What Can I Use Instead Of a Heat Gun?

Do you want to know an alternative to a heat gun? Nowadays, heat guns are used for various tasks such as home repair, phone rapier, DIY, and a variety of other tasks. A heat gun is equipment that produces direct heat of more than 1500 watts for most applications and higher watts for industrial applications.

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Most heat guns come with three settings: peak, minimal, and off. They can be used to remove epoxy, paint from tables and chairs, wallpaper, and seal rubber. It’s fine if you cannot buy a heat gun. You can change it with some alternatives or use them as a heat gun.

Sometimes these don’t work or people are unable to buy because of budget issues. In this case, they ask what can I use instead of a heat gun.

There are multiple alternatives of a heat gun which we provided in this article based on our experience and test. Let’s proceed further!

Some Alternatives of Heat Gun

Heat some best gun alternatives are:

  • Hair Dryer
  • Alcohol Burner
  • Light Bulbs
  • Clothing Irons
  • 300mw Engraving Laser
  • Lighters 

Hair Dryer

What Can I Use Instead Of a Heat Gun?

A hairdryer is a great alternative to a heat gun if you require a low heat like removing stickers, candle wax, and labels.

The maximum temperature of the hairdryer is 140 degrees centigrade, while the heat gun can touch 700 degrees centigrade temperature. You can’t use a hairdryer for stripping paint that requires 200 to 400 degrees centigrade.

A hairdryer can be used as an option for paint drying, plastic flexing, and phone fixing. A hairdryer is an alternative to a heat gun for embossing. If you don’t want to take any risks, I recommend using the old one for these tasks.

Alcohol Burner

Because it produces a large amount of heat, an alcohol burner stove can be a useful alternative. It is preferable to use an alcohol or gas burner because they produce only heat and do not emit smoke or soot.

While using alcohol, safety should be your priority. Place the burner on a heat-resistant surface because if alcohol drops into the surface and the surface is not heat resistant, it will catch fire.

Now pour the alcohol into the stove and light it up. The flame will rise around the stove and place a coin in the center to prevent the fire from escaping. Then, on a burner stove, place a metal funnel inverted. It will ease your job and aid in directing the heat in one direction.

You don’t want sparks flying out of the funnel head, so raise it slightly higher.

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By placing two bars on both sides of the stove, you can slightly raise the funnel. You can make these bars out of wood, cement block, or other materials.

Light Bulbs

Light or incandescent bulbs can generate heat near about 4000 degrees Fahrenheit. When heat-shrinking, as in the last motel, try keeping the heat shrink near a hot light bulb and waiting for it to melt.

They generate 90% heat, so you can use them as a heat gun alternative. But it will take a long time to produce heat and has some limitations.

Clothing Irons

Clothing iron is the best household item that can be used instead of a heat gun, but it has limitations. It is a great alternative to heat guns for embossing because it can generate enough heat.

Switch on the iron, keep it upright and place the object to be treated near the iron without contacting it. Start moving the object gradually in front of the iron to give the complete area equal heat exposure. Keep in mind; be patient and take your time.

300mw Engraving Laser

For more sensitive works, a 300mw laser, like this one Q-BAIHE 405nm 300mw Laser Dot Module, can be used for sculpting and engraving. However, keep in mind that the spectacles can get in the way and disrupt your vision. Furthermore, lasers can only be used on dark shrink tubes.


Disposable butane lighters have the potential to generate flames of up to 2000°C, which is a tremendous amount of heat. You can choose any form of lighter, not just butane lighters. A heater lighter, which is related to butane torches, is another great choice. It’s a simple and convenient replacement for a heat gun.

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Soldering Iron

A soldering iron is an acceptable option for a heat gun for phone repair. It is typically used for repairing motherboards and other similar items. Soldering irons can reach temperatures ranging from 200°C to 480°C and melt at around 185°C, a reasonable temperature.

Note: Also watch this complete video to know more What Can I Use Instead Of a Heat Gun?

Heat Gun Alternatives- Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use a Hair Dryer Instead Of a Heat Gun?

Yes, you can use heat like a hairdryer, but it won’t produce much heat. You can use it as an alternative to heat when you require a low amount of heat, like removing candle wax, stickers, and labels. You can use it for many other tasks.

Can I Use a Hair Dryer Instead Of a Heat Gun For Resin?

Hair Dryer-Use, the association that came with your hairdryer (the one that many of us throw away). It acts as a funnel for air and helps to move your resin. Use high heat and a low speed.

Wrapping Up- What Can I use Instead of A Heat Gun 

So, there are other tools you can use instead of a heat gun. But they are not as effective as heat guns. However, if you have the same question, i.e., what can I use instead of a heat gun, we recommend buying and using. Additionally, keep in mind that these are not as effective as a heat gun is. However, they are still the best alternatives instead of not providing enough heat where it is needed.

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