The 6-Step Guide to Unjamming your Nail Gun

Have you ever noticed why is your nail gun getting jam, letting you get frustrated during your most important project? It’s possible that the reason behind is driving a nail into a piece of wood with hidden nails. The scorched nail bends and becomes lodged as a result of the contact between the two pins, resulting in a fault. Alternatively, some of the nails in the strip you use to charge the nail gun may be facing the incorrect way when you shot, causing stains.

Besides all the reasons mentioned above, you must take care of your device by oiling it frequently to prevent them from jamming. The wrong procedure can take up a lot of your time, still leaving you with a jammed nail gun or a destroyed one. This article will let you know the correct procedure of ‘how to unjam a nail gun.’ Read the following steps carefully to protect your device as well as your time.

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How to Unjam a Nail Gun: Procedure.

  1. Initiate the process by disconnecting the power source from your nail gun. If you operate your nail gun with an electricity outlet, disconnect it. But if you run your nail gun using batteries, you must remove them.
  2. Removing the power source is very important to avoid any accidental firing. Now clean away the dirt and oil, if any, underneath the nail gun with a clean cloth so that the jammed nail becomes clear to you.
  3. The next step says to open the barrel of the nail gun; check for a release lever that will help you release the jammed nail. But this release lever is only the part of newer models; if your nail gun doesn’t possess a release lever, you must go for another option.
  4. Now you have to look for the jammed nail and try to dislodge that nail with the help of your handy needle-nose pliers. If the simple tug is not helping, try to twist the nail until you get the pinout.
  5. Refill the nail gun again with the right type of nails, and make sure you are putting the nails facing the correct direction.
  6. End up the process by reassembling your nail gun by attaching the barrel again. Ensure that everything is up to the mark for safety purposes.


Don’t forget to oil your device frequently, and make sure you put all the nails in the correct direction when refilling the gun. Always consider buying good quality nails to insert in your nail gun, as they can be a great factor in destroying your device.

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Now you don’t have to waste your time unjamming your nail gun with the help of ineffective procedures. The tips mentioned in this article focusing on ‘how to unjam a nail gun’ are worth applying. Try not to repeat those mistakes that result in destroying your device. Lastly, we would suggest you follow all the safety measures before using any instrument related to power equipment.

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