How to load a Staple Gun- a Step-by-Step Guide in 2022

To use staple guns, you should start with learning how to load staple guns quickly. There are three different types of loading staple guns; Bottom-loading, Front-loading, Rear-loading.

In this article, we provided complete information on how to load staple guns quickly to get efficient results.

Firstly, you should know what a staple gun is!

What is a Staple Gun?

Staple guns are the most valuable and exciting tool for artisans and handypersons. If you are interested in upholstery, insulation works, wiring, woodworks, and other crafts, then you must have a staple gun in your toolbox. These staple guns help do your work more efficiently and conveniently.

These guns make your task very easy and convenient, whether a household job or a professional project like wiring, woodworks, insulation, upholstery, etc.

However, it is essential to know how to use staple guns properly; otherwise, mishandling these guns may result in any harm or damage.

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Steps to Load a Staple Gun

Here are some steps to load a staple gun based on its type.

Rear-Loading A Staple Gun:

When using a staple gun that comes with the rear-loading of staples, we see a spring-loaded plunger that pushes the staples forward and releases them. The staple gun load consists of the following steps:

Step#1: Hold the Gun Upside Down

To put your staples in your tool, turn your staple gun upside down by keeping its face forward from where staples eject out and keeping its back in front of your face.

Step#2: Press the Little Clip

At the back end, there is a little clip that you will squeeze. When you press this little clip, it will release a rod.

Step#3: Pull the Rod Out

When you pull the rod out, it will show you a channel.

Step#4: Take the Staples

Take your staples and hold them by keeping the pointed end downwards.

Step#5: Insert the Staples

Place these staples inside the channel.

Step#6: Ensure the Right Size of Staples

However, it is essential to take the staple gun’s staples of the correct size. Otherwise, it may cause some damage to your gun, or it will not fit in your gun.

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Step#7: Close the Channel

Once staples are inserted in the channel, push close until you hear a ‘click’ sound. Make sure you hear a click sound; otherwise, your staple gun may face a jam.

Step#8: Test It on a Sample Paper

Now your gun is ready to use, test it first on a sample and then use it for your project. You can use it on a plane folded paper; it will eject out any jam in the gun.

Bottom-Loading A Staple Gun:

When learning how to bottom-load a staple gun, the first important point is to keep your gun upside down before you load; otherwise, it will lose the staples.

 Step#1: Hold the Gun Upside Down

Turn your gun upside down, and keep its back face towards you and front face away from you.

Step#2: Press the Trigger Button

You will see a magazine on the bottom with a trigger button.

Step#3: Pull Out the Magazine

Pull out the magazine back with the help of a trigger button just in front of you. When you press the trigger button, it will release the magazine.

Step#4: Chamber Is Released

After you pull out this magazine tray, it will reveal a small chamber.

Step#5: Take the Staples

Now, take your staples, facing its legs towards you.

Step#6: Put the Staples into the Chamber

Put these staples into the chamber with the crown facing towards the chamber and the legs facing upwards towards you.

Step#7: Close the Chamber

Keeping the gun upside down, close the magazine by pushing it until you hear a clicking sound.

Now, your gun is ready to use.

Watch this complete video on how to bottom load a staple gun!

Note: Make Sure To Sample Test

First, test it on a sample to avoid any problems. Test it on plain paper. Fold the paper in three to four-folds, and then use the stapler gun. It will remove any jam if present.

Front-Loading a Staple Gun:

A front-loading staple gun is heavier and more prominent in size than a bottom-loading staple gun. Mostly, pneumatic staple guns have front-loading units.

The following steps will guide you about How to load staple guns quickly.

 Step#1: Unplug the Gun

The first and the most crucial point is to unplug the staple gun. Ensure that the gun is showing “off” mode and disconnected from the power/air inlet.

Step#2: Take the Gun

Take the gun and keep it upside down.

Step#3: Push the Trigger Button

You will see a trigger button opposite the staple’s ejection point. Push the trigger button.

Step#4: Pull Out the Magazine

After pressing the trigger button, it will release the magazine. If you pull out the magazine and you will see a channel.

Step#5: Take the Staples

Now, take staples and put them in the channel with pointed edged facing the ceiling.

Step#6: Close the Channel

Push the magazine and close the channel until you hear the clicking sound.

Note: Ensure Clicking Sound

This clicking sound is essential as it ensures the proper closing of the channel. If the channel is improperly closed, it may cause damage to the gun.

Now, the gun is ready to use.

Loading A Staple Gun- Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can we use a staple gun to go into a wood?

Yes, staple guns are very convenient for carpentry, woodworks, upholstery.

  1. Why are the staples bending?

There are different reasons for bending staples. The main reasons are; there may not be enough pressure or force, or staples may be loaded or ejected at an improper angle.

  1. Why is my stapler not working?

The unit may be jammed. Try stapling on plain paper that may eject out the jam.

Wrapping Up- How to Load a Staple Gun

Hopefully, now you got enough knowledge on how to load a staple gun. Above, we provided some proven ways and tips. Loading a staple gun is easy; however, some facts are necessary to keep in mind.

The basic of these facts is to know how a staple gun works. After loading a staple gun, make sure to keep it at the safest place once you use it.

In addition, if you have any further questions on its loading and working, feel free to ask us in the comments.

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