Hitachi Nail Gun Troubleshooting & Basic Solutions

Do you know Hitachi leads the list of the best brands providing fantastic framing mailers at a very decent value? Hitachi has gained a lot of success in providing the best weapons for construction works and projects. Do you know Hitachi, alongside Metabo, was handed over to KKR, a private equity firm, in 2018? This collaboration is the reason now tools from Hitachi are sold in the market labeled as Metabo HPT.

Regardless of the big-name, the users somewhat face situations where troubleshooting is necessary. But it would be no wrong if we declare that those situations aren’t challenging to overcome. Do you also own a nail gun from this brand looking for a guide to Hitachi nail gun troubleshooting? If yes, fortunately, you are spotted at the right place. Keep reading the article to get the required answer.

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Follow the Following, and your Hitachi Nail Gun Troubleshooting Will Never Fail.

If you comfortably detect the problem and solve it, it would be great, but if not, we suggest you visit the certified service center. Letting your expensive tools in the inexperienced hands can be toxic to your future works and projects. Follow the following guide to resolve whatever is stopping you from completing your project.

Clear the Jams:

The very first issue faced can be a jammed nailer. Stopping is frequently done when the nails are not correctly fed, and the driving blade is blocked, so the tool does not rotate. The primary reason a nail gun is not fired is through traffic delays. Fortunately, deleting is generally straightforward. To be safe, first, disconnect the device from the air supply, remove the feed mechanism and extra fixtures.

We recommend you use the Hitachi lubricant oil to clean from the roofing nail gun parts of this brand’s tool if required.

Ensure the Appropriate Nails:

If you face a problem when driving or firing the nail, you must look for the nails you are using. Often blocking is caused by placing the Magazine’s nails with the inappropriate length, width, angle, or sorting. This error is prevalent among beginners, but expert professionals can also do it if you have different fixtures and tools in the workshop or at the building facility.

Ensure that you utilize the proper attachment and type for your instrument when your tool is stuck frequently. If the wrong fastener is used, clear the jam and switch to the right nail.

Ensure the Correct Air Supply:

If your Hitachi nail gun is driving the nails too deep, you must look for the appropriate air supply. The tool generally doesn’t get enough air if it catches the nails but doesn’t lower the nails entirely. Check your compressor, pulley, and links. Adjust your air pressure settings to ensure that your compressor is correct for your tool type. You will fight to be coherent if the tank is too tiny or not draw enough CFM. Or you can also go for adjusting the nail depth of your tool.

Reloading the Magazine can help:

Looking for magazine fasteners can be a solution too. Although a few fasteners remain left, some devices are locked to prevent fire when the Magazine is nearly empty. To prevent dry baking, the inside sections of the instrument are loaded. Worse even, if the user does not know that the substances are fired, dry firing may result in processing errors. Reload the Magazine and see whether the instrument is fired again.

You can also step ahead for the replacement of the Magazine if you find it worn or damaged. If you find the spring inside the Magazine damaged, there is no need to replace the Magazine; replacing only the spring can help.

Clean your Tool Frequently:

Cleaning should always be a priority to the users of weapons like these. Inspect the newspaper if the tool fires but the claws. The Magazine can be dusty, and the feed mechanism jammed over time, particularly on construction sites which include a lot of dirt and sawdust.

Check your magazine function by taking off the fasteners and sliding back and forth the transfer shoe. Use compressed air or nylon brush to clean it when you find a hanging area. Other moveable elements are clean, for example, the trigger unit, and the nasal nose safety trigger. If the tool you own is skipping nails, you can go for proper cleaning in this situation too.

What is the reason behind a nail gun that shoots two nails?

When a nail gets lodged in the weapon or hits an item and falls, it fails, and the nail pistol will not shoot the nail. Gun discharges two nails Paslode Framing What makes the gun simultaneously shoot two nails is that the driver hits the second nail rather than the first one and drives both nails simultaneously.

Can I over oil my nail gun?

It is crucial to know how to handle your instruments, in particular the pneumatic nail weapon. It’s good to lubricate your pistol regularly, but it’ll be an issue if you overdo it. If your nail pistol is too fat, oil is drained or slippery to perform. In this way, the user ends up with an irritating mood and an incomplete project.

To avoid mistakes like these, you must look for the proper cleaning and oiling of your tools, especially a nail gun. Investing in such tools isn’t a cheaper task, so it’s better we take gentle care of them for an extended companionship.


Machines or electrical devices can be reliable but sometimes let you face certain situations that interfere with your projects. The same goes for the case of the most famous brand ‘Hitachi.’ We hope this guide explaining Hitachi nail gun troubleshooting helped you find the way you were looking for. Choose any solutions according to your tool need and throw away the barrier between you and your project’s success.

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