How to Sharpen Drill Bits with Angle Grinder in 2022

An angle grinder is a machine used for different purposes; we use it in our daily lives, like when we have to cut any hard thing.  The good thing about this electric machine is that it is very small in size and you can easily keep it with yourself where you are going.

Today in this article, we will tell you how to sharpen drill bits with angle grinder; the disc connected with the grinder can easily perform various works.  Sometimes you want to make a drill in wood or a wall, but it cannot function because the drill bit is not so sharp and cannot make a hole.

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Sharpening a Drill Bit with Angle Grinder Steps

An angle grinder is an instrument used for various purposes, including sharpening the drill bit.  So here is the complete step-by-step method of sharpening the drill bit with an angle grinder.

Step#1: Check the Bit

First of all, you need to do, before sharpening the drill bit, examine the bit because after checking it, you easily know how much you need to sharpen it by removing the metal.

Because in this step, you will know that the existing disc can sharpen the bit, or you need to replace the disc.  Sometimes the disc is not working well, so in this case, first of all, you have to change the disc to complete the work.

Step#2: Get a Jig

A jig is a tool used to fix the drill bit; this is not a very complicated tool.  The only purpose of this tool is to make the drill bit static while getting it in touch with the angle grinder disc.  The grinder moves at high speed, so it isn’t easy to manage it if you hold the drill bit with your hands.

Step#3: Turn on Grinder

After fixing the bit to a solid position to prevent its movement, you need to perform the next step to turn on the grinder.  Ensure that the grinder is connected to the power supply and running efficiently.

Note: Safety is the priority while working with an electric machine, especially with the electric angle grinder.  Always use gloves and glasses to prevent yourself from the dust and gloves to prevent any injury.

Step#4: Sharpen the Landing

Now you have to move the electric grinder towards the drill bit and try to touch the disc with the bit.  Make sure that you are working well, and try to sharpen all the different sides of the bit, don’t focus on the single sharpen side.  If you only sharpen one side, you cannot sharpen the bit properly.

Step#5: Cool the Drill Bit

Many people make a mistake while sharpening the drill bit, continuously sharpening the bit that is wrong.  It melts the drill bit because of the heating produced while rubbing the metal drill bit with the iron disc.  This will not sharpen the drill bit but also destroy the bit, and you need to buy a new one.

So after 4 to 5 seconds, you need to dip the bit into the ice water to make it cool for effective sharpening.  If you are doing a thing, the drill bit will melt because of the hot temperature; when the metal becomes cool, you must check which side of the drill bit needs to be more sharpened.

Step#6: Rotate and Repeat

Rotate the drill bit to an angle of 180 degrees, and cool the metal bit of sharpening the other side of the drill bit.  Now repeat the process 5 to 10 times to sharpen the drill bit, and check that it is enough or you need to get more sharpen a drill.

Step#7: Test the Drill

After you sharpen the drill, you have to check whether it is working well or not; for this, you have to test it by making a hole into wood or any wall to check the working ability of the drill bit after sharpening it.  You can also check the drill bit by touching the sharp side of the drill bit to make sure that it can easily create a hole in the wood.

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Step#8: Start Drilling

In this step, you have to insert the metal bit into the drill machine and start the drilling work only.  Check the machine while making many drills in the wood or a wall not inside your home.

Sharpen Drill with Angle Grinder: Frequently Asked Question

Is this possible to sharpen a drill bit?

Yes, it is possible to sharpen a drill bit even in your home with the help of different gadgets, especially the angle grinder is used for this purpose.  You can easily use the angle grinder because you don’t need to buy some other tools to make sharpen the drill bit.

What angle do you sharpen the drill bits at?

Many people have this question in their minds to sharpen the drill bit at any angle according to the position of the angle grinder and the drill bit you are holding.  But the, most of the 180 degrees are used to sharpen the drill bit to the angle grinder.

Is there a tool to sharpen a drill bit?

Yes, there are many tools available in the market that you can use to sharpen the drill bit; a special sharpener is also known that can be used, and a bench grinder also helps you point a drill bit.

Wrapping Up- How to Sharpen Drill with Angle GrinderHow to Sharpen Drill Bits with Angle Grinder

Above is a complete procedure for how to sharpen drill with an angle grinder. Read all the instructions and follow the steps gradually.

Don’t forget the safety instruction for this, and even if you are working with some other electric machine.  Use the rubber gloves while using the angle grinder because it prevents your hands from touching the disc.

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