How to Cut Bricks with Angle Grinder 2022 Guide

The angle grinder can be used for many purposes; we use it daily to cut many things because it spins the blade at 10,000 RPM. This speed can easily cut the hard stuff like diamonds, iron, and bricks. In this article, we will briefly describe how to cut the bricks using this device.

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This machine is used to cut bricks for many years and most important reason that urges people to cut the bricks with the angle grinder is that it helps them uniformly cut the bricks. If you are using a hammer or any other instrument to cut the bricks, you may not get the pieces of bricks you want. Let’s now have a complete procedure on how to cut bricks with angel grinder.

Cutting Bricks with Angle Grinder

We know that the bricks are used to make the buildings, walls, and walkways, but when it comes to the walkways, we mostly use the stylish bricks, and for that purpose, the angle grinder can be used to cut them into different shapes. The walkways look more attractive when they are made with different styles of bricks.

The angle grinder is considered one of the best tools to cut the bricks because of its efficiently working and cutting the bricks in-plane way. You can use different blades according to the nature of the bricks and what type of bricks you want after cutting them.

Here is the complete procedure of cutting the bricks step by step that you can follow for a professional way of cutting the bricks without getting any danger. Here are now steps involved in cutting of bricks using an angle grinder.

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Step#1: Prepare the Surface

Many people think that cutting bricks is a very easy process and they can perform then they are wrong because you need to prepare yourself and the area where you will cut the bricks.

So make sure to remove a lot of dust and debris. If you cut the bricks in your living location or inside your home, you will fill your room with dust, which can cause cough and many other respiratory problems for you.

Step#2: Mark the Cut

This is the most important step you have to perform before cutting the bricks because after that, you cannot make any changes, and maybe you will waste your bricks. Many people do this mistake that they don’t mark where they have to cut the brick and when they need to fix it, the size is changed.

So you have to make a proper mark with a bright color like you can use chalk and any other thing for this. Without marking the cut, you will cut the bricks in an irregular form that cannot be used.

Stpep#3: Prepare the Angle Grinder

Now here in this step, you need to set and prepare the angle grinder, which means that you have to check the angle grinder, like its blade, and check whether it’s working well. If the machine needs any replacements, make sure it does it before performing.

Use the blade that can easily fit into the angle grinder and cut the bricks easily in straight form. Many people make a mistake while cutting the bricks; they use the disc instead of using a blade in front of the angle grinder; that is wrong, which can cause a danger to you.

Ensure that you have properly plugged the angle grinder into the electric switch and that the blade moves with speed. Now perform the next step after the angle grinder and the disc blade work well.

Step#4: Wear Safety Things

Many people get injured while cutting the bricks because they don’t follow the safety instructions. Before running the machine, you need to collect all the safety gadgets and wear them to protect yourself from injuries.

It would help if you had rubber gloves to protect your hands from dust and prevent any electric shock from the angle grinder. Always use the guard in your mouse because the dust can inhale into your body and cause serious problems. The faceguard can protect your entire face, including your eyes, nose, and face.

Step#5: Make the Cut

Now finally, you have to cut the bricks after following all the instructions, turn on the angle grinder and try to cut the bricks; maybe on the first try, you cannot cut the bricks, but after trying it two or three times, you can easily cut the bricks.

It would help if you kept in mind to always hold the grinder in your hand with an angle of 90 degrees toward the brick. Ensure that the disc blade you are using is so powerful that it can cut the bricks easily without applying much pressure. Many people use the low-quality blades and then blame that they are not cutting the bricks with the angle grinder properly.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to apply pressure, and a little bit of stress is always required to cut the bricks, even if you are using a very sharp disc blade. Hold the machine in your hands with power, because sometimes, if you leave the device unintentionally, it can cause serious problems, and maybe you will get some injuries.

There is no need to worry if you cannot cut the bricks in the first pass; repeat this process, and you can easily cut the bricks. After that, you can cut the bricks on the first try.

Note: also watch this video for complete procedure!

Best Angle Grinder for Cutting Bricks

Maybe you have this confusion in your mind what is the best angle to cut the bricks using an angle grinder, always hold the machine at an angle of 90 degrees towards the bricks or, in simple words, run the angle grinder parallel cutting the bricks. But in the end, it depends on the position of the bricks that you are cutting.

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Can You Cut The Brick Wall With An Angle Grinder?

Many people have this question in their minds, so you can easily cut a brick wall using an angle grinder. But this needs a lot of hard work, and for this, your machine would be very excellent and have a very sharp disc blade.

Cutting Brick with Circular Saw

The angle grinder is not only the option to cut the bricks; there are also many other instruments available in the market that you can use to cut the bricks. The circular saw is widely used to cut the bricks, and the angle grinder is the best option.

What Size Angle Grinder to Cut Bricks

This depends on the size of the bricks because the four and 6-inch disc blade is used to cut the small bricks, but the 9-inch disc blade is used to cut the larger size bricks.

Final Verdicts

Cutting bricks using the angle grinder is very easy, and this doesn’t need a lot of costs; you need an angle grinder to cut the bricks. But one problem with using this machine is that it produces a lot of dust and debris, so you need to protect yourself from the dust particles and try to perform this operation outside of your home.

Hopefully, now you understand enough about how to cut bricks with angle grinder. Still, if you have confusion or want to ask any questions, feel free to ask anytime.

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