Nail Gun for Cedar Shingles for 2022

Cedar shingles are a great way to give your exterior a new and exciting look. They are not only good for design but can provide other benefits also such as resistance against thunder, storm, rain, or harsh sun rays. A lot of brands manufacture nail guns or nailers especially for installing cedar shingles by yourself so you do not feel any complexity.

You will find thousands of options on the internet or in the market. But are you pondering over the same question or thought as we are? What nailer will prove to be the best nail gun for cedar shingles in so many options?

There is no need to panic as we came forward to help you in this situation. We are here with the answer to this mysterious question you have been looking forward to. After a lot of research and deep analysis on this matter, we penned down the top 5 and best nail guns for cedar shingles with all the detailed and crucial factors that will help you in making the right decision and choosing the perfect nail gun for yourself.

It can be difficult to choose when you have so many good options but don’t worry our expertise brought a top recommendation for you that can fulfill all your requirements.

You can have a look at Senco – 3L0003N SNS41 Construction Stapler for a great working experience. We also added a comparison table if you want to compare the top 5 and best nail guns for cedar shingles.

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Top 5 Best Nail Guns for cedar shingles:

Here we will see the Best nail gun for cedar shingles.

1. Freeman PCN65 Nail GunFreeman PCN65 Nail Gun


Freeman tools is a tool manufacturing company that is popular for manufacturing easy-to-handle tools such as air compressors, air hoses, automotive parts, cordless tools, hand tools, different types of nailers or nail guns, and many other handy products to ease your everyday work. It is an American-based company with headquarter in the USA. One of the amazing tools of the freeman is Freeman PCN65 Nail Gun that we will be discussing.


Freeman PCN65 Nail Gun comes with a heavy-duty classic design and is available in a color combination of orange and black. The dimensions of

the nailer are ‎13.25 x 11 x 5 inches and weigh only 5.5 pounds so it will be easy for you to work with a lightweight tool on the roof. You can conveniently work for long hours with Freeman PCN65 Nail Gun as it comes with a full grip ergonomic handle to hold easily. The design of the nailer also includes a hook so you can hook it with your belt and it stays handy for work on height.


The high-performing, Freeman PCN65 Nail Gun is a great tool for installing cedar shingles as it can provide you with a durable and reliable experience. The nailer can hold up to 400 nails or wires at a time so you do not have to keep refilling it and waste time. It is a multi-purpose nail gun used for multiple installations or applications such as shiplap, flooring, framing, siding, and roofing. You can also use it for sheathing or fencing different materials.


Freeman PCN65 Nail Gun is a pneumatic nail gun that can be operated from 70 PSI to 110 PSI for great and effective results. It includes a 360-degree rotatable exhaust, security trigger lock, no-mar safety contact, anti-dust cap, and transparent bucket for easy accessibility and enhanced experience.


According to our analysis, we concluded that Freeman PCN65 Nail Gun is a little more expensive than some other nail guns but it will prove to be a great option for you as it comes with all the heavy-duty functions and features you require to nail hardwood and install cedar shingles on the roof of your home or any other place.

  • Lightweight
  • Comes with hook
  • Fast performance
  • Expensive than some models

2. BOSTITCH Coil Siding NailerBOSTITCH Coil Siding Nailer


Bostitch, also known as Stanley Bostitch, is a great tool manufacturing company established in America. It does not only pay attention to the work but also keeps the design of the tool in mind to provide classy and handy ergonomic tools to its customers since 1896.

The Bostitch is famous for manufacturing different tools, air compressors, fasteners, and accessories such as construction tools, hand tools, air hoses, automotive tools, industrial tools, staples, nails, pins, portable compressors, and power tool accessories.


BOSTITCH Coil Siding Nailer is a pneumatic nailer that comes in a very unique and attractive design to give you a professional look. The color combination of the nailer is classic black and gold color. The nailer is manufactured with magnesium to give you a durable and strong tool to work for a longer period. The dimensions of the nailer are ‎11 x 5 x 12 inches and have a very lightweight of only 4.08 pounds.


BOSTITCH Coil Siding Nailer can provide you with a great performance since it is manufactured with aluminum and magnesium, the nailer will prove to be very stable while shooting or driving nails at a very high speed.

The nail gun also includes a rear exhaust that can be adjusted up to 360 degrees so you can easily work without the air exhausting on your face. The design of the nailer also includes a big hook so you can easily hang it anywhere while working on rooftops.

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BOSTITCH Coil Siding Nailer is built with a no-mar tip to protect your cedar shingles against the scratches of the nailer or other damages. The depth of the nails can also be adjusted with a wheel so you can have a personalized experience. You can use different sizes of nails or fasteners with the BOSTITCH Coil Siding Nailer to install the cedar shingles. The compatible nailer size is 1 ¼ inch to 2 ½ inches.


According to our verdict, BOSTITCH Coil Siding Nailer is a very expensive nail gun but if you are looking for a nailer to work professionally then this is one of the most reasonable and handy nail guns for you as it includes extra features and heavy-duty specifications for a great work experience.

  • The professional and classic appearance
  • Multi-purpose
  • Reliable and strong
  • Longer life
  • Very expensive

3. Freeman PCN450 Coil Roofing NailerFreeman PCN450 Coil Roofing Nailer


Freeman tool is an American-based brand founded in the USA. It is known as a tool manufacturing company popular for air compressors, air hoses, automotive parts, cordless tools, hand tools, different types of nailers or nail guns, and many other that proved to be very helpful for different workers and repairmen. The second nailer of Freeman tools we will be discussing in this article is Freeman PCN450 Coil Roofing Nailer.


Freeman PCN450 Coil Roofing Nailer is a second-generation pneumatic nailer that is manufactured with the dimensions ‎12.75 x 4.6 x 11 inches and includes a weight of 5.46 pounds. It will be easy for you to work with a lightweight nailer as it is convenient to carry as well as can provide a tight grip.

The ergonomic handle design of the nail gun does not tire your hand during installation and provides you with complete comfort. The triggers and easy accessibility of the Freeman PCN450 Coil Roofing Nailer enhance your productivity so you can quickly finish your installation work.


Freeman PCN450 Coil Roofing Nailer can work for multiple applications such as you can use the nailer for asphalt or cedar shingles installation as well as it can be used for wall and roof sheathing. The nailer can load and shoot the nails at a fast speed with complete accuracy and precision for a great working experience. It is a pneumatic nailer and only requires an air pressure of 70 PSI to 110 PSI for effectively shooting or driving the nails.


Freeman PCN450 Coil Roofing Nailer comes with a 15 degrees angle for easy installation of cedar shillings with accurate precision. The nailer also includes a safety trigger lock so you do not accidentally shoot the nail at the wrong place and to protect you from an accident or mishap. It is also manufactured with a magnetic mechanism to align the nails easily and quickly.


If you are just starting with the installation of cedar shingles or other work then Freeman PCN450 Coil Roofing Nailer will prove to be a great option for you as it comes in a low-price range than others as well as it can help you improve your productivity and work quality.

  • Handy and comfortable
  • High performing
  • Tight grip
  • Affordable and reasonable price range
  • Does not include a hook

4. Senco – 3L0003N SNS41 Construction StaplerSenco - 3L0003N SNS41 Construction Stapler


Senco is a USA-based company popular for manufacturing several types of tools such as nailers, staplers, screw systems, compressors, combo kits, and cordless tools. The brand also manufactures all types of compressors and other related accessories.

You can also find the tools listed categorically through jobs or work types. It is one of the leading tools manufacturing brands that was established in 1935. The brand has struggled through difficult times to provide the best experience to its customers. The tool we are going to have a look at of Senco is Senco – 3L0003N SNS41 Construction Stapler.


Senco – 3L0003N SNS41 Construction Stapler is a very neat-looking and stylish nailer that comes in a color combination of red and silver. The ergonomic design and handle of the nailer provide you a stronghold and grip. The dimensions of the nailer are ‎11.5 x 3 x 15 inches and include a weight of 4.6 pounds. The nailer is made to be lightweight so you can easily handle and work with it. You will find this nailer made of metal for reliable and stable performance during heavy-duty installation work.


Senco – 3L0003N SNS41 Construction Stapler can provide you with high performance with an anti-vibration feature. The nailer is manufactured for different purposes such as flooring, lathing, roof deck, sheathing, framing nails, and many others. It drives nails with a size range from 7/16 inches to ½ inches. The nailer is built with a pneumatic mechanism and it can work with a pressure range from 80 PSI to 120 PSI.

The Senco – 3L0003N SNS41 Construction Stapler requires more pressure as compared to other nailers because it is a heavy-duty nailer and can also work professionally for multiple applications. The heavy-duty nailer also includes a rear exhaust to drive the compressor pressure out but it comes with an adjustable setting so you can change the direction according to your work.


Senco – 3L0003N SNS41 Construction Stapler is one of the best nail guns for cedar shingles as it comes in a reasonable price range according to the heavy-duty features. It can provide you a clear and crisp finishing of cedar shingles since it is made with anti-vibrating technology.

  • Stable performance
  • No vibrations
  • Fast shooting speed
  • Large loading capacity
  • No hook to hang

5. BHTOP CN45N Roofing NailerBHTOP CN45N Roofing Nailer


BHTOP is a well-known brand for manufacturing great quality tools for different purposes. The brand manufactures several products out of which are pneumatic nailers, cordless angle grinder, impact wrench, cordless nailer, cordless circular saw, and many other tools to ease your work every day at the job.

You can also find grinding wheels, framing nailers, nailer sets, and different types of nail guns from BHTOP. The brand claims to manufacture tools with top-quality and innovations. The BHTOP tool that we have for you today is BHTOP CN45N Roofing Nailer.


BHTOP CN45N Roofing Nailer is manufactured with the dimensions ‎13.7 x 12.8 x 5.7 inches and comes with a weight of 7.16 pounds. The nailer is heavier than other models or options because it includes heavy-duty features. The heavyweight of the nailer does not affect your productivity as it comes with an ergonomic design and handles so you can easily grip it and work for long hours. The design of the BHTOP CN45N Roofing Nailer is very classy and gives you a stylish appearance while working. The handle of the nailer comes with a stronghold.


BHTOP CN45N Roofing Nailer can provide you with great performance with its heavy-duty design. You can use this nailer for different applications such as roofing, siding, nailing, framing, sheathing, and many others. The nailer comes with complete safety features and it is manufactured with metal to provide you durable and strong experience. It has a large capacity and can load up to 120 nails at a time so you do not have to keep loading the nails during work.

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BHTOP CN45N Roofing Nailer is manufactured with a safety switch that can be used to easily work with efficiency and effectiveness. The other specifications of the nailers include a clip switch, high-quality piston driver, precise interference, and no-mar tip. The nailer is specifically designed for roofing nails so you can have clean, clear, and crisp-looking cedar shingles.


According to our verdict, BHTOP CN45N Roofing Nailer is capable of providing all the features you are looking forward to in a reasonable price range. The nailer comes with different accessories also such as safety goggles, hexagon key, lubricant, and instruction manual. You can use nailers for multiple applications or installations.

  • Heavy-duty performance
  • Classy and stylish design
  • Several applications
  • Accessories included
  • Heavyweight

Buying Guide:

Nail guns are a simple and efficient way to secure building materials as well as many other items. These tools have been popularized over the past few decades, with affordable models being manufactured that can be operated by just about anyone. A nail gun can save you a lot of time and energy when it comes to securing things.

When it comes to buying one, here are some important things you should consider:

1. Power and Performance

Nail guns come in a variety of styles and varied performances. You can buy models that will drive up to 100 nails at a time. Some offer more power than others, with the ability to sink nails into virtually any material.

2. Brand

While it’s not as important as price or performance, you should still use the brand of the nail gun as a consideration. Some brands have been around for decades, offering top-notch quality and design that other brands may not be able to replicate.

3. Price

In general, standard nail guns will cost anywhere from $50 up to $500 or more. It all comes down to power and performance, along with the brand name of the product.

4. Style

Nail gun styles are varied, ranging from palm-sized models to large nail guns with shoulder straps for extra convenience and portability. While some people may prefer the latter style, it all comes down to personal preference.

5. Nail sizes

Most models will be able to accommodate nails between 1-3 inches in length. However, some guns can accommodate different size nails.

When it comes to buying a nail gun for yourself, this simple guide will help you get started. You should consider all of these things when making your purchase so that you not only buy the right product but one that fits your needs and preferences as well. If you keep these key points in mind, you will find the perfect nail gun in no time.


Since we considered everything in detail regarding the best nail gun for cedar shingles, we hope you enjoyed this guide with us as much as we did. Learning about new things is always a great pleasure for people who want to do everything by themselves. We are glad we were able to help you and you understood all the crucial factors we explained above. It might seem a bit complicated at the first glance but we made sure this guide will prove to be super easy and beneficial for you.

Let’s summarize everything. We had the guidance of an expert with the top recommendation then we compared our favorite nailers to decide on the best.

Lastly, we went into the deep waters to learn the pros, cons, specifications, and verdicts of all 5 nail guns. Now, you are ready to choose the best one for yourself so go to the website, choose one, and order it. We wish you a great experience while installing cedar shingles.


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