How to Load a Grease Gun in 2022

Loading the grease gun requires you to pour the correct amount of grease with a proper method. You have to disassemble the grease gun completely and assemble it again after completing the whole process. If you did not follow the proper guidelines, it may create trouble for you. Please keep in mind that there are many types of grease guns and all of them have different methods for loading. Some are easy to load while some are not.

These methods are, somehow, similar to each other. It is not difficult to load the grease gun but you should learn the method to avoid the trouble especially if you have not tried it before. Here I am going to explain the methods to load the grease gun with a cartridge and without a cartridge.

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How to Load a Grease Gun with a Cartridge?

Here is the step-by-step instruction about How to load a grease gun with a cartridge.

  1. Unscrew the end cap: First of all, you will need to unscrew the end cap by rotating the cap in the right direction and barrel in the left direction. If it is tightly screwed, use some grease for quick loosening.
  2. Pull back the plunger: The next step is to pull back the plunger which you can see at the backside of the barrel from where the cartridge comes. You simply need to pull it out as much as you can.
  3. Remove the cartridge and secure the piston rod: It is recommended to not mix up the new grease with the old one as the old one affects the handiwork and damages the grease gun. You should remove the old grease and then refill the grease gun. You will have to keep the piston in the correct position after securing it and remove the old cartridge after changing the piston’s position.
  4. Insert the new grease: Here comes the most important step in loading the grease gun. First of all, clean the grease gun properly. You can use the old cloth, tissue paper, or anything else to clean it up. If you are sure that the grease gun is ready for refilling then move ahead. Make sure that the grease is compatible with the grease gun and suitable for your job. You should read the manual or guidelines available with the grease gun before purchasing the cartridge. Open the new cartridge from one end and insert it into the grease gun. Remove the plastic head from the new cartridge for quick processing.
  5. Screw the grease gun: Now reattach the end cap to the grease gun. Do not exert much force while screwing and maintain a balance. It is better to remove the extra air from it. Also, unlock the piston rod which you secured in 3rd
  6. Test the grease gun: In the final step, we have to test the grease gun by lubricating any of your machines. Check whether it is delivering enough lubricant or not. You may need to recheck the device if its delivery pressure has become less than what it was before.

How to Load a Grease Gun without a Cartridge?

You can even follow the previously discussed steps to load a grease gun without a cartridge. Here I am going to explain the method of loading a grease gun with a cartridge. The only difference is that you don’t need a cartridge to fill the grease gun. Here we go.

  1. Unscrewing the end cap from the barrel: First of all, we have to unscrew the head from the barrel of the grease gun by slowly loosening it. Also, check whether the rod of the piston is utterly depressed into it or not as it can suck some grease.
  2. Fill the barrel: Now you have to fill the barrel by putting its distal end inside the grease holder. The grease holder should be holding the grease.
  3. Remove the barrel from the container: Remove the barrel from the grease container after the withdrawal of the plunger rod. Rotate the barrel to remove the excess grease if available. It is compulsory to remove the end of the barrel.
  4. Screw and assemble the grease gun: Reattach the nozzle, cap, piston rod, and other parts that you removed in the first step. Assembling has to be performed carefully. Now clean the grease gun with a rough cloth and store it.
  5. Testing: In the end, do not forget to test the grease gun. In a case, you found any issue, you will be there to fix it. Also remember, if the grease gun is not delivering the amount it used to deliver before, there might be some issue with that.

Tips to Use a Grease Gun:

Here are a few things you need to understand to get improved and efficient work from the grease gun.

  • Use a piece of cloth or tissue paper to clean the debris from the grease gun. Also, clean its nipple and coupler after use.
  • Inspect the grease fitting more often and replace it if found damaged.
  • Keep the grease gun clean and store it on a clean surface.
  • You should keep the grease gun safe/covered when it is not in use.
  • Many grease guns have a delivery pressure of 15,000 PSI. It is better to take care of the damages caused by the leakage. So, store it away from other tools.
  • To increase the life of the coupler, remove the extra grease from it.
  • Never mix two different types of grease or new and old grease in a single grease container.
  • The grease might be “Flammable”. Use gloves and goggles for your protection. Keep the lubricant at a suitable distance.

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Q1. How to fill a push-type grease gun?

The push-type grease gun is designed with push-and-pump technology allowing us to deliver the grease by pumping it down. To fill this type of grease gun, you simply need to unscrew the cap and load it completely with the new grease.

Q2. What is the difference between grease and lubricant?

Grease is more viscous, sticky, and flowable if compared to lubricants. Grease is in semi-solid condition and works as a thickening agent.

Q3. How to know if the grease gun is running out or not?

To check the amount of grease available in your grease gun, you have to pull out the follower handle. The follower rod will have some fresh grease stick to it. If there is no grease with the follower rod, it means your grease gun is running out. That is how you can check the amount of grease left in the grease gun. You should always carry a new grease cartridge with you by keeping it in the tool kit.

Q4. Why bearing seals in grease guns are important?

Most grease guns can produce a pressure of more than 15,000 PSI. While some bearing seals cannot withstand the stroke of around 500 PSI. This may lead to the blowing out of the seals. These seals are responsible for the protection of bearings.

Q6. What is smart grease?

Smart grease is a sticky lubricant that is used to improve the working of machinery. It also retains the sheer characteristics in all temperatures.

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Loading the grease gun could be irritating. It is better to purchase an easy-to-load grease gun with an extra-large barrel so that it could store more grease. There is no atom science in loading a grease gun. You will become familiar with this after two to three attempts.

I hope this article will be helpful for you and you will be able to load your grease gun easily. If you are still facing any kind of issue in loading or using the grease gun, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to guide you.

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