How to Change Blade on Angle Grinder in 2022

An angle grinder is a cutting tool used in construction sites to prune or grind stubborn materials, including wood, metal, and concrete. Different materials require different angle grinder blades (discs). It is essential to use suitable blades.

You already know that all power tools require regular maintenance and upkeep. Same in this case, after using the blade several times, the grinder demands to replace the blade/disc with a new one to perform effectively.

A locking nut keeps the blade in its place. Changing the edge requires loosened or removal, and a two-pronged wrench do this.

Now the question arises here How to Change Blade on Angle Grinder? This blog will cover the steps to change blades on an angle grinder with and without tools.

When There Is a Need to Replace Blade

There are signs which reveal that the angle grinder blade should be replaced. New blades and replaceable blades have lots of differences. And you can differentiate between them easily.

If the Blade Is damaged

If you notice the blade is damaged or has any fractures, chips missing, or dents, you should replace it immediately. It is hazardous to operate an angle grinder with a broken blade since it might splinter while in use.

If the Blade Is Worn

If a disc on your angle grinder has broken down to the point where it can no more be used, it is better to replace it. Note that angle grinders have guards, and if the blade is too tiny, the guard will obstruct proper operation.

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If the Blade Is Taking More Time

The last thing you should notice is that if your angle grinder blade takes more time than it was new, you should replace it with a new blade. For instance, a new knife took 1 minute to cut a small pipe, and now it is taking more than 1 minute; it is time to change the blade.

Specific Job of Blade

Each material’s blade is different from other materials. Consider if you were dealing with wood and now you have to cut the metal, it demands to replace the edge because the wood and metal blades are different.

Steps to Change Angle Grinder Blade

Here are steps to tell you How to change the blade on an angle grinder?

Step1: Remove the Battery

The first step while changing the blade is to secure you by disconnecting the angle grinder from the power source. All the power tools are required to cut off the power for maintenance if it connects to power while maintenance; this can lead to unique injury.

Therefore, it is necessary to unplug if it is a corded model or remove the battery if it is a cordless model to change the blade.

Step2: Remove the Blade Guard

After disconnecting the power, you require a screwdriver to release the blade guard. This will make it easier to remove the blade. Some models come with screws and some with latch to keep the edge in its position. Use the screwdriver to loosen the screws or press the release latch to remove the blade guard.

Step3: Press the Blade Lock Button

Press and hold down the blade lock button. Tilt the grinder inverted so that the grinding wheel is squaring up while still pressing the button. Make some effort to spin the wheel with your other hand. If the wheel won’t turn, it’s locked. If the wheel starts to turn, hold down the lock button. The lock button is usually positioned on the grinder’s upper right or left side. However, it can also be located close to the trigger or on the base.

Step4: Loosen the Arbor Nut

Now it’s time to remove the blade. Factory spanners and wrenches are blades remove able tools that you need. One wrench resembles a fork, while the other resembles a standard wrench.

These things should be on standby to make your life easier. As a result, you must locate the two holes between the angle grinder’s blade and the motor. In these two holes, place the wrench that resembles a pronged fork. Protect the bolt at the bottom of the disc with the other twist, which looks regular.

A little arrow indicates the location of the disc. Rotate the pronged wrench opposite the arrow while holding the blade’s bolt in position with the standard wrench. All that’s left is to crank the nut until the blade lightens and falls off.

Step5: Install New Blade

It is the last step to installing a new blade. It is conducted the same way as removing the old blade but in the opposite order. Remove the old blade from the driving bolt and install the new one. Use the standard wrench to keep the bolt in position beneath the blade, and then insert the pronged wrench into the two holes mentioned before. While supporting the nut with one twist, move the pronged wrench in the correct direction until the blade is securely fastened.

How to Change Angle Grinder Blade Without ToolHow to Change Blade on Angle Grinder

If you have no factory keys inbox or lost it, you can still remove it easily with the following method.

Use a Gas Wrench

To loosen the nuts, use an adaptable gas wrench. But do not apply too much force; this can result in lock nut or rotation lock breakage.

Make A DIY Key

This approach necessitates a nail that is at least 4 inches in length. Remove the top and tip of the nail, and curve the nail into a U shape. The pin should be curved to allow its stands to fit into the flange holes. Put a metal bar between the nail posts and spin this structure around while clutching it with your hands once the nut is set correctly. Keep the spindle lock button pressed and held.

This approach is safe, but it takes a long time and necessitates additional tools such as a hammer, hacksaw, and vice.

Use A Thin Chisel

You can grease the spindle shaft with WD-40 lubricant and wait at least 15 minutes before changing the angle grinder disc. Next, use a metal hammer to gently tap the hole’s entire area with a thin chisel’s tip angled to the grinder’s flange nut hole. The nut will finally be dislodged due to the mild tapping, and you will be ready to remove it manually. The pits and flange will be damaged as a result of this procedure.

Heat the Grinder’s Nut

If you can not remove the nut manually, heat it to unscrew it. Use a gas burner or welding machine to heat it. But it would help if you were careful while using this method. It can lead to overheating of bearing and oil inside the gearing box. Wear gloves to remove the flange and avoid burning.

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Final Words- How to Change Blade on Angle Grinder

Angle grinder users need to know how to change the blade on an angle grinder because working with a damaged or unsuitable knife is risky. You will get an angle grinder blade removal tool known as factory keys with your angle grind box. Attach the right disc with your angle grinder to use it safely and keep an eye on when there is a need to change the blade.


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