Bostitch Nail Gun Troubleshooting & Easy Fixes

This well-known brand is providing its users the amazingly constructed products or devices, including compressors, nail guns or nailers, staplers, glue guns, and rivet tools. They’ve got a range of tools for everyone carrying different interests; anyone can connect to them according to their interests. Hiring the contractors for simpler and easier home improvement tasks would not help you if you were budget-conscious.

In this modern era, because of the blessing of technology, now every individual can perform their desired task without any contractor. The tools and weapons in the market serve as the warriors that help us fight such tasks. One of them is a nail gun that can help you drive the nails accurately and save much of your time. This tool has helped the local individuals as they were bound to call upon a contractor or construction builders previously.

What’s better than having a tool that aids you to complete your tasks within time and with lesser effort. Many professionals are now inclined to this product and use it in their daily work and projects. Tools and weapons come with the claim of reliability, but they can leave you in a few situations that bounds you to go to a service center. Before heading towards the service center and seeking the service spend a lot of your money, try to analyze the issue by yourself first.

Bostitch, a well-known name, offers the most reliable devices, but users still somewhat face a few situations where they are restricted to being stuck in the middle of the project. To let you know about Bostitch nail gun troubleshooting, we’ve prepared this guide for you. After going through this ultimate guide, you will be getting enough information that will stop you from heading towards a service center.

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Bostitch Nail Gun Troubleshooting and Fixes:

Regardless of the brand, a nail gun can leave you in some cases where you are supposed to analyze the issue and must solve that too. If you own a Bostitch nailer, you are at the correct spot; this article will let you know all you need to know about Bostitch nail gun troubleshooting. Below you will find the actual cause of the problem of your Bostitch nailer, along with their quick fix.

Problems Faced Owning a Bostitch Coil Roofing Nailer:

If your Bostitch coil roofing nail gun is skipping the nail or you are facing intermittent feeding, follow the following guide.

  • There is a possibility that the flask is dry. Put a few drops of lubricant in the feed flask’s lid hole to remedy the problem.
  • Replace the O-rings on the feed piston and inspect the bumper and spring.
  • Problems with the door’s hook and spring are prevalent.
  • Improper setting of the canister post can also raise the issue; nailing may be skipped. Set the correct bus player according to the length of the fasteners used to avoid this scenario.
  • A nail gun may have a broken welding wire. You can solve the problem by removing the bobbin with fasteners and inserting another thread.

If your Bostitch nail gun is jammed, read the following steps.

  • You must ensure correct nails or fasteners for your model of the nail gun. Go through the guide and look for recommended nails.
  • If jamming is frequently facing, you must check for any broken weld wire in the nail coil. Try replacing the recent coil and load the new one.

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Problems Faced Owning a Bostitch Roofing Nailer:

If your Bostitch roofing nailer’s trigger value stem is leaking air, go for the below-mentioned solution.

  • The reason detected may be the cracked O-rings or seals. We suggest you replace the whole trigger valve assembly.

If your weapon’s cap is leaked air, the steps mentioned below can help.

  • A damaged gasket/seal can be the cause; try replacing the gasket or the seal.
  • A cracked head value bumper can sometimes lead you to this issue. Replacing the bumper can be the only option left.
  • You should tighten the loose cap screws before testing.

If you notice air leakage from the frame or nose of your Bostitch nail gun, follow the following steps.

  • Loose screws of the nose piece should be tightened and then recheck before heading towards the operation.
  • Cracked gaskets or O-rings can be a barrier. We recommend you replace them.
  • It would help if you replaced the cracked or worn bumper immediately to get rid of the problem.

If your tool isn’t firing, the following can go in your case.

  • There may be a reduction in the air supply in the area. Inspect and repair/adjust the air compressor’s settings as necessary.
  • An insufficient amount of lubrication is likely to be the source of the tool’s dryness. All essential parts should be lubricated using Bostitch Air Tool Lubricant.
  • O-rings on the air valve can wear out and need to be replaced.
  • The problem could be caused by a broken cylinder head spring, for example. You can go for the replacement of the affected part.
  • There’s a good chance that the main valve is located on the top of the lid. Typically, users will disassemble the item, inspect the area, and lubricate it to fix the problem.
  • Disassemble and reassemble it correctly.

If the Bostitch roofing nail gun is skipping nails frequently, you should look at the correct guide.

  • A worn bumper should be replaced if there is any.
  • There might be debris stuck in the driver channel. Attempt to disassemble the tool and clean, especially the nose piece and driver.
  • Cracked piston O-rings would be huge trouble; the only option you are left with is replacing it.
  • The device can be dry and in need of a lubricant. Check for the appropriate and recommended lubricant.
  • You should tighten all the loose magazine nose screws before the action.
  • Maybe you are not using the correct nail or fasteners.
  • Leakage of the head cap gasket can also bother you; tightening the screws or replacing the gasket will help.
  • Worn magazines can also be trouble; look for them and try replacing them as soon as possible.

What if I own a Bostitch Brad Nail Gun?

As many of the problems and possible solutions are highlighted in this guide above, you should try those solutions according to the problem you face with a brad nail gun. If the tool is jammed, you should check and clear the nail stuck inside. If the device isn’t driving the nail or skipping the nail, or shooting two nails at a time, you must check for the pressure settings. Incorrect pressure settings can make your tool get disturbed; adjust the given setting accordingly.

Some General Tips regarding Bostitch Nail Gun Troubleshooting.

The best way to keep your Bostitch nail in top shape and work smoothly is to clean and oil it, but only for the oil-free units, by routinely following the suggestions in the tool’s literature. Your manual contains the instructions that pertain to your model. You can get a copy from the Bostitch website if you do not find the original.

The O-rings are another common source of frustration, and rebuilding them solves many simple problems. If you decide to go this way, you’ll want to utilize the proper Bostitch conversion kit for your device.

How can I fix a jammed Bostitch Coil Nail Gun?

Follow if you want to know how to unjam a coil nailer.

  • Disconnect the power cord from the computer. You should remove the cordless nail gun’s battery and fuel cell for maintenance. On a pneumatic nail, disconnect the air hose from the nail.
  • Remove the screws and bolts. When you remove the fixed nail from the magazine, you don’t want anything to fly out.
  • To loosen the two screws under the depth adjuster, use an Allen key.
  • You can use a screwdriver to detach a magazine from a nosepiece. There is a driver’s blade with an offensive nail hidden underneath it, and you’ll locate it there.
  • Again, use a screwdriver to press the driving blade downwards. You can use a set of nails to force down the driving blade if there is a very tight blockage. Pushing the drive blade down should cause the paper to jam.
  • Finish by retightening the Allen screws.


A person interested in home improvement projects and tasks should let him prepare for any of his tool’s situations. We hope this detailed guide on Bostitch nail gun troubleshooting helped you ease the problem you were facing previously.

The electric or power devices can bound you to gently care for them for a reliable and efficient experience. Whether you buy a tool from a known brand, these devices can sometimes let you investigate them. But if you know what the cause is, you can easily make your way to a problem-free weapon. We suggest you go with every detail mentioned above as it can help eliminate the real trouble.


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