How to Load a Porter Cable Nail Gun?

A nail gun is a tool that will help you drive a nail into the wood or any kind of material. Once there was a civil engineer named Morris Pynoos who invented a nail gun. The first nail gun was launched in the market in the year 1950 so that the construction work can become speedy. There are many companies now providing options for us to choose from. One of them is Porter Cable, an American company leading in manufacturing powerful tools.

It is no wrong if we say that porter cable nail guns are the easiest to use. They produce two types of nail guns; one is a straight nailer, and the other is an angled finish nailer. The nailers mentioned above can hold more than 100 nails in their magazine when they are fully loaded. You must follow the following steps to know how to pack a Porter Cable nail gun.

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How to Load a Porter Cable Nail Gun – Procedure:How to Load a Porter Cable Nail Gun

As mentioned above, porter cable nail guns are the easiest to use, so the below-mentioned procedure is also not a tough task to perform. Many nail guns in the market are only dealt with and managed by an expert or experienced one. But using this tool, a beginner can easily start his work with the help of such an amazingly designed nail gun. We suggest you read all the steps carefully so that you don’t miss any point mentioned.

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  1. Check to see if the shutter button is turned off.
  2. Aim the gun’s nose away from the body and the audience.
  3. Insert a new clip with the finished nail into the magazine’s T-shaped aperture on the back. You could add a second clip with end nails after the first one if the tray were empty before the first one was inserted.
  4. Release the tray slide (a lever on the left side of the tray) by pulling it back into the tray. The two nail clamps are pushed forward to the firing position by the spring-loaded trigger.
  5. To ensure that the finisher nails are correctly charged, press the nose of the finisher nail into the wood and fire a test shot.


Now that you are aware of how to load a porter cable nail gun, you can step up the game and manage your work in a very short time. Nowadays, using a nail gun for even smaller tasks has influenced a lot, and more people are taking privilege of the technology for efficient working. But suggest you wear safety glasses and apply all the safety precautions whenever you work with a nail gun. Safety measures and equipment should be taken while using any sort of power tools and equipment. It is very important to save yourself first whenever working on a project.

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