and should be handled carefully.

4. 16d framing nails:

The last framing nail we have in this list for nail guns is 16d. It is the largest size nail available in the market. The 16d nails are manufactured with a length of 3.25 inches and come along with a diameter of 0.162. However, if you want a smaller diameter then you can go with the sinker variant of the 16d nail which has a diameter of 0.135 inches. Sinkers will prove to be a great option for framing as it has a smooth sliding factor due to epoxy and vinyl coating.

Precautions Regarding Nail Guns:

You must have learned and understood the different sizes of nails that are used for framing with a nail gun. But wait there is something more that we are going to present to you. Before you go, choose an appropriate nail size, and start working, you should consider some precautions while dealing with the nail gun.

Precautions are as follow:

  • Make sure you follow all the instructions that come with a nail gun.
  • Before buying a nail gun, you should check the safety protocols of a tool.
  • Keep your fingers at a safe distance from the trigger while working.
  • Do not disassemble or assemble the nail gun on your own.
  • Ensure all the safety measures and precautions before you start working with the nail gun.


We are very happy to assist you in this complex situation. The only part you have to play in this problem is to keep your focus and divert all your attention to this guide so you not only learn what size nail for framing with a nail gun is used but you will also be able to remember all the information for a long time. Since we are here to help and assist you in every manner, we prepared a summary of the guide so you can check back if you mistakenly missed something.

First, we had an introduction to the nail gun and why it is so popular in the world of tools. Then we moved to the types or sizes of nails used for framing with the nail gun. The three nail sizes for framing with a nail gun are 6d, 8d, 10d, and 16d. We looked deep into the details of nail sizes and learned their dimensions and other crucial factors that can help you in the effective and efficient usage of nail guns. At last, we consider some precautions that you must follow while framing with a nail gun.

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