How To Install Door Trim Without Nail Gun

Are you still following the days where the hammer was the only option for the construction tasks? Nowadays, because of the influence of technology, most construction workers have made their way to adopt nail guns. The growing influence of technology has led us to a world where you can cover work with hours to complete in a few minutes. Right?

Are you interested in home decorations and are fond of upgrading your home interior accordingly? A decorated home can leave a good impression on the ones coming or visiting your house. Right? But hiring a contractor and buying advanced tools can be a bit too much to ask for. If you are budget conscious and a DIY enthusiast, you are fortunately at the right spot.

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If you don’t own a nail gun, it doesn’t mean you can not put your hands in home construction work. Do you want to know how to install door trim without a nail gun? Upgrading or installing the door trim can spice up your home interior and add a beautiful flavour to the doors.  But hiring a contractor for this small and more straightforward task isn’t a wise step to take. Let’s discover how to install door trim without a nail gun together.

Steps involved in How to install Door Trim Without Nail Gun:

Fortunately, letting the procedure be done doesn’t demand too much work.

  • You can measure the opening width. Go to the top of the gate and measure the width for this purpose. Only add 3/8 inch to your response once you’ve got the measurement. This phase helps to build the door frame with a 3/16 gap. Set a compass to 3/16 if you want a correct read. Draw a line with the pencil around the post.
  • Begin to work from the panel’s top. This tip helps you get ideally in shape and fitness. You will notice that the door top is 45 degrees at both ends. The bottom part is the measurements you have in the first stage. Cut at 28-3/8 when the breadth is 28.
  • Trim the box to a 45-degree angle on one edge. Currently, no measurement is necessary. Cut the side of the piece off to save waste. The next step says to measure from the bottom of the 45° parts and highlight the length. You will not connect to the end of the tape, so you must measure to the mitre.

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Tip: ensure to hold your tape at the appropriate point, or you can also go for drywall. We recommend you handle it with extreme care since the mark is outside.

  • Repeat the steps marked above for the other side of the door. After you succeed in adjusting the size of the top trim, ensure if it fits. Leave the door to open and place it across the opening 3/16 from the bottom. Luckily no precise measuring is necessary. Look at it and temporarily fasten it with a 6-inch tightening.
  • After dry fitting, look for the uneven surfaces and smoothen them with the help of sandpaper. You can also trim down these uneven surfaces so that they can get a proper fit. Now choose a long trim and turn it so that your back is facing you. The thick part of the turned edge also rests against the upper edge while the lower part goes to the floor.
  • Place the long trim at right angles to the top edge. Mark with your pencil the point where the free edge meets the top of the top. Move the cursor forward. To avoid mistakes, you should also mark the path that the deed will go through. After following these steps, you are ready to make the incision.
  • Make sure all the measurements are up to the mark. After ensuring, repeat the procedure with another part of the trim. By cutting them to size, prepare three portions of the door panel. Secure the components now with a pin and begin to nail. Because everything is in place in the clamp, drive the nail head with a group of nails into the trim.
  • To initiate with the interior of the trim, you must go for an 18-gauge finish nail. If you are moving ahead to thicker parts of the outside trim, try fixing it to the wall framing with the help of a 16-gauge nail. We suggest you choose the 5d type if you are not using a nail gun.
  • Lastly, you must move ahead to add some flavour to your work by sealing and painting the edges. You can start by applying some latex caulk that you can paint over. This material should stay at the point where the trim and door meet. If you could not get a tight fit with your mitres, seal up every gap and nail
  • You will require paint and some primers to add the finishing touch. If you want a wood look to the interior door trim styles, you can interchange the paint box with a staining product. We recommend you cover the wood with any latex-based primer or oil before applying the paint.

What is the alternative if I don’t own a nail gun?

You can save up on a decent amount of money if you DIY a few of the more straightforward construction tasks. If you don’t have a nail weapon, a traditional hammer and nail do the trick. You are allowed to achieve success in your projects even if you don’t own such weapons. While nail guns can speed up work, your nails are also lost in control. You can also use glue instead of nails in some instances.

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After going through a detailed guide on ‘how to install door trim without a nail gun,’ you can go ahead to initiate the process. This procedure will let you get the job done correctly and more safely regardless of the need for any expensive tool. If you lack room for any tool like this in your budget, disappointment shouldn’t be in your way; there are many more ways to cope with the situation.

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