How to charge a cordless drill battery without the charger?

Are you a DIY enthusiast and are interested in various DIY tasks? If yes, you might own a cordless drill as it is a fantastic tool to try many DIY hacks at your home. A cordless drill is a rechargeable battery-powered electric drill. Exercises are primarily used to drill round holes in material or to insert screws and other threaded fasteners.

When asked to name the most popular Father’s Day gifts, many people will probably say “power tools.” Anyone aware of the specifics will most likely respond with “cordless drills.” Cordless drills are perhaps the most iconic power tools, and it’s easy to see why they’re a must-have tool that every homeowner should have to make simple home repairs. Besides all the fantastic qualities, these power tools can be reliant on their battery charger and battery.

Due to the cordless nature of these drills, they are more prone to malfunctioning as you can experience problems with the power supply or charger. The problem with the charger will lead you to no use of the device as it can not connect to the main power board. Or some of the times, it can also happen that one can lose their charger somewhere is urgently in need of a device.

A car battery with a capacity of 12 V can be used to charge a battery without a charger. Using a variable DC power source to capture all types of batteries is also a very dependable method. You can also use a portable charger for an 18V or 20V drill battery, AA cells connected in series, another drill battery, or a balance lipo charge. You can also charge a battery without a charger by using a 12V solar panel.

Below mentioned is one of the best possible ways to find an alternative way of charging your cordless drill. You can apply it in your case if you immediately need a drill machine to proceed with your work. Not all the methods mentioned below need to be viable for you; you have to test with patience. Usually, cordless tools batteries last for several years if you care for them and maintain the quality. You can even extend its battery life and avail your investment if you are concerned about long-term companionship.

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How to charge a cordless drill battery without the charger – Procedure:

You are charging without a charger. Isn’t it ridiculous? But don’t worry, this is possible enough to perform. To do this, you don’t need to be a DIY expert or have too much electrical knowledge. First, it would be a significant step if you replace the culprit charger or battery as soon as possible. But if you can’t immediately replace the faulty charging unit, you can have either way too. Following mentioned steps will let you know how to charge a cordless drill without the charger.

1. Check for All the Necessary Equipment

The most important thing to remember when learning how to charge a cordless drill without a charger is that you will need to use a different power source. It would help if you had electricity to provide electricity. In this case, charge your drill battery with the batteries. It may appear to be an odd concept, but it makes sense. Batteries have a storage capacity. So, if you have access to this energy storage, you can move it to a different battery. As a result, the first step is to locate a suitable supply of batteries.

These batteries need to be recharged. You must also be able to communicate with them and use their power. You’ll need the following items for this:

  • the electrical tape
  • Electrical cables of standard construction
  • AA rechargeable batteries

Electrical tape or electrical tape is relatively easy to find – small rolls of tape are sold in almost every home improvement or electronics store. This tape isn’t strictly necessary, but it does help to keep the charger together. You can also use any length of thread if it is conductive (that is, an electric current can flow through it). You’ll need enough AA battery voltage to match the power tool battery pack’s voltage when it comes to batteries.

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A voltage label on the lithium battery is required, or the battery voltage must be clearly visible in the operating instructions. Each AA battery has a voltage of 1.5V as a rule of thumb. If your drill has a voltage of 15 volts, you’ll need ten AA batteries.

2. Gather All the Battery Parts

You are now ready to assemble your charging installation once you have obtained all of the necessary equipment! This is the exciting part, and it’s an excellent opportunity to put your DIY and electrical skills to the test! To charge your drill battery without a charger, use a conductive cable to connect the AA battery to the tool battery. When the lithium unit draws power from the AA battery, it can charge. However, you cannot simply connect an AA battery to your drill because it will not provide enough power.

As a result, you must connect the AA batteries in series to form a whole. Consider it a battery pack or a series of storms linked together by wires. The most important thing to remember here is that we must connect the AA batteries positively and negatively. There will be no current flow if the AA batteries are correlated negatively to negatively or positively to positively. Furthermore, the connection between the batteries must be solid and free of holes. Otherwise, the current will not flow again.

Connect the positive end of the first AA battery to the opposing end of the second battery. Please make sure the connection is secure, and then use electrical tape to connect them from end to end. You must repeat this process for each battery before joining them. To ensure that current can flow, connect the opposite charge polarity. When all the batteries are connected, a few AA batteries should be connected positively at one end and negatively at the other.

3. Connect to the Substitute and Charge

After you’ve finished making your chain, the final step is to connect it to your Li-ion battery. This is the actual charging procedure for your Li-Ion battery. The bottom line is that you must connect positive to positive and negative to negative – the inverse of what you did when you plugged in the AA battery charger. Connect your device’s positive end to the positive end of your AA chain. Then connect the negative terminal of your Li-Ion battery to the opposing end of your AA chain.

This ensures that the AA batteries’ connection and power are transferred to your power tool’s rechargeable battery. It is possible to hold the relationship between the cable and the batteries by hand; however, this can be exhausting, so it is safer to glue the AA chain to the battery instead. We recommend that you always remain present during the charging process. The wires could come loose, a fire could start, or something else dangerous could happen.

It is always necessary to be present when working with electronics to react quickly to changing circumstances. This process may take some time to complete. However, it is relatively simple if you have made a secure connection between the batteries and the wires. You should now be able to charge a cordless drill without the use of a charger! As you can see, this process is simple and can save you a lot of stress and anger.

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Making Your Battery

If you believe that the first method is not for you, we have devised a different way. This method, however, necessitates a significant amount of math and physical labor. This method requires the use of wood saws. You must also perform some difficult electrical work. It would help if you constructed a stair transformer. What exactly is it now?

This is used to convert high voltage alternating current to low voltage high voltage direct current. If you want to immerse yourself in this highly complex process, there are several online tutorials available. After two or three tutorials, you will have a good understanding of the entire process. This method has been thoroughly discussed here.

However, we later discovered that it is difficult to get someone to understand it in writing. After watching video tutorials, we recommend that you seek assistance from someone knowledgeable about electrical engineering. Because this method is also fraught with danger, the results can be disastrous if you make mistakes when selecting components. Starting small fires is relatively common in this situation. If your turn goes wrong, you could even burn down your house.

It is best to keep a fire extinguisher nearby. We recommend, however, that you try the first method again. When we consider the cost, buying a new charger is much less expensive than all of these methods.

Other ways of Charging a Li-ion Battery

Charging with the help of USB Port

If you need to quickly charge a lithium-ion battery (6600-37) without a charger, using a USB port is the most straightforward and most convenient method. Charging a lithium-ion battery (6600-37) via a USB port is time-consuming but straightforward. Let’s look at the steps below to make your job easier:

  • Purchase a USB cable that is like a smartphone charger.
  • Connect the USB end to your laptop, computer, printer, camera, power bank, or any other USB-capable electronic device.
  • Now, take your device and connect the charging end of the cable to the device you want to charge.
  • Then, turn on your laptop, computer, or whatever device you prefer.
  • You will notice that your battery charges quickly.

Try using a Chip Charger.

Another excellent method for charging your lithium-ion battery without a charger is to use a clip charger. To set the battery with a clip charger like this, you must first remove the battery from your phone or gadget. It would help if you then placed the battery on the clip charger’s charging platform. Simply connect the charger to the power card and turn it on. You will discover that it charges your battery without issue. Keep in mind that this type of charger is no longer common.

If you have one, consider yourself fortunate. However, a universal USB clip charger (10-44) is available on the market. You can carry one in your pocket if you buy one like the Lenmar PPUCLIP Universal USB Clip Charger or the Emerging Power EP-SC battery charger 3.7V DC 0.8 Ax2. And if you’re wondering how to charge a 3.7 V Li-Ion battery without a charger (90-30) during a crisis, a universal USB charger like this can help you get started quickly and solve your problem.

Car Battery can also be an Aid.

Can the Li-Ion battery no longer be charged without a charger (10-11)? Calm down. When driving your car, you have another convenient option. You can quickly assess the battery by connecting it to your car’s battery. As? It’s simple. You can charge the battery by connecting it to your vehicle’s battery, which is a lead-acid battery. However, to assess so intelligently, tiny light bulbs that regulate electricity are required. You might be wondering, “How many small light bulbs should I use?”

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If you have a 13V lead battery in your car and want to charge a 6V camera battery, you’ll need three small light bulbs. To perform the charging task, you must connect three lights in parallel or parallel. It allows 0.5 amps to the battery, allowing it to charge without issue. Then, after 10-15 minutes, wait. Your battery is fully charged and ready for use.

A laptop charger might help.

Most portable chargers have a voltage range of 18-20V, which is sufficient for charging an 18V battery. The procedure is straightforward. Learn how to use your mobile charger’s connection type. Then use a compatible socket. Plus, to plus and minus to minus, solder the socket to the internal battery terminals. Make a hole for the socket to fit into, and you’re ready to charge your battery without the official charger.

If you don’t want to worry about the type of connection, buy a ready-made two-pole connection kit like this and connect the wires so that the positive is in line with the positive and the negative is in line with the negative. The capacity of an Apple MacBook charger is 14/16/18 / 20V. An 18V battery can be easily charged with an 18–20-volt charger. Examine the output voltage’s nominal value.

Again, the process is straightforward: connect positive to positive and negative to negative. One issue with Megsafe chargers is that it is difficult to disconnect the pins and even more challenging to reach the female pin connection.

Alternative Battery

Another simple method for charging a lithium-ion battery without a charger exists (20-36). To use this simple method, you will need three AAA batteries to charge your battery. When you receive the batteries, set them up and insert all of them. Because each battery has 1.5 V, the three together provide 4.5 V.

A standard mobile phone battery requires 3.7 V to charge fully, but the three AAA batteries deliver 4.5 V when combined. You can set your battery even if you don’t have it. But there is one thing to remember. Never charge the battery with too much voltage. It may cause damage to your battery cell.

Charging with Cheap voltage Adapters

The procedure is the same as portable chargers, but inexpensive voltage regulators can be found in electronics stores online. These 12V and 18V adapters are available on Amazon and will work perfectly. This one was quite convincing, in my opinion. It is reasonably priced and comes with a plethora of connectors for connecting to the battery.

You may already have some of these in your home, as they may have come with electronic devices such as Bluetooth speakers, mini-fans, or toys. Conduct a thorough search.

How do I know my cordless drill battery is bad?

The following steps will let you know the condition of your cordless drill battery.

  • Connect the battery to a power source and charge it for at least an hour.
  • Place the multimeter probes on the two battery terminals.
  • Examine the multimeter’s voltage indicator.
  • If the voltage indicator is at or below the battery’s voltage rating, you must replace the battery.


Now that you are aware of many other alternatives to charging your cordless drill without a charger, next time, you don’t need to panic if you lose your charger somewhere. You are free to use these methods but just in case of emergency. It would help if you weren’t using them frequently as they can only end up giving you a ruined device. Moreover, apply any of the procedures of charging a cordless drill without a charger; it is essential to follow all the associated risk factors.


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