How Drill Hole in Glass- A Step By Step Guide In 2022

Drilling holes in glass is challenging. You’ll waste time, material, money, and energy if you’re using improper approaches or tools. However, talent can be acquired and can learn experienced. Glass, metal, ceramic tile, and concrete will seem like fiberglass to your drill if you follow the tips you learned during your job. Otherwise, it would not be easy for someone to do their work well on the first attempt. Here we provided complete information on how drill hole in glass.

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You may need to drill into glass frequently for gaining more experience in a creative project or a house repair. Luckily, most artisans and homeowners can complete the job with just a drill, a distinctive style of drilling machine, and plenty of water. It would be best if you commonly drilled a glass during the projects such as hanging wind chimes, doing a craft like a wine bottle or Mason jar projects, and manufacturing glass jewelry.

Drilling In Brittle GlassHow Drill Hole in Glass

It’s simple to make holes in soft materials such as timber, insert a regular drill bit and squeeze the trigger on your drill. However, when working with more complex materials such as metal, brick, glass, or tile, you’ll waste time, destroy drill bits, and maybe ruin your work piece.

This article will help you select the appropriate bits and techniques for drilling holes in simple glass and brittle glass.

To drill a hole in a mirror or a delicate glass piece is not a difficult task, and the secret is to use a carbide bit specifically designed for glass and tile. Along with other drill bits and ceramic tile tools, you may find these drill bits at most home centers. The bit will want to drift when you start drilling since the glass is exceedingly smooth and rigid. Attach a small piece of solid cardboard (like a box of cereal cardboard) to the screen to give the bit a grip.

Start Drilling Hole in Glass

Start at a low rpm, detach the cardboard, and proceed at roughly 400 rpm to produce a groove in the glass. If you’re putting it on a horizontal surface, add some oil to the region. Ensure the glass is securely fastened on the backside and use only mild pressure on the drill; the glass will shatter if you press too vigorously.

On the side it enters, the bit creates a smooth opening, while the sides of the hole on the other end are usually cracked.

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Note: you cannot drill tempered glass.

Getting The Right Speed For Drill Holes In A Glass Bottle

Drilling too rapidly can lead to heat accumulation and drill bit breakdown. The drill speed is calculated in (rpm) revolutions per minute. For example, any variable-speed drill has a side sticker showing the rpm range.”0 to 2,000 rpm,”.Drills lack precise settings and speedometers, so you can’t run them at your desired speed.

However, if you identify your drill’s maximum speed, the motor’s sound and the trigger’s feel will get you close enough. Squeeze the trigger gently and slowly increase the pace until it reaches full speed. Then gradually reduce the rate. After a few repetitions, you’ll get a sense of where the trigger generates half-speed and quarter-speed and what those speeds seem like because this is easier with most rechargeable drills with high and low ranges.

Nuts And Bolts of Drilling a Hole In Glass Drill Bit

Many users are accustomed to projects like drilling into wood or plastic. Drilling a hole in glass is a simple task, compared with others material drillings, from correcting for the material’s properties.

However, preparing the glass for drilling is challenging because they must keep the drill’s speed low to keep the temperature under control, and the glass may shatter if it becomes too heated.

Furthermore, the drilling machine tends to bounce across the surface, so beginning the hole can be difficult.

By repeatedly spraying water over the drill bit and the glass, you can control the heat of the power drill and the glass. A helper can carefully sprinkle a tiny trickle of water over the top as you drill. You can also use a plastic jug that spills a constant water flow, as explained in this article. For the most significant results, use a carbide-tipped drill bit.

Safety Attentions While Drilling Holes in Glass

How to drill hole in glass is risky. Wear gloves, protective eyewear, and a dust mask. Glass dust is hazardous, so avoid inhaling it and wiping it off your skin. The continuous water flow will hold the glass dust down and wash it away.


  • Gloves
  • Battery-operated drill
  • Eye protection
  • Plastic jug (vacant )
  • Plumber’s glue
  • Carbide drill bit
  • Pushpin
  • Clamp

Tips to Follow When Drilling Holes in Glass

Pad To Protect the Glass (Before Drilling)

Depending on the clamp, more padding between the glass and the clamp may be required. You’ll need to support it below if you’re drilling through flat glass.

Use Plumber’s Putty And Make A Dam

Pinch out a 1-inch diameter ball of plumber’s putty. Roll it out by hand to a width of 1/4 inch and length of 3 inches. Make a circle with your hands. Place this circle on the window pane.

Make a Permanent Water Supply

Fill a clean, empty plastic milk jug halfway with chilled water. Fill the jar to the brim. Using a push pin, pierce the jug’s side towards the bottom. To prevent the water from flowing out, keep the pushpin in the pitcher for the time being.

Pour The Water Into The Line Of The Drilling Site

Place the glass material in the intended site. Remove the pushpin from the hole. There should be a thin trickle of water flowing. Set the water to hit the plumber’s putty dam in the middle.

Assure the Dam Overflows to the Side

Although the dam clogs up and spills over the edges, lightly pressing your finger at one face of the dam to induce a one-way flow will be helpful.

Drill A Hole In The Glass

In the powered drill, insert the carbide drill bit. Place the tip of the drill bit on the drilling spot. Gently squeeze the drill trigger to spin the bit slowly. The drill bit will shift away from the end when drilling at a high pace.

With The Drill, Pierce The Glass.

Dump the water and inspect the drilling progress regularly. Patience is required. It takes about ten minutes to drill a 1/4-inch gap in glass windows, like a wine bottle. Reduce the intensity of the drill as you get closer to the end.

 Ideas for Drilling Hole into Glass

It is difficult (If getting the hole started) to Detach the plumber’s putty dam and attach a tiny square of cardboard to the glass. There are some points that you should take into account while doing this drilling project:

  • Drill through the cardboard to keep the drill bit steady.
  • The dam should then be restored, and drilling should resume.
  • Always keep the glass at a consistent temperature.
  • Like a moisture tiles cutter, constantly flowing water keeps glass lower than pressurized air.
  • The glass particles are kept contained by the water.
  • Curved glass can be drilled using a hand drill. However, the project will be more accessible if you have a drill press.
  • Always start and stop the drill slowly.
  • Drilling too quickly, switching from hot to cold very rapidly (or vice versa), or failing to protect the back cause breakage.
  • Specific forms of thinner glass are challenging to drill and break.
  • It is easy to Drill small items while they are immersed in water.

Drilling Holes in Glass- Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a hole in the glass without cracking it?

Maintain a distance of at least 34 inches from the edge of a pane to prevent it from cracking. Using a drop of lubricating oil, lubricate the joint. Drill a pilot hole in the glass using a 1/18- to 3/32-inch bit, exerting only the lightest pressure with the drill. If you use too much force, the glass will fracture.

How to drill a hole in the glass with a regular drill bit

If a suitable drill bit is used, it can make a hole in a glass bottle with a regular electric drill. Drilling a glass bottle requires a more rigid substance than the glass itself.

How to drill a hole in the glass with a Dremel?

Insert a bit with a diamond tip into your Dremel tool. Opening and twisting the collect (the “neck” that keeps your device in place) is all it takes. Make a 1/4′′ hole in your plastic scrap (or craftsman’s tape) and check that the rope from your system will fit through it — because glass doesn’t expand, of course!!!

Is it possible to use a Dremel on a bottle?

Glass can be crushed with the Dremel rotary tool using unique drill bits designed for the glass, such as silicon carbide grinding stones or diamonds. To keep the glass from shattering, spray it with water while rubbing.

Wrapping Up- How Drill Hole in Glass

Above is complete detail on how to drill a hole in the glass. There is no doubt that it’s a critical process as glass is a material that can easily damage by slight force. However, you can complete this job quickly using the above tips and guide.


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