How to Remove Angle Grinder Disc- Complete Guide 2022

Removing the angle grinder disc is not a very difficult procedure if you do it with the right method. You have to follow some instructions while removing it because if you want to remove this without any knowledge, you may destroy your machine.

Many people get injured while removing or replacing their angle disc because they don’t know how to do this work properly. But if you follow the instructions and the right method, you can easily remove the angle grinder disc and replace it with a new one. So here is the complete step by step process for how to remove angle grinder disc.

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Why You Need To Remove the Disc

There are many reasons, and for that, you have to change the disc, like you are working with the angle grinder in your home or working place, and the disc gets out of order. The first thing you do is remove the disc and replace it with a new disc.

Sometimes you are working, and you see that the disc is broken accidentally when you are cutting a hard thing, and you are doing a hard job, so in this condition, you cannot continue your work without replacing the disc.

Sometimes it gets stuck and doesn’t move then you also have to remove and replace the disc to start your work.

Removing Angle Grinder Disc- Step by Step Method

There is not only a single method to remove the disc from the angle grinder, and you can change it according to the availability of the tools you have. But here, the process that we will describe is very straightforward; you need the basic tools and easily remove your angle grinder disc.

Step#1: Remove the Power Supply

Safety instructions are the first thing you have to keep in mind while working with an electrical device, especially if you’re working with an angle grinder. Sometimes it can cause harmful for you due to many reasons.

Before removing the disc, the first thing you need to do is disconnect the power supply because many people don’t do this or forget which is very terrible. Because they are chances of getting an electric shock if the power supply is on, on the other hand, if the machine accidentally starts to run, it can make you injured.

So don’t forget to remove the power supply before starting this work. If the power supplies are turned off, you can easily touch all the parts of the angle grinder without getting any electric shock and without facing any difficulty.

Step#2: Collect The Necessary Tools

It is very hard to remove the disc with your hands, or we can say that it looks impossible because you cannot lose the nuts without tools. So you need to collect some necessary and basic tools that will help you while losing the nuts and removing the disc.

The required tools are vice grips, Hammer, New Disk, Screwdriver, Factory-made Spanner, and Pliers. These are the tools you must have to remove the disc; otherwise, you cannot complete your task if you are missing any of them.

Some necessary tools also come with the branded new angle grinder, these tools can also help you remove the disc, and if you have these tools, you don’t need to buy some other tools.

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Step#3: Now Remove The Disc

As we have mentioned in the above step, some tools come with the grinder when you buy, so with the help of the wrenches, you can easily remove the disc because it helps you while losing some nuts. The wrenches are not only to lose the nuts, but you can also get some other work; you will see that one of the wrenches looks like a two-prong fork.

First of all, you need to identify the holes and nuts that combine the disc and angle grinder; for this, you must check the grinder thoroughly. The nuts depend on the size of the grinder, if you have the smaller size grinder, then surely there are only two or three screws, but if you have a larger grinder, then maybe you need to lose four or five screws.

After removing all the nuts from the grinder and disc, now try to separate the disc from the grinder sometimes, the disc is attached to the grinder so hardly, then you need to use some tools to remove that, like a steel rod.

In some grinders, there are buttons present, so in this case, first, you have to open or remove the button; like button looks like a screw that joints the disc and grinder. To remove the disc from the angle grinder, you can also use the opposite side of the wrench. Keep moving the wrench in a different direction after bolting it into the bottom of the disc and angle grinder.

Step#4: Use Spanner

We know that some vice grips are not very easy to lose because it is strongly attached to the bolt of the grinder. So if you are using the required tools, it is easy for you to remove the disc.

Sometimes the vice grip helps you because it doesn’t rotate, and you can easily lose the screw because many screws turn, and you can lose them. This will also make the disc straight and easy for you to remove.

This step is a little bit complicated as compared to the previous actions. Still, if you have the right tools and appreciate the information, you can also solve this step without facing any problems or getting any help from others.

In this step, you have to lose and remove all the screw that is available on the disc, and there is a large hole in the center of the disc that is inserted in a screw rod of the angle grinder; in the last section, you have to remove the disc from this angle screw rod.

Keep in mind that when you are finally removing the disc, it sometimes gets stuck with the grinder or strongly fixed with the angle grinder screws, so you can put some oil or make a spray and wait for a few minutes trying to remove the disc.

Step#5: Insert the New Disc

If you want to use your angle grinder again, you have to use it because no one wants to spend their money on buying the useless things or the machine you already have. After removing the old disc, buy a new branded disc of the same size that you are using in your angle grinder.

Now you have to repeat the process instead of the method you have used to remove the disc. First of all, you need to clean the angle grinder because while removing the disc, maybe there may be some dust and corrosion that you need to remove to fix the new disc.

Now insert the disc to the same location you removed previously, and try to tighten all the screws carefully because some screws are large and some are small. So you need to fix all these screws to their exact positions.

After you have completed the process and are sure that you have carefully tightened all the screws and bolts of the angle grinder, turn on the power supply and check if it is working well.

Removing Angle Grinder Disc- Frequently Asked Question

Is the angle grinder machine dangerous?

Every electric machine is dangerous if you are not using it by following the terms and conditions written on them or their boxes. But the angle grinder is more hazardous than other electric machines because of its disc blade that can make you injured while using it. So it would help if you were very careful while using this. Make sure that all the wires of the angle grinder have proper cover and isolation with the metal wires.

Can we remove the disc without tools?

No, maybe you have this question in your mind because sometimes you are working and accidentally need to change your disc and don’t have the tools. So don’t try to remove the disc without tools because it is harmful to you. That’s why you need to have all the tools required to remove the disc.

What are the important tools?

Some basic tools are required while removing a disc and replacing it with a new one, and some companies also give you these tools free of cost when you buy from them; the necessary tools are the vice grips, Hammer, and New Disk, Screwdriver, Factory-made Spanner, Pliers. So make sure that you have all these tools in your access before starting your angle grinder operation.

Conclusion- How to Remove Angle Grinder Disc

The angle grinder disc is a replaceable thing you can change if the old disc is out of order and not cutting properly; there are many reasons for changing the disc-like you are working hard things, and it gets broke.

So removing the disc is very easy if you have the right tools; you can only drag and replace it with a new disc in one hour, or maybe less than this time.

You don’t need to go to a shop to replace your disc, because now you can perform it by yourself after the method mentioned above.


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