How to Remove a Broken Screw Without an Extractor

Are you a serious DIYer and you just put the screw in the wrong place and while extracting it you just broke the head of the screw and now you have no idea how to remove this flat screw? Don’t panic, we have the solution to your concerns. You can get your broken screw even without the help of an extractor.

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Screws are actually used for many purposes as screws are often used to securely hold objects together by pulling or pushing them close. Screws also can be used to elevate and fix heavy loads.

A driver would be used to insert a screw in wood while turning that in a rotational movement due to its bumps on the screw. It is not like nails, that could be pressed into a wooden board with ease. The bumps on a screw might make pounding into boards extra tough and for its bumps, a screw helps to hold the items together firmly.

Screws may literally save your life but the cracked screws might have the reverse effect. As, if we nearly trust screws that hold onto anything, the process of extracting the screw without a head might go bad.

How to remove a broken screw without an extractor?

Here we are mentioning some worthy life hacks that might save you from getting into any further trouble.  So, without any delay let’s get into the details and find out how you can take out the broken screw without even having an extractor.

But before trying any hack some tools are required for taking out broken screws like;

  • A rubber band
  • Driver kit
  • Piler
  • A hammer
  1. With an elastic band

A screw can often rip to the point that no other screw shape or dimension would fit. You might use an elastic band at this point and it will give you extra hold to withdraw the screw or at least unscrew it. So for this, you have to do the following steps.

  • Firstly, simply lay an elastic band in between the screw and also the driver and tighten it.
  • Carefully pull back with a strong yet slow effort and then the elastic band may properly cover that gap happened by strips.
  1. Use a shorter screwdriver

To get more commands, you could also select it as it totally depends on the kind of screw base. A driver set including an Allen form can give you a lot of necessary grasps to effectively remove the broken screw. Bear in mind that you must move slowly to maintain a large amount of pressure and avoid a problematic situation.

  1. Pilers

With the help of a plier, you can also remove a broken screw as if the screw is visible on the material. So, you just have to do the below steps to take out the screw;

  • By using pliers, grasp the screw’s head securely.
  • Release the screw by rotating it circular while retaining a firm grasp on it.
  • You just have to do it again along with clamp pliers if needle pliers drop off from the screw head.
  1. With hammer

A hammer is usually quite handy when you have to deal with these situations and by using a hammer you can easily remove the broken screw. So, just follow the below steps.

  • Insert the tip of the driver into the head of the screw.
  • Using the driver, push the screw.
  • Now, hold down your hammer and extract the screw with the driver once you get a little grab of it.
  1. Rotary tool

You can also remove the screw with the help of a rotary tool if there’s any sharp knife also attached with it. So, you just have to follow the following steps and take out the broken screw.

  • By using a rotary tool, you just have to make a hole in the head of the screw and for this, it’s better to use the diamond-shaped head cutter.
  • Now, with the help of a flathead driver, you can easily remove the broken screw.

What are the fastest methods to remove a broken screw?

If you are in a hurry and want to remove a broken screw then these are a few methods that you should try.

  • With an impact driver

This screwdriver seems to be another useful tool for removing the broken screw but make sure that it should be a high-quality tip. Place it all and secure it after you’ve gathered all of the necessary items. Carefully remove the head from sand and dust, and double-check that the tip is pointing in the right way.

  1. Insert the impact driver into the cracked head of the screw tightly.
  2. Slam the head point of the cracked screw with a hammer a few times. Its tip should then be firmly embedded within the head of the screw.
  3. Now, you can easily extract the screw by gently twisting your impact driver top. Then, you will be able to extract the screw with a driver
  • Use a glue

If the screw is hopelessly stuck in the board then you just have to give it a try with glue it might be possible the broken screw will come out. You just have to follow the given steps for faster removal of broken screws.

  1. Just put three or four droplets of glue on the head of the screw and hook the screwdriver to it.
  2. Allow the adhesive to settle and then drag the screwdriver lower after it has been finished to be certain there are no weak hooks.
  3. Now, rotate the screw smoothly with the help of a screwdriver and pull it out.
  4. Otherwise, simply repeat the technique until you have a strong grasp.
  • Plug clipper

After applying all the techniques, if the broken screw is still jammed in the board then it’s better to use a wood plug clipper that will scrape out the broken screw.

  1. With the help of a drilling machine just insert the plug cutting tool and fix it all around the screw head.
  2. Now, move the drill downside and try scratching the screw area.
  3. Proceed this till the clipper reaches the screw’s depth level and then pull it and cleanse it to eradicate any debris bits that may have remained.
  4. So, after cleaning out all the areas, you can easily remove the broken screw.
  • Welding

Welding is one of the quick yet best hacks for removing broken screws if other hacks are not working then this one is best for quick removal.

You just have to weld the tip of the screw at high temperature and then it will assist in loosening and removing the broken screw that was stuck in the material.

What are the actual reasons for screws getting broken?

So we have compiled the major issues that might be the reason for broken screws. Therefore,  read out all the reasons to avoid any further broken screw that might give you a headache in the future.

  • Extra tightening

It is never a good idea to over tighten the screw in any situation as from inside and outside, these screws may be subjected to a variety of tensions. Any screw will detach and shatter if they are overstrained.

  • Low quality

The screws have a predetermined lifespan and after time progresses, they get more exhausted thus more susceptible to fracture. So, they must be replaced within a certain time frame.

  • Extra Pressure

Excessive pressure when using a driver, whether electronically or mechanically it might end up causing the screw to snap. It is critical to maintain pressure control, particularly with an electronic screwdriver.

  • Corrosion

Corrosion occurs when screws are exposed to various materials like oxygen, lubricants, and other corrosive elements as these screws are becoming highly delicate and repeatedly fail.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we remove a corroded screw?

If a screw becomes rusted, it is preferable to apply a good penetrant spray to remove them. Apply that on the screw and thereafter hammer it in place as it will aid the penetrant spray in penetrating and then loosening the screw, making it easier for you to remove that rusty screw.

How can we remove a broken screw without damaging the material?

Removal of a broken screw isn’t tidy at all, it will create a mess but taking out a broken screw from the material with this method will be quite easy to do and not messy at all. So, you just have to use sand or any abrasive powder that will peel off the screw surface and make it easier to take out with the help of a screwdriver.

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We have mentioned all the possible methods for how to remove a broken screw without an extractor. You just have to take all the necessary materials that are required and follow the steps to take out the crack screw.

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