What Size Drill Bit For #10 Screws – A 2022 Guide

Drilling is frequently used in homes or industries for a range of functions. The size of the drill bit is crucial in this procedure. Screws are designed mainly with self-drilling pointed ends. But even so, type of material, such as wood, pilot holes may be required to prevent substance diminishment.

Using the appropriate drill bit and realizing when to use it increases the likelihood of completing the job properly the first time. However, because these tools have a wide range of applications, different drill bits are available for specific tasks.

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Additionally, knowing the drill bit for #10 screws is more critical. The reason is that it’s critical to find the drill bit for #10 screws rather than for #8 or other screws. The item used may be harmed if the bit size is incorrect. You can see what size drill bit is required for a size 10 screw here.

What Is a #10 Screw?

The term 10-32 is derived from the ANSI B1. 1-1974 norms for Centralized and American Bolted Connections for Bolts, Nuts, and Device Screws. The number “10” is merely a size designation with no numerical significance. The number “32” indicates the number of threads for every inch.

What Are Pilot Holes?

Pilot holes are pits drilled into construction materials. The smaller drills lead the bigger ones to the exact point, making the task easier.

It also allows for the use of a smash, including a knockout blow, to make the perfect hole size. Furthermore, it aids in the prevention of screw breakage by discovering, directing, and supplying approval for self-threading screw-in components.

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Pilot holes, as used when cruising a screw, can be used to insert a screw in masonry or plastic.

When a screw is nudged into a material without first constructing a pilot hole, it transforms into a pile driver. It produces a reaction force, which may end up causing numerous materials to shatter.

When the pilot hole is properly drilled, the screw will not bind and will remain tight. The pilot hole in standard wood screws accommodates the screw’s core.

A pilot hole is also referred to by some as a hole drilled in metal for pressing machine screws or bolt strings.

Basic wood screws gain from pilot drill bits that are particularly intended to remove a flawless hole profile with just one drill. If you require a wide range of drill bit sizes and lengths, this is the wiser choice.

Furthermore, the pilot hole size for screws fitted in masonry must be acceptable. Failure will arise as a result of a pinhole leak, bereft bore, or lack of retaining power if this element is overlooked.

Drill Bit to Screw Size Chart For #10

Screw Size
Pilot hole size for softwood
Pilot hole size for hardwood

What Size Drill Bit For #10 Screw

For a #10 screw, the appropriate drill bit for softwood is 7/64′′ and for hardwood  1/8′′. Drill a pilot hole with these before screwing them into the wood. If you’re using self-tapping bolts or high low thread-shaped screws, you’ll need to make some adjustments.

  1. Select a Drill Bit
  2. Insert the Bit of Your Choice Into the Drill
  3. Check Other Settings
  4. Prepare the Material
  5. Drill the Hole and Double-Check It

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What Size Should the Pilot Hole Be?

Ans: Remember that the diameter of the pilot hole will be the same as the diameter of the screw’s root. The possible explanation for this is that the precise diameter aids in holding the wood without separating it during screw incorporation. Notwithstanding this, the threads can still be used to hook up two boards.

Q. Is it necessary to make the drill bit smaller than the screw?

Ans: The size of the drill bit also needs to be approximately equivalent to the shaft of the screw when there are no threads. By locating the drill bit and screw next to each other, you can effectively evaluate it. You can continue if their size is the same.

Q. What Diameter Is a Size #10 Screw?

Ans: The diameter of 10-32 screws is 3/16′′ (4.8mm), while 12-24 screw’s diameter is 7/32′′. (5.6mm).

To determine the diameter of a screw or bolt, calculate the length between the outer threads on one side and the external threads on the other. This is identified as the main diameter, and it is usually the correct size of the bolt.

Q. What Size of Drill Bit for #10 Screws- Final Verdicts

Ans: The size of the drill bit for $10 screws is a simple but important move to make before beginning the workflow. You will pick the ideal drill bit size and have an enjoyable time drilling if you thoughtfully seek the model of your drill or end up making sample holes. For more information on #10 screws and drill bit tips, keep reading our latest blogs.

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