How To Use Grease Gun in 2022

If you are a mechanic or somehow related to machinery work, you will be aware of the importance of a grease gun. With the help of a grease gun, one can easily lubricate the difficult-to-reach areas and pieces of machinery to increase their lifetime. It may look too easy to use at an instant but one needs to be careful as its use is a bit sensitive.

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Although there is no atomic science in using the grease gun, there are a few important points and manufacturers ’ guidelines (for protection) we need to know. Before that, you need to know about the types of the grease gun.

Types of a Grease Gun:

How To Use Grease Gun

We can further categorize the grease guns into three types with aspect to the ways of their working. Understand the types of models before moving forward.

Manual Grease Gun:

The manual grease gun is the most common and simple. It uses the traditional hand-pumping method to deliver the grease. In the market, you will find lever and pistol grip grease guns supporting the manual pumping method. This type of grease gun can deliver about 1 gram of grease per pump.

Electric Grease Gun:

Electric grease gun uses a battery or any other power source to operate. Most of these grease guns are cordless. Although the delivery rate varies among different guns but normally electric grease guns have a delivery pressure of 10,000 PSI which makes them way more efficient than the traditional grease guns.

Pneumatic Grease Gun:

A pneumatic grease gun is an air-powered grease gun that uses the air (air is already compressed in the gun through its hose) to get the grease out of it. This type of grease gun is better in a way that it requires neither any hand-pumping work nor the electric source. These types of grease guns have more delivery rate than manual grease guns and less than electric ones.

How Does a Grease Gun Work?

A grease gun is a tool used to lubricate the machinery. It has a long narrow ‘Nozzle’ which can reach all the parts of machinery. First of all, the grease gun is properly loaded with grease. This grease comes out by pressing the handle or lever.

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By pressing the handle, the plunger moves up and the oil in the barrel comes out through the hose. You can connect the outlet valve body with the flexible hose or fixed tube. Most of the parts are replaceable for your ease.

Step-by-Step Procedure for Using a Grease Gun:

So let’s move on to the real topic of discussion. Here is the proper guideline for using the grease gun. I will show you how to do it.

  1. First of all, you should make sure that your grease gun is loaded with lubricant. If not, load the grease gun first.
  2. Check the output (amount of oil it delivers per pump) of the grease gun. Usually, you will find it printed on the manual which comes with the original purchase.
  3. Determine the location you are going to lubricate.
  4. Lubricate the machinery. Make sure that you have delivered the exact amount of grease which is required. Avoid over lubrication.
  5. If you have dropped grease somewhere mistakenly, clean it with a tissue paper immediately.
  6. When you have done, close it and store it in a safe environment that is difficult to access for children.

Refilling a Grease Gun:

As you can see in the first step, you will need to fill the grease gun in order to use it, Lol. Here is the simple method for refilling the grease gun.

  • Unscrew the cap from the grease gun. You will need to push the cap in the left direction with a little force.
  • Remove the old cartridge present in it. Never mix the old cartridge with a bad one as it will affect the quality of it.
  • Now open the new cartridge and insert the grease into the barrel of the grease gun.
  • After filling it completely, screw the grease gun. You will need to reverse the first step.
  • Now test the grease to check whether it is working fine or not.
  • The final step is to store the grease gun in a suitable place.


  1. Grease and other lubrication material could be harmful to you. Always use goggles, safety gloves, and other protective equipment for your safety. Also, maintain distance from it.
  2. Do not mix the old grease with the new one or the grease of two different types. Type is usually mentioned on the cartridge pack.
  3. Make sure that you are going to use the correct type of grease to lubricate your machine. A type of grease which is beneficial for one machine may have a negative impact on other machinery.
  4. Tight the nipples, couplers, and threads to prevent leakage. Also, avoid over-tightening.
  5. Always carry tissue papers with you. Clean the grease gun and machinery part with it.
  6. Carry an extra cartridge with you so that you could refill the grease gun by pouring it.


It is very simple and easier to use a grease gun but still, you will need to take proper care and follow the tips I told you. There are different types of grease guns and all of them are different to use. The best practice is to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the user manual. It is also important for you to choose the best grease gun for your job.

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We hope this article will be helpful for you. If you have further queries regarding the use of grease guns, want our experts’ recommendations for the best grease gun, or want to give your feedback, feel free to comment below or contact us. I wish you a nice day!

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