How to Unlock Nail Gun in Car of Duty Warzone 2022

The nail gun is a brand new special weapon smg in season 4 of cold war and Warzone. Call of duty nail gun adds to our excitement and entertainment with its unique features being a particular weapon.

Knowing how to unlock  nail gun is more important than using it during the call of duty or warzone. On this page, we provided complete instructions for unlocking nail guns.

About Nail Gun

It has a strong attack but with a bit shorter range. The gun is best for close combats and attacks and has a high damage profile, with shorter ranges.

Additionally, it can give you a four-to-five-shot kill enemy at a distance of up to 10 meters.

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With other special weapons in season 4, nail gun has their popularity. You can unlock it for free with a weapon challenge in the war zone and cold war multiplayer and zombies. This article is about how you can unlock this gun by completing these challenges easily and quickly.

How to Unlock Nail Gun in Car of Duty Warzone:

This weapon is most easily unlocked in cold war multiplayer and zombies, but can reasonably be easy to unlock in a warzone with some simple tips explained in this article.

If you are struggling aside from playing cold war, the other thing you can do is look out for a few limited-time modes. So, there are limited-time modes in the Warzone, for example, warzone rumble, kingslayer modes, and these are good because they are more like multiplayer modes. These modes are easier to complete the challenge. You get lots of players dropping in, but you get lots of responses like multiplayer.

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If you have got a warzone either because you are playing it or a free-to-play player with a warzone, then below is the challenge description and how to unlock it.

How To Get Nail Gun Warzone:

The game is relatively easy since killing five people with special weapons. Some special weapons in Warzone and cold war are to unlock gun are:

  • M79 launcher
  • R1 shadow hunter Crossbow
  • Ballistic knife
  • Nail gun

It is up to you which one special weapon you choose, but the M79 missile launcher is the most recommended special weapon to be used to unlock the nail gun warzone.

It should be noted that previously in the Warzone, the weapon unlocks challenges required completed matches which means that you cannot leave the game early; you have to complete the challenge in that match and then stay in it for the duration.

However, this has changed, and you can now leave the match. As soon as you have got the five kills you need in the Warzone, you can back out, go into another lobby, and start the next game to continue your progress.

You also want to check your kills counted by checking the challenge progress bar in-game.

To do this, you go into the menu, click on the edits next to your class, hover over the nail gun, which is at the top of the list in the smg tab. It’s a unique weapon, but it is classified as an SMG in the Warzone.

How to Unlock the Nail Gun in the Cold War:

How to Unlock Nail Gun in Car of Duty Warzone

The nail gun cold war consists of specific and straightforward challenges. First of all, a zombie challenge is a bit time-consuming, but it’s 100% way easier.

It means all you have to do is get 25 eliminations using unique weapons, any one of your choice, and it should be completed in 12 different regions. It will require you to use a particular weapon like the M79 launcher, crossbow, and ballistic knife.

Now, unlike Warzone, you have to play until the match finishes if you are playing cold war, which means you cannot leave the game without finishing the mission. If you leave the game, you will lose any progress. You can check your kills counted and challenge score from the menu.

You can also get a nail gun by purchasing it from the store and getting the blueprint framework for the nail gun.

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How to Unlock Nail Guns- Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you unlock the Nail Gun in Zombies?

Yes, you can easily unlock the nail guns in zombies, but you need to get 25 kills with weapons for this purpose. These weapons should be completed in 25 different regions. The following procedure is the same as mentioned above.

  1. Does a nail gun have an attachment?

No, a nail gun does not include any attachment.

  1. Can you unlock weapons in Warzone?

Yes, we can unlock weapons in Warzone, but firstly, it’s necessary to complete some stages of the battles in this war. Don’t worry; these stages are easy to complete.

  1. Is it possible to get the Nail Gun in Zombies?

You must kill 25 zombies with specific armament across 12 separate finished zones for getting a nail gun. The Nail Gun is also available in the game shop for thousand CP. It is called a Puncture Wound.

  1. How to get the nail gun in the cold war?

The task requires you to complete 15 games, so it will take a while, but one of the 24/7 schedules is ideal. Take your beloved particular secondary and begin to track down opponents. Get 5 kills consecutively, then take a break before the next game. You can unlock the Nail Gun after completing the 75 minimum skills requirement.

  1. Is the Nail Gun a Good Cold War Weapon?

The Nail Gun cold war long-distance and flexibility make it constantly murder rivals at an equal or quicker rate than shotguns with nearly double the efficient range.

Final Verdicts

Above is complete information on how to unlock a nail gun by some proven methods. Use these ways and get rid of locking a nail gun. Additionally, keep reading our latest blogs for more information on tips and tricks for nail guns and their usage.


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