Heat Gun VS Hair Dryer- A Complete Difference

Both of these look alike. However, there are some differences between heat gun and hair dryer. A heat gun is used for the industrial space, and a hairdryer is used for personal usage mostly. If you’ve ever been perplexed by the differences between these two items, we’ll make you realize them better.

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In this post, we provided a complete difference of heat gun vs hair dryer based on their working criteria.

Let’s look into it a little more.

What is a Heat Gun?

Heat Gun VS Hair Dryer

Heat guns are powerful tools supposed to blow hot air; the air generated by a heat gun is extremely hot, ranging in temperature from 100 to 1300 ℉. Temperature ranges differ between models. They are mostly used for business purposes.

This temperature will sting and heat your skin. Heat guns are classified into two types: basic and LCD. The typical heat gun does not have many characteristics and usually only has an On/Off button. The LCD heat gun lets you monitor the temperature and regulation setup. These heat guns can remove paint, wallpaper, lighten glue, and flex plastics.

Construction and Usage of Heat Gun

It’s constructed of a material that keeps it from burning when it gets too hot. An electric fan controls the temperature, and gas ignites within it. A heat gun can also finish a job much faster, so most users choose it.

A heat gun is used for:

  • Frozen lock
  • Flex plastics
  • Deforest
  • Attach metals
  • Remove paint
  • Dry paint
  • Take off any floor coverings.

What is a Hair Dryer?

A hairdryer, also known as a blow dryer, is a device for hair drying, but you can use it for other purposes. Latest hair dryers can generate up to 2000 wattages, making the device more effective.

The hairdryers have an on/off switch button and LED screens that display the temp that the device is generating. A hairdryer can generate heat at temperatures around 140 ℉.

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It is less intense than a heat gun and will not harm the scalp. Many hair dryers now include a ‘cool shot’ click. This feature not only guarantees a long-lasting blow-dry but also maintains the hairstyle. A hairdryer can also remove fine lines from clothing; defrost frozen products from the refrigerator, dry nail polish, and dry wet fruits and veggies.

Construction and Usage of Hair Dryer

A hairdryer is built up of plastic and contains ceramic components. Every hair dryer contains a coil driven by a universal motor with high electric tolerance. As a consequence, the tool cannot become overheated.

Hairdryer is used for:

  • Dry hair
  • Defrosting
  • Remove wallpaper
  • Exercising in tight shoes.
  • Removing wrinkles from clothing
  • Warm bed
  • Dust

How Both Works?

Both tools contain a thermistor and a fan. When linked to electricity, a unified motor controls the fan, which generates airflow; that’s how both take a job.

The disparity is that the coil within the tools determines how much hot or warm air is produced, which distinguishes a hot gun from a hairdryer.

Difference between a Heat Gun and Hairdryer

Both serve the same functions but are utilized for very different reasons. Hairdryers, as the name implies, are being used to dry hair. As a result, the highest temperature emitted is significantly less than a heat gun.


Temperature is the primary difference between a heat gun and a hairdryer; the temperature generated by each tool is also a consideration in the purchase. A heat gun’s heat output varies from 100 to 1300 °F, implying that it can produce extremely hot air.

While the hair dryer can’t generate much heat, the temperature is only about 140 °F, so the heat generated is not very hot. A user chooses an item based on the task at hand. A hairdryer is utilized for simple and easy tasks, and a heat gun is used for more difficult tasks that demand more heat.


When using either tool to perform work, you will observe that a heat gun requires less time to accomplish the work than a hairdryer. Because a hairdryer has not had a lot of heat, it can take many years to do something.


When it comes to determining which device is more powerful, simply the answer is a heat gun. This device is more powerful than a hairdryer because it generates more heat.


Because of the amount of heat it generates, the heat gun is a threat when talking about safety. The tool can become extremely hot, which is risky. Because it does not get very hot, the hairdryer is safe.

Can You Use A Hair Dryer As A Heat Gun?

Because the hairdryer generates less heat, it is less suitable to accomplish the heat gun when removing paint, flexing plastic, and drying paint. After applying a heat gun, a hair dryer can add final touches, but never likewise.

Also, please don’t use a heat gun to dry your hair because it will harm your skin and hair. Because the hairdryer has a lower temperature than a heat gun, it is far less likely to cause skin problems. However, both a hairdryer and a heat gun generate heat. However, using it requires concentration and caution, or else it may cause harm to the user.

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Note: Also watch this complete video to know more differences between heat gun and hairdryer.

Final Words- Heat Gun Vs Hair Dryer

Heat guns vs hair dryers may resemble each other, but they deliver entirely different functions. A heat gun is risky to use because it is more powerful. And it is intended for industrial and household use only and can’t be used to dry hair. Otherwise, it may result in loss of hair and skin burns. As a result, stay secure and use a hairdryer for your hair drying purpose.

If your main objective is to use this instrument on your hair, a hairdryer is the best option; however, a heat gun is the better option if you need the tool for DIY or domestic duties.

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