How Hot Does A Heat Gun Get? Everything You Need To Know

A heat gun is a certain piece of equipment used to produce a high amount of heat concentrated in a beam. Different kinds of heat guns are present in the marketplace. Some are handheld devices to be used around the house, and some are large industrial ones that work commercially.

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Heat guns are sometimes also referred to as hot air guns that can produce temperatures ranging from 90°Fahrenheit to 1100°Fahrenheit. (32°Celsius to 593°Celsius). These heat guns will not let you down from melting paints to bending pipes. How hot does a heat gun get usually depends on its manufacturing company and the reason is that the manufacturer makes it.

How Hot Does A 1,500-Watt Heat Gun Get?

How hot a heat gun typically gets depends on what kind of hot gun it is and how efficient it is. Different companies produce different quality products. To find what suits you the best, you must conduct proper research and read enough reviews about them to get a fair idea. However, generally speaking, a 1500 watt heat gun can reach up to 1112°Fahrenheit (600°Celsius) if a heat gun is of good quality.

Can A Heat Gun Overheat and Start A Fire?

Now that you know how hot a heat gun can get, you must be wondering the next tempting question of whether a heat gun can overheat and start a fire. The answer to that query is, yes, it can, if used incorrectly or with insufficient caution. Leaving a heat gun unattended is a call for disaster.

Moreover, make sure that no flammable object or material is nearby when using this

Equipment. It can catch fire quickly if it catches a flammable object. To prevent this catastrophe, make sure to follow the safety guidelines in this article and the brand you purchased from.

Staying Safe with a Heat Gun:

Some general guidelines to staying safe with heat guns are as follows:

    • Buy quality products from a reputable source. It ensures that it is an efficient device that is also safe to use.
    • Invest in some proper safety goggles and heat protection gloves to protect you from any injury during the process.
    • It is good to keep a fire extinguisher close in case anything goes wrong. Instead of getting scared, this will keep you calm and in control of the scenario.
  • Keep flammable things away as they may ignite a fire.
  • Keep children and animals safely away. You don’t want any disruptions during the process because they can lead to dangerous consequences.
  • Place it on a heat-proof surface, and afterward, you are done with the job. Make sure this heat-proof surface is nearby.

Types of Heat Guns

There are mainly four different types of heat guns. Depending on your work and preference, you can choose what suits you the best.

1. Infrared Heat Guns:

As the name suggests, Infrared heat guns use infrared radiation to produce heat energy used for various purposes. These are mostly used as home appliances as they are more friendly and can heat up to 752° to 112°Fahrenheit (400° to 600°Celsius).

2. Industrial Heat Gun:

As the name suggests, Industrial heat guns are used mainly in industries for various commercial purposes on a large scale. They are more expensive and hurt the environment. They can reach higher temperatures of 1000 to 1800° Fahrenheit (538° to 982°Celsius).

3. Corded Heat Gun:

As the name suggests, corded heat guns are the type of heat guns that are connected to cords and supplied by electricity directly, so they don’t have any battery. They are quickly available as they don’t need to be charged. However, on the flip side, their cords can sometimes get in the way of work and create difficulty.

4. Cordless Heat Gun:

Cordless head guns are, as the name suggests, the type of heat guns not connected to cords and not directly supplied by electricity. They are battery-powered and require charging time. They have the edge of being simpler to use because there is no cord to hamper the task. However, the charging time required each time can be frustrating.

Hot Air Gun Temperature Range

Hot air guns or heat guns can typically reach an average temperature of about 120°Fahrenheit (49°Celsius). However, most have a specific range that they work in. Some companies make low-temperature heat guns for household chores, while others make high-temperature hot air guns for large-scale commercial works.

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Typically most hot air guns sold in the market can reach a temperature of about 212° to 932°Fahrenheit (100° to 500° Celsius). If you are looking for a hot air gun for typical house chores, then you need a hot air gun that can reach no more than 382° to 752°Fahrenheit (200° to 400°Celsius).

Some Common Uses for Heat Guns:

Now that we know how hot a heat gun gets and how to stay safe while handling this dangerous equipment let’s look at what this equipment is useful for. It is useful for quite a several things. Some of them are :

Removing Paint:

Heat guns are very useful for removing paint from any adhesive surface it is placed on. It is the most common reason for most consumers to buy this product.

Liquefying Things:

Sometimes a heat gun can be particularly useful when an object has solidified and is hard to clean up and remove. In that case, heat guns are employed to liquefy and clean up the mess.

Repairing Items:

Heat guns can also be employed to repair different items around the house such as pipes and vinyl-covered things around the house like cupboards and counters.

Final Verdict:

Hence, how hot does a heat gun get depends upon the power it is consuming while working. Moreover, some additional factors to look at, i.e., type of heat gun, its manufacturer, and size, many others. The average temperature at which a heat gun gets is above 100 degrees F. keep reading our latest blogs for further information on heat guns and other tools.

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