How To Install Baseboard Molding Without A Nail Gun?

Maintaining your house isn’t a big deal; a well-constructed baseboard can be served as a decorative molding. Right? The money you’ve spent on making your walls beautiful can be wasted with a baseboard as they are very important in protecting them from moisture, debris, and dirt. So, it is necessary to cover those gaps by building or installing the baseboards.

But looking at them gives you a thought that installing baseboards needs to hire a contractor for sure. Right? No! If you were thinking of hiring a contractor for that, stop here. This article will help you to know how to install baseboards without a nail gun. Yes, you don’t need to waste your money buying a nail gun just for the very simplest task. Keep reading to know the procedure of installing the baseboards.

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How to Install Baseboards Without a Nail Gun – Procedure:

If you are planning not to use a nail gun when installing baseboards, that simply means you are going with a hammer. Right? The following procedure will show you how do you install baseboards like a pro with a hammer. For that, you need a knife, nails, measuring tape, a pry bar saw, and finally, a hammer. This process can hardly cost you between 2 to 3 dollars per linear sq. foot. Follow the below-mentioned procedure step by step.

  1. Remove the old baseboard using a utility knife which will help in cutting the top edge.
  2. A pry bar will help you loosen the baseboard so that you can pull them and remove them.
  3. Now, all you need is a baseboard of your taste and choice.
  4. First, measure the length so that you can buy the right amount of it.
  5. Now that you’ve measured the length of your room cut the baseboards accordingly.
  6. The next step says to place the measured and cut baseboards serially.
  7. You should add glue or any adhesive on the back of the baseboard for adhesion.
  8. Cut the extra part of the baseboard (if any) with the help of a saw.
  9. In the end, you are directed to drive the finishing nail with the help of a hammer through the baseboard.
  10. Finally, you must apply a finishing coat for a final touch.

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Make sure the floor is level before you start installing the baseboards because if they are not, you will see bumps after the procedure comes to an end.


Now that you know how to install baseboards without a nail gun, you can go forward with your work. The procedure isn’t tough and does not even require a nail gun or any contractor. Ensure to measure the length of your rooms or floor accurately because this step is the most important one. Tip: if there is a need, you can also go for cap molding or shoe molding.

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