Best Nail Gun for Skirting Board- A Complete Review 2022

Nail guns are one of the essential devices nowadays, and people use them to get rid of traditional tools, including hammers and nailers. It becomes more critical for people to know about the best nail gun for skirting board. The reason includes the hardness and thickness of the board.

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No traditional tool can perform nail driven jobs in the skirting bard without hurting the quality. It may cause cracks, and you may feel hurts after the whole day knowing that the nail is not driving more than half of the board.

Don’t worry! Using down in this post, we reviewed nail guns for skirting boards that are top-rated and affordable.

These reviews are based on our experience. However, if you are in a hurry, we help narrow down your choice by our top picks!

Best Nail Guns for Skirting Board Reviews

‎2.9 pounds
‎5 pounds
‎8.58 pounds
‎5.9 pounds
‎2.7 pounds

1. Makita Pneumatic Brad Nailer- Top Rated Nil Gun

Makita Pneumatic is one of the famous brands in the tools industry. Makita af506 18g brad nailer is ideal for heavy-duty work, including industries and home projects.

Its compact design with a narrow nose and easy to handy features are why it works so efficiently for thick skirting boards. Moreover, its free jam cleaning and fire avoiding features make it an ideal brand among professionals.

Important Features

Advance Design

The first and basic feature that lets people love this tool is its advanced and elegant design. With 2.76 x 9.84 x 10.08 inches dimensions and 2.9 Ibs of weight, it has a cylindrical body made of aluminum. All these design features add easiness to handling the machine and nailing job.

Ultra-Narrow Nose and No-Mar Nose Tip

These features aim to offer to work for confined areas with deep penetration. The narrow nose aims to minimize the working hours as it makes it easy to insert the nail in thick and thin skirting boards. No-mar tip also has an important function to avoid the hurdles that can come due to any external material, including any other tool.

Allows Deep Penetration

As its a pneumatic nail gun and needs a pressure of 70-120 psi, which is higher than most other nail guns of the same brand. However, this high pressure is helpful for deep penetration. At the same time, we don’t recommend it for beginners due to high-pressure needs as everyone is not capable enough.

Built-In Features

It has a built-in duster that cleans the surface quickly after the deep penetration. The duster saves your time and money, which you spend to buy a separate duster to clean the gun and skirting board surface.

  • 16 gauges offer maximum quality in minimum time
  • 100 magazine nail capacity
  • Build-in features make it handy
  • It’s not much durable
Bottom Line

Although this is an ideal nail gun among hundreds of brands, the feature that attracts us the most is its 100 nail magazine capacity which eliminated our need to fill the gun again and again.

2. DEWALT Finish Nailer Kit- Heavy Duty Nail Gun

Another famous and well-reputed brand that is lightweight and easy to handle is DEWALT. Due to affordable price ranges, it is getting people’s attention daily. Its tool-free jam release feature makes nail removal easy, which is another feature people mostly like.

Since it included a kit in the same package, it saves your time and money. The kit is an additional feature as it includes carrying or transferring cases and a user manual which lets you know its easy usage.

Important Features

Compact Design

Its body is made of magnesium metal which makes it durable and attractive. In addition, its adjustable hook near the nose makes it easy to handle while using quickly. Magnesium body works as resistance in case of emergencies, specifically when you encounter high current and fire situations during DIY projects.

Non-Marring Nose Tip

Another feature is its non-marring nose tip, which helps users use it quickly. Its other function is to prevent gun marks on the nail and to skirt the board when high force is applied to adjust the nail in the board. This nose tip turns over easily after usage, and no force is required to adjust or remove it. In short, this nose tip prevents denting around.

Integrated Rubber Grip

It has integrated rubber which helps to add a strong grip during heavy load work or when you perform quick nail driving work. There is no need to wear hand gloves or any other accessory for working as it’s free of damage issues due to strong grip capacity.

  • Light in weight
  • Useful for trim nailing
  • Low pric
  • 18 gauge nailer does not work well in this nail gun
Bottom Line

Many features make it one of the ideal skirting board nail guns. However, our favorite feature is working ability for heavy and DIY projects. Thankfully, the designers have added safety features, including a fire-free safety mechanism and a tool-free jam release feature. Additionally, it is available at a low price, attracting multiple professionals.

3. NuMax SFR2190 Pneumatic- Durable Nail Gun

It’s a framing nail gun with an ergonomic design made of magnesium. Its weight is 8.58 pounds which is high compared to other nail guns. Still, it’s not a heavyweight gun. This little bit of heavyweight gives it enough ability to handle heavy projects and a thick skirting board. Moreover, the weight makes it useful for a long time. Hence, it’s one of the best durable nail guns for skirting boards.

Important Features

Useful for Heavy Projects

Since it is a framing nail gun, it’s powerful enough to sue for heavy projects. Its high penetration ability makes it perfect for nailing in deep places where a traditional or common nail gun can perform work. Besides skirting boards, it’s useful at fencing, decking, sheathing, and other common tasks.

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Extra Accessories

It comes with extra accessories in the same package, including staplers and nailers, which eliminate your need to spend days to find the best match accessories. Moreover, the separate buying accessories are expensive and do not work well.

Air Exhaust

Another important feature is its 360 degrees rotatable air exhausts, which help keep the air away from your face while working. It never allows falling debris, air fires, and dust particles on your face or body due to this air exhaust feature. The feature is supported with an interchangeable trigger which helps in ideal placement in quick-firing.

  • Extra accessories reduce expenses
  • Useful for heavy projects
  • Anti-dry firing technology
  • There is a no-mar tip that makes it safe to use
  • Sometimes you need to use a compressor to start it
Bottom Line

NuMax SFR2190 Pneumatic is a matchless nail gun for knowing about heavy industrial projects. Its nose bar can penetrate for a greater depth of 3 inches which is useful for skirting boards and any type of other wood board. Hence, another feature that makes it a favorite is compatibility.

4. PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX- Best Cordless Brad Nailer

PORTER-CABLE is one of the famous brands worldwide, which provides different tools with top-notch features, including quality and functionality. When we talk about this nailer, the amazing features which made us attractive include no need for gas, compressor, and cord.

It is a cordless brad nailer which uses a lithium battery as the main power resource. The battery works for a long time without distractions and current issues people face while using an electric power nailer.

Important Features

Elegant Design

Its compact design with 13.88 x 5 x 12 inches dimensions and 5.9 pounds of weight does not make it easy to handle but also aims to offer extra functionality. However, there is critical discussion among the professionals as they think that this is light in weight and sometimes does not work for heavy-duty and DIY projects. However, it fits perfectly and is durable for thin skirting boards anywhere.

20 V Lithium Battery

Hence, it is loaded with a 20v lithium battery which is durable enough and is rechargeable. Moreover, it eliminates the need for extra accessories, even including cartridges. The nailer with a capacity of 1.5 amperes per hour works quickly to drive 450 nails at a time in one charge. However, you can change the battery with more high power, and using the high powered batteries, help to drive 700 nails at a time.

Ideal for Small and Light Projects

This brad nailer with 16 gauges is ideal to use for light duties. It’s useful for thin skirting boards, sub-flooring (not for the main flooring), crown molding, and consistent wood trims. However, don’t try to use it for heavy projects or DIY projects. Otherwise, you may face critical issues of damaging the nailer.

  • Has power to drive 450 nails for one battery charge
  • Dual LED light helps to know the remaining battery and nail driving capacity
  • Compact and modern design
  • Too light n weight

Bottom Line

Although it’s one of the best nail guns for skirting boards, the most important feature we like the most is accessories with the package. It includes a battery and charger, saving money and time to find compatible products.

5. WEN 61721 18-Gaug- Best Nail Gun for Beginners

Do you want a nail gun where you don’t need extra effort and pressure to start driving the nail? You must be happy knowing that WEN 61721 18-Gauge is one of the best products for you. This nail gun has eliminated the use of traditional guns for DIY projects. Moreover, this nail gun is affordable and durable to use. The nail gun, with a 4.7 rating overall at amazon and other marketplace places, is getting more reputation daily.

Important Features

Compact Design

Its body is made of aluminium metal which makes it durable. Additionally, it is added with anti-slip rubber for complete grip on the gun and nails. No matter how many hours you work a day, it will never feel tired due to easy, handy design features. It is light in weight and is enriched with a spring-loaded magazine which lets you make it easy to load the nails. This magazine can fill 106 at a time, more than any other traditional or common modern designed nail gun.

Efficient Performance

The nail gun works on different pressure ranges starting from 60 Psi and ending with 110 Psi. It has ¼ inlet NPT units, which adds efficiency to the overall performance. It is included with a depth adjustment wheel which allows the maximum nail penetration on wood and skirting board. You can use it for heavy-duty and DIY projects with its lightweight features.

Quick Jam Release Features

This nail gun is a favorite among professionals, and the reason behind it is its easy loading and reloading properties. Jam release mechanism and spring-loaded magazine make the loading process very easy for even a newbie.

While using this gun, whenever you feel that it’s getting jammed, turn on the jam release mechanism, and your problem is solved in a few minutes. One thing which is handling all processes is a hassle-free nose that never lets a user feel unproductive while using it.

  • Available at affordable rates
  • Quick jam release mechanism helps to use it for newbie
  • Penetrate nail to 3.8 inches
  • User manual and case is not included

Bottom Line

Hence, this is the 5th top-rated nail gun product included in our list. Multiple features make it one of the leading reasons to make it reputed. However, the most feature we like is its jam-free mechanism due to its hassle-free nose and spring-loaded magazine. This magazine also makes it easy to load and reload in an emergency.

Factors You Should Consider While Buying a Nail Gun for Skirting Board?

Although above is a complete review on top nail guns for skirting boards. However, many people are still confused about which nail gun should be purchased. Here are some factors necessary to consider for buying a skirting board nail gun.

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Nail Gun Type

The first important factor to consider is nail gun type. Nail guns are of different types based upon their design, nail type, and, most importantly, power resource.

Nail Gun Types Based Upon Working Area

Based upon their working area, these are divided into two types, including a framing nail gun and a brad nail gun.

Framing Nail Gun

It is not famous in the market yet as it’s of advanced style. It’s designed to use for heavy projects and think boards. They can work up to maximum depths without causing quality issues for the board.

Moreover, they are flooded with many other features, including low prices and high working efficiency. Professionals love to use and recommend this nail gun. It’s useful for flooring, sheathing, heavy industrial projects, and building decks.

Brad Nail Gun

It is another crucial valuable type for light projects, i.e. home usage or any other small place. A brad nail gun is small in size and light in weight. Hence, it’s good to use for newbies who want to pursue their career in this field and use it for the experience.

Its working is similar to the framing nail gun. The only difference is that it handles low projects and thin skirting boards.

Types of Nail Guns Based on Design

There are three types of nail guns based on design:


A pneumatic nail gun is light in weight and is loaded with a compressor and cord. Due to its lightweight, it is easy to handle and works well for large projects. However, as it’s added with a compressor, you need to put high force to drive it. It would help if you spent some energy and time which you put while using a hammer.


An electric nail gun works on electricity as the leading power resource. It comes with the absence of a compressor, but a cord is included. It is helpful for heavy projects where electricity is easily accessible for a long time.


A cordless nail gun does not include a compressor or a cord. However, it works on the battery as a primary power resource. This battery is rechargeable in some brands, and you need to change it in others.


Another essential factor to consider for a nail gun is its performance. Are you unaware of how to check the performance as you are using it for the first time? We recommend you to read the reviews of customers before buying it. Additionally, go to the site from where you are buying it and read customers’ reviews.

Check if the nail is precisely working for depth. Some nail guns perform well for the thick board, and some work ideally for the think boards. So, decide and buy the one which you can handle and which is matchless to your need.


Don’t know what factors you need to check? Still! Considering the brand importance is enough to make a successful choice.

All the brands we reviewed above are good to move further. Check reviews from the official site of the brand and buy the one reviewed positively.


Although most people don’t consider accessories a primary factor, we recommend considering it. It’s good to spend extra money on a product with built-in features and include accessories.

Otherwise, you need to spend money to buy accessories separately. Moreover, the separate accessories are not excellent and compatible enough with the same device.

Should I use an Adhesive Material Instead of A Nail Gun?

Using a nail gun is a good choice, but sometimes professionals prefer to use any adhesive material that could be a strong gum. The reason is that a nail gun does not work well, or it may cause serious issues on the skirting board of less thickness. In this case, we prefer to use any other adhesive material with nail driving as additional material.

Advantages of Using Nail Gun on Skirting Board

Some advantages to using nail guns on the skirting board include:

  • A nail gun is a quick way to provide adhesive force between the skirting board and wall
  • The nail gun is secure and long term way for heavy projects instead of any other adhesive material
  • The nail gun has the highest working efficiency of any other adhesive material

Best Nail Gun for Skirting Board- Frequently Asked Questions

What types of nails are best to use for skirting boards?

The skirting board is a heavy and thick material, so the nails should be compatible enough. 1 16 gauges nail brad works for skirting board.

Should I glue or nail skirting boards?

We recommend using a nail which is a good and long term working option for skirting board. If you attach it with glue, it can create adhesive issues.

What size nails for skirting boards?

50 to 70 mm nail gun is ideal choice to use for skirting board.

Wrapping Up- Best Nail Gun for Skirting Board

Hence, due to many choices, you may feel difficulty buying the best nail gun for skirting board. We provided a complete review and buying guide to make this process easy. Read reviews carefully and buy a nail gun for the skirting board to make it fit with walls or floors.

Now you are just one click away to eliminate your traditional tools and other hurdles for attaching a skirting board with walls. Here are our top picks details that we recommend the most due to their high value, durability, and extra efficiency options.

Makita Pneumatic Brad Nailer- Top Rated Nail Gun, It’s a pneumatic nail gun, so it’s useful for heavy-duty projects and industries. Its advanced design features, including narrow nose and no nose mar tip, are the most highlighted features.

DEWALT Finish Nailer Kit- Heavy Duty Nail Gun, It has extra accessories, including a user manual and case, which makes it perfect for the long term with heavy-duty projects anytime.

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX- Best Cordless Brad Nail Gun, Since it’s a cordless nail gun, it is useful for newbies, making it valuable among the expensive brands. Moreover, you can use it for fencing, dancing, and thick skirting boards




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