Best Nail Gun for Hardie Siding & Trim in 2022

Do you want a great tool to add an aesthetic look to your house and protect your house’s interior from fire, pests, and insects? Yes, we are talking about Hardie siding which has become a trend nowadays. It is very popular because of its durability and a fabulous warranty. What’s better than having a beautiful-looking house that is also long-lasting and extremely durable. But for that you need to upgrade your tools, a hammer won’t be enough here.

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When you desire to do something big, a hammer won’t help you there. Right? Here the game will be changed by a nail gun, a device that helps reduce your efforts and time letting you work efficiently. But choosing the right product and breaking your bank for that product is something big to ask for. Right decisions and selections require proper analysis of the products. Here you will be getting a list of the best nail gun for Hardie siding.

As there is an enormous range of devices, everyone claiming theirs is best, in the market, it is becoming even harder to select one product. When it comes to Hardie siding installation, you must grab a trustworthy product to avoid interruptions during work. Are you in a hurry? And can’t read all the reviews of the products mentioned here? Don’t worry, we’ve marked our best product here to let you make an instant and quicker decision. NuMax SFR2190 Pneumatic Framing Nailer is overtaking all the products in our list of the best nail gun for Hardie trim & siding.

Top 15 Best Nail Guns for Hardie Siding & Trim in 2022:

‎8.58 pounds
‎5.9 pounds
‎4.5 pounds
‎6.38 pounds
‎4.08 pounds
‎5.5 pounds
‎4.8 pounds
‎17.27 pounds
‎5 pounds
‎4.99 pounds
‎5.5 pounds
‎5 pounds
‎4.5 pounds
‎5.03 pounds
‎9.2 pounds

1. NuMax SFR2190 Pneumatic Framing Nailer


The light and robust magnesium housing, ergonomically secure grip make you feel comfortable while working. Also, it possesses a replaceable trigger for the quick-fire or single shot are all features of this pneumatic 21-degree nail. It’s perfect for home renovation projects and professional builders. If you are a DIY enthusiast, this is a must-go product for you.

Value for money:

This nailer is more than just a framing nailer; it offers many features in this price range. This cost-effective combination of speed and performance makes home improvement projects a success. One of the more appealing features is the partly magnesium construction, which provides an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio.

It’s simple to change the depth. All you have to do is turn the spindle on the nail pin’s front. This is an unexpected bonus because some nails require special tools to change the depth.

Dual Trigger:

The dual trigger feature on the NuMax nail gun allows you to switch between sequential and burning fire, allowing you to execute a single trigger and continuous nailing depending on the situation. It does not have a selectable button like other current nailers, but beginners and advanced professionals should keep to sequential shutter mode for safety reasons. Switching to bump mode, on the other hand, is not an issue for a skilled framer.

  • Magnesium housing
  • Worth the money
  • Lightweight, comfortable
  • Adjustable air exhaust
  • The package doesn’t include a storage case


This device can be a good call for you as it offers more than just a framing nailer does. This powerful and versatile nail gun can go well with any generic nail alongside a depth adjustment mechanism.

2. PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Brad Nailer


The nose needs a lithium-ion battery of 20 V only, making it impossible to use air compressors, air hoses, or costly gas cartridges. This nail is supplied with a 1.5 Ah battery (ampere-hour) and can carry 450 clots when you desire a single charge with extra firepower. The engine is designed in a range of materials and climate conditions to supply continuous fire energy.

Goes Well with smaller projects:

A balanced nail for large or small timber applications, such as panels, furniture, floors, panels, moldings, delicate timber panels, and other home repairs. Especially before you decide on your purchase, you will have all the features we urge you to check out. This instrument is highly recognized for its special functions, from DIY enthusiasts and home users to experts.

Comes with:

This porter cable type is available in a standard box but has no hard case. Therefore, a tool case may be required separately to maintain the nail dust-free when unused and to arrange other supplies. You can purchase two No-Mar coils and an integrated hanging hook as well as a Brad tacker. A charger and 1.5 Ah battery are also included in the Nailer bundle.

  • Optimal center of gravity
  • Comfortable grip to avoid fatigue
  • Dual LED lights
  • Powerful motor
  • Doesn’t provide a storage case.


You can keep on working for one day with this amazingly designed and comfortable brad nailer. Moreover, to this day, no one has ever experienced jammed nails using this device, which means you can work continuously without interruption.

3. NuMax SFN64 Pneumatic Finish Nailer

User-Friendly Device:

This NuMax model is one of the most affordable and user-approved finishing nails on the market, which many users take priority. It is a lightweight nailer, ergonomically designed. You can use this nail simply, without becoming tired, for a long time. A soft rubber handle ensures safe handling when working. The safety tip from No-Mar also prevents work surfaces from damaging.

The durability of this nail gun is increased by a hardened steel-driving blade in one part. In addition, it is possible to remove the air directly from the face and work surface with adjustable exhaust gases of 360 degrees. Finally, the NuMax SFN64 is a superb professional and personal pneumatic finishing nailer. It also contains a primary paper jam mechanism that quickly clears the paper, so you can always work without the mechanism getting confused..

Toolless Depth Adjustment:

The device is highly versatile and tool-free so that you always find your comfort area, regardless of the rigorous nature of the project. This stapler may be used both indoors and outdoors where heavy bindings are required. You don’t even have to carry additional tools like a hammer, just as many woodworkers to fix hard nails. NuMax SFN64 is wonderfully done,, and the nailer on his head is undoubtedly hit.

  • Adjustable 360-degree exhaust
  • 100 nail capacities of the magazine
  • Slip-resistant rubber grip
  • Instant jam release
  • Sensitive to pressure


Upgrade your cordless arsenal with this great device that can help you work with much more convenience and comfort. Also, this nailer can be a must-go for those looking for a budget-friendly tool.

4. Freeman P4FRFNCB Pneumatic Combo Kit

A Fantastic Combo Kit:

The combo kit comes with four incredibly featured tools, including a finish nailer, a framing nailer, a brad nailer, and a stapler alongside a rugged canvas bag. If they are in-depth and straightforward projects, it works for all forms of structuring and finishing projects. Now that there are four different tools, the functions are different, and some functions are similar. However, with this excellent combination package, you can work in every department, a solution to every problem.

The adjustable exhaust of 360-degree:

Imagine one by one blasting nails and impurities which stop your work. There’s nothing more upsetting. The nails feature a 360-degree adjustable exhaust, which maintains your equipment stainless while working. To minimize this type of interference. It also boosts your productivity as cleaning and maintenance no longer must stumble. You may save a great deal of time with cleaning tools now.

Ergonomically designed:

Each nail gun features a durable, long-term-suitable magnesium build and is more than ergonomic in a lightweight form. If you work with it for an extended period, the light body doesn’t let you become irritated. Moreover, for easy portability and storage,, the whole combination set weighs only 6.39 £.

  • Every nailer possesses Teflon O-rings
  • Dual-mode triggers
  • Quick nail release
  • Great value for money
  • Jam sometimes.


You can invest your money in this combo kit as it is a wholesome kit that will help you sort any kind of work of buildups or fixing.

5. BOSTITCH Coil Siding Nailer


This nailer leads the list of best coil siding nail guns weighing just 4.7 kg to preserve softwood against harm. This Bostitch amazingly designed model has the best features and is made to fit many types of faces. This clasp magazine holds up to 300 clasps at a time, so your clasp is not necessary.

The tip features a soft rubber foot to minimize softer wood damage and includes a toolless and adjustable silencer to simply remove the muffler from the user. This tool has a 7-year guarantee and a bag for Bostitch. We propose this great product, which can be used for a long time because of the guaranteed duration, as a choice of 10 out of 8.5 people.

Highly durable:

It also has a very long life and a guarantee of 7 years. They are covered in aluminum, so it’s incredibly light and yet powerful. You get a safe bag, too. It’s even built in the USA so that you can trust the quality of the construction. However, the one drawback was that you had to slide the nail sections back and forth if you want to go to single fire mode from bump fire mode.

  • Faster operation
  • Light-gauge steel
  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Aluminum casing
  • A bit pricy


Break your search for an amazingly featured coil siding nailer offering a decent number of features and great value for money. You should be careful about the nose of this nailer as it can be broken when dropped vertically.

6. Freeman PCN65 Pneumatic Coil Siding Nailer


An expert in the manufacture of nails is an extraordinarily durable nail made by a free man and will be your longtime partner. This aluminum model is lightweight but durable enough to endure falling. The ergonomically designed unit is convenient for the user and delivers comfort from vibrations that will assist you in working well for an extended period, to invest.

Transparent magazine:

This fantastic equipment from a famous manufacturer has a loading magazine with a spool of 70-110 PSIs with 15-degree nails. The clear lateral loading magazine makes the number of fixtures left in the magazine plain to observe. The storage capacity is from 200 to 400 attachments, and the user can opt for plastic and cable attachments. Now you can work continuously without stopping and refilling the magazine.

No-mar contact:

Additional surface damage protection is provided with the No-mar connector. Freeman additionally supports its goods with a 7-year guarantee, making it a long-term investment. Although the exhausts may rotate 360°C, the exhaust gases are hard to spin – good and evil.

  • Anti-vibration comfort
  • Extreme protection
  • 7-year warranty
  • Adjustable depth
  • Magnesium construction
  • Can cause a jam and double fires


What’s better than having a nail gun offering a 7-year warranty with highly defined features? This product could be your exceptional choice when it comes to the installation of Hardie siding. Moreover, a no oil leakage problem can be found in this device to use this product many times without the leakage of oil.

7. Metabo HPT Coil Siding Nailerz

Easy and convenient:

Metabo HPT is a kind of nail we recommend in a hurry. By rotating the tool sideways, you might fill the nail magazine. You’ve got your instrument ready. That’s all. Use the instrument with all kinds of nails. This device is compatible with both lateral nails and plastic nails for your convenience.

Powerful tool:

This nail gun could be employed when using nailers 1 to 2 “length” if you are looking for powerful pneumatic side nails. You will not be deceived by the Metabo HPT product, which stands for Metabo Hitachi Power Tools. They can be wire clots or plastic clots according to your requirements.

A lot of features in a reasonable price tag:

It has a guarantee of 5 years. Indeed, from this pneumatic facade nailer, you can expect excellent construction quality. And as this is an air nailer, the air compressor must be connected for use. The air stress may be readily operated between 70 PSI and 120 PSI. This side nailer features a magazine on the bottom to reload quickly and easily with lateral clots.

  • Easy to use mechanisms
  • Versatile tool
  • Scratch-free
  • The magazine can hold more than 300 nails
  • Can jam frequently


Metabo HPT can’t be neglected when looking for a good siding nail gun for Hardie siding. Although it jams nails often besides this, it offers a lot of mesmerizing features in such an excellent value for money. Don’t miss the opportunity to invest in such a product that can help you in your professional works and projects.

8. Freeman P4FNCB Pneumatic Finishing Stapler


All nails in the package are developed for rigorous manufacturing requirements. Every nail also includes an aluminum cylinder, which makes the nail inside the toolless wearable. You may also easily modify the length of your nail with adjustments on each nail according to your needs. A limited warranty of 7 years and a 90-day warranty for consumables is also provided with Freeman P4FRFNCB Combo.

Quick Jam release:

The included stacker is a perfect option if you are searching for a Decorative Finish. Moreover, the nail isn’t stuck too often with this tool, which lowers downtimes considerably. Moreover, the fast clamp can ensure that the loosening of the fixed nail does not waste time. The nail depth can be easily adjusted to determine how long the nail will be sent.

A great combo kit:

What’s better than having a package of the Nailers at the same price you get just one nail gun? Yes, this is a combo kit of four versatile tools alongside a storage case in which you can easily carry all of them. This kit includes a cordless nail gun along with a brad, framing, and a finishing Nailer too. Do you want to work on the smaller projects as well? What if you get a staple gun with this kit too? This wholesome tool case can be an ideal go for everyone’s use whether. It’s lighter-duty work or heavier.

  • Sufficient power
  • Adjustable depth
  • Versatile and powerful combo kit
  • Imperial measurement system
  • Slightly over-priced


We can’t ignore the name of ‘Freeman’ when it comes to nail guns; they manufacture the most versatile devices featuring every decent specification a user requires. You can blindly trust them regarding a good nailer.

9. Makita AN611 Siding Coil Nailer

Magazine capacity:

A clear spherical magazine with up to 400 nails at a time is provided with this façade nail. This capacity is 100 more than the Hitachi hacker can deal with. And you may work longer before you require refilling with a rolling design. Now you don’t have to refill the magazine again n again between the edge of your work.

Possesses a Selector Switch:

On the Shutter button, you can check how the nail pistol discharges with a selector. You can lock the gun with the switch to prevent the erroneous shooting or select contact mode from firing sequentially. Depth control with nine depth settings is also available. Every depth is 1/16 inch from each other. This feature doesn’t mean how a flash of nails with the surface may be placed or how the force needed to reverse a nail can be estimated.

Easy switching:

Depending on whether you wish to prevent damage to wood, you can switch from the No-Mar tip to the crank markings. However, the size of the pistol causes a breeze to nail diagonally. Furthermore, in crucial areas, the nail features a rubber buffer to eliminate unnecessary scratches.

  • Quitter operation
  • 5-year warranty
  • Exerts a greater pressure
  • Comes along a tool case
  • A bit expensive


The device from this brand is taking the lead over many others nowadays; we also recommend you buy this one as it offers a decent number of features.

10. HBT HBCN65P Coil Siding Nailer


The façade nail HBCN65P, seen above, is the best-tested gadget with great brand features. Usually, this specific nail drives 1 ” to 2″ plastic or coiled cords. It is equipped with a magnesium box that boosts overall durability and light. You can use this device for an extended period without being stressed to replace the device frequently.


It is a good nail, with multiple nails, at least around 5/8 to 2 inches, that can be adapted on the head. Whether you want to use it for 1-inch oaks, or you want to fix your clasp and create a new class every day for a single charge for 2 hours. This device has it all for everyone looking for various characteristics.


If your workspace is lying around, it sounds less unsafe, right? The nail magazine also contains up to 60 nails, with a total time saving of 21 degrees. You will feel two-in-one nail guns from the first installation. The nail set has two quick, alternative nose components, it can be transformed into metal contact or frame application by around 80-120 psi and accelerated pressure.

  • Instant jam release
  • Toolless depth adjustment
  • Easy switching of the modes
  • 360-degree swivel air plug
  • A bit bulky


The magnesium housing of this device is the most attractive feature of this model as it offers the most durable factor.

11. Valu-Air CN55R Siding Fencing Nailer


It is a very light nail since it employs aluminum to keep the body comfortable with a user for a longer duration. The weight is merely 5.5 kilos, therefore consider using it if the weight of a heavier nail cannot be handled. This is also Freeman PCN65’s best nail gun for fencing. It’s also comfy to hold with the contoured rubber handle. The greatest way to work for long hours with a pleasant lightweight design is with a bouncy coil and a rubber grip on the handle.

Ideal for Hardie Siding:

It is developed for a straightforward user experience with 1050 pounds of propulsion and adjustable crosshead hooks. It is now possible to hang it on numerous types of surfaces, for instance: vertical or horizontal. Lying in your entire work area also sounds less risky. Isn’t working in a noisy environment the most troubling challenge? You cannot choose this setting with this tool and work in a calm area.

Air-powered tool:

An air tube and air compressor with exact connections are used by this air tube machine. This instrument is thought to be great as it is straightforward to use and appeals to beginners for home renovation and home improvement aficionados. The shutter release button must also be switched off to change the firing mode, so that the push button model does not be used as easily as a one-second push-button model, where it only takes one second.

  • Operated by an air compressor
  • Ideal for heavy-duty projects
  • It Drives 3 nails a second
  • Magazine capacity: around 200 to 350 nails
  • A bit heavier


This tool from a reputed brand is considered good for Hardie siding as it is one of the most durable tool. You can easily buy this tool without any hassle as it comes with amazing build quality.

12. MAX USA CORP CN565S3 Coil Nailer

Well designed:

This nail pistol is excellent for complex trimming and siding and any other usage. The stunning design of that nail gun is one of the most excellent aspects. The design looks fantastic but is also super working and ensures comfort when you are working. A user pays most for the comfort level when working on a serious project. Right? The easy to swivel deflector protects you against flying debris during working time.

360 Adjustable exhaust deflectors:

This incredibly constructed nail gun offers a fantastic feature called a 360 adjustable exhaust deflector,, which will help you work in a pollution-free environment. This deflector keeps the tool and operator away from exhaust fumes and dirt. The user protection is really in mind for SuperSider. Now, you don’t need to invest your time in cleaning and maintaining your devices frequently instead of concentrating on your project or workpiece.

Anti-double Fire Mechanism:

This integrated function assures you do not record the same item twice accidentally. This feature is an excellent technique to protect yourself, your project, and your nails. With an easy-to-load nail magazine, this nail could not be any more convenient. It also includes a convenient transverse hook and case. The nail has a mighty nail hammer as well.

  • Powerful device
  • Extremely durable
  • Offers an intense level of power
  • lightweight
  • too much expensive


Paying a bit more for something to get a bit extra, isn’t it a fair deal? This device from SuperSider is a bit expensive,, but it offers much more protection than any other product. If you are not budget-conscious, this would be your dream product.

13. Duo-Fast DF225C Siding Nailer


The DF225C forklift looks beautifully designed and was light and balanced. The weight of this nail is 4.5 kilos. When standing on a cart or ladder this nail produces less fatigue. It has a high-quality rubber handle that we felt was comfortable and will certainly be helpful in cold weather. The nail magazine is also more powerful.

Extremely easy to use:

The DF225C also features an adjustable exhaust valve to limit air outflow and possible exposure to dust. The Duo-Fast was easy to notice and to change the huge, light orange tool-free adjustment. This function is enormous to make sure you don’t drive too or too little in your nails. It is an enormous time saver if you like me and want to fill your nails. To adapt the device’s depth, my older nail needed a tool.

Comfortable usage:

Also, due to its lightweight construction, it has become the most comfortable device providing you a non-slip grip. You can easily use this device for longer operations in a comfortable environment without slipping of the device. This tool is ideal for siding, sheathing, fencing, decking, and subflooring. The only feature we disliked was it comes with a one-year warranty which is a very short span.

  • Lightweight body
  • Adjustable toolless 360-degree exhaust port
  • Transparent magazine
  • Non-slip rubber grip
  • A bit expensive


The tool mentioned above will be providing you with a powerful performance and quicker operation, because you can switch to different functions quickly. also, the lightweight body will help you avoid arm fatigue for longer operations.

14. Complete CN565Z Siding Coil Nailer

Easy to handle:

The rubber grip and the belt hook make it easy to operate. For application with plastic zero-grade bundled spiral nails, CN-565Z is intended. The steering wheel depth ensures that the nails depending on the application, are perfectly placed. This stand is equipped with a firing trigger that enables high speeds and 6-7 clots per second. Due to these incredible characteristics, even a beginner may effortlessly manage this nail gun.

Magazine Capacity:

Isn’t it annoying to refill your nail gun again n again being interrupted during your important work? If yes, and if you are looking for a nail gun that offers high nail carrying capacity, then this would be an ideal match for you. The magazine of this nailer can carry up to 300 nails at a time so that you cannot get disturbed or break your concentration assembling and dissembling the device.


It’s adaptable and powerful and is sufficiently versatile to support many projects with fiber cement front, fence, cedar sides, and mantle. This club is easy to use with a waste handle and strap hook, a must-go option for a newbie to this field. As well is it offers a non-slip grip so that you can conveniently work on your projects.

  • Zero-degree siding nailer
  • Magazine capacity: 300 nails
  • Can adjust with different material thicknesses.
  • Easy usage
  • A bit bulky.


If you are a newbie to this field, you can quickly grab this product and use it because this nail gun offers the most convenient features. Stop breaking your bank on something which isn’t worth it, and grab this device to upgrade your tool arsenal.

15. DEWALT DW66C-1 2-1/2 Inch Fencing Nailer

  • Durable and lightweight
  • Easy usage
  • Smooth rubber grip
  • Aluminum housing
  • A bit over-priced


This is an amazing quality nail gun that can be a great option for a newbie too due to its easy functioning. The price set for this tool is a bit higher compared to the features it offers.

Buying Guide:

After coming across a vast collection of nail guns with their trustworthy features, you can step ahead to choose. But before investing in a device, it is your responsibility to investigate some worth-considering features so that you don’t laugh all the way to the bank on a wrong product. Keep reading to get a better guide to select a better product.

If you are not aware of this field and want to buy a great product, you must go through a proper guide to get proper knowledge. Some of the key features mentioned in this guide are below to let you know what to consider while buying a nail gun. We’ve also answered a few of the frequently asked questions so that you can clarify your confusion regarding a good nailer.


Sustainability and mobility are also crucial to survive for at least a few years. You must make sure that both these characteristics are as stringent as when you get your complex firearms. If you decide to go for one, you should look at the well-known brand power tools rather than the smaller ones. Branded products are sometimes rather costly, though.

However, they offer superior, safer, integrated protection and the nails mentioned above from the production period.

Size of the nail:

Designed nails for Hardie trimming weapons and other projects such as siding, fence, belt, and fur. Different nail kinds are available for usage or preinstalled, depending on the type of nail. The optimal nail is merely 2 inches in diameter when it comes to Hardie Trim & Siding.


The ideal way to select a simple to use nail kit is for work or DIY projects. We might suggest that, for corner work, a light, but the well-designed nail is best due to the usual trickiness of DIY projects. Your workpiece and hands may be damaged by at least the wrong measurement.


1. What kind of nailer do you use for Hardie siding?

Ans: A pneumatic nailer can be your best friend when it comes to Hardie siding workpieces. This kind of nailer will not only save much of your time, but also will prevent you from wasting your efforts on a hammer all day long. A pneumatic nail gun is designed with traditional support alongside you will be able to change the pressure according to you.

2. Is a siding nailer the same as a roofing nailer?

Ans: No, they both aren’t the same, and you can’t use a siding nailer instead of a roofing nailer. They both differ in their functions. It is not wrong to say that siding nailers are much stronger and more potent than roofing ones You can use a siding nailer to deal with hardwoods and rubber, whereas a roofing nail gun will help you with fiberglass asphalt.

3. Can I use a framing nailer for Hardie siding?

Ans: If you own a framing nailer and looking for the answer, can it be used for Hardie siding installation? So, we would say it’s a definite yes. You just must make sure that the nail you are using is of a length that can be inserted easily and can help the siding stay firmly to the exterior of your house. Ensure not to go with the name and experiment with a siding nail gun because it will be a complete failure if you would do that.

4. How do you install Hardie board over existing siding?

Ans: You can go for installing a Hardie board on an existing siding, but only if they are in an optimal condition. Before initiating the procedure, make sure it is not curling, rotting, warped, delaminated, or bowed. If you don’t see any of the problems mentioned here, you can go for an existing siding to install the Hardie board.

5. Which is better, brad nail or finish nailer?

Ans: A finish nailer would be the one-off course as it can shoot a 16-gauge or a 15-gauge nail alongside much more holding strength. A detailed woodwork project will require a greater holding strength that can be blessed only by a finish nailer. A brad nail gun has a smaller diameter and so can’t provide a good holding strength.


A nail gun has become a very convenient tool to upgrade your arsenal nowadays catch-free. More n more companies are now manufacturing such products to let people work more efficiently and in lesser time. So, after going through all the worthwhile products and considering features, pros, and cons, you can now go ahead and in them. Step up your construction work with the best products that can save much of your time and efforts, Scratch-free, keep which you previously spent working with a hammer.


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