5 Best Heat Gun for Vinyl Wrapping 2022

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced vinyl wrap professional, having the right heat gun is essential for a successful job. There are many different heat guns available on the market, so it can be difficult to know which one is right for you.

Equally, it is wonderful to have plans to get your hands on the heat gun for the vinyl wrap. Besides, heat guns are considered the best tools to wrap the car with vinyl sheets.

If you are a DIYer, then your life is incomplete without a heat gun. Furthermore, the only thing that comes to mind is a heat gun regarding the best vinyl wrap tool. It is due to this heat gun’s versatility. Even more, this heat gun helps to preheat and post-heat vinyl.

In this blog post, we will discuss the best heat guns for vinyl wrapping and outline the key factors to consider when making your purchase. Stay tuned! ​​​​​​

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Top 5 the Great Heat Guns for Vinyl Wrapping:

‎1 pounds
‎1.63 pounds
‎2 pounds
‎1.75 pounds
‎1.98 pounds

Now let’s move ahead to the best heat guns for vinyl, as several of them claim to be the best in the market. We have shortlisted some of them for you so that you can make a wise decision.

We have tested all these five heat guns for you and selected them based on their performance. It’s high time to save your money and time buying the most reasonable and good quality heat gun for your car. A vinyl heat gun is the best tool you can own if you are a DIY expert.

Here is a list of all the five heat guns we have shortlisted for you, and they are as under:

  1. PORTER-CABLE Heat Gun
  2. BLACK+DECKER Heat Gun
  3. Genesis GHG1500A Dual-Temperature Heat Gun
  4. Wagner 0503059 FURNO 300 Heat Gun
  5. SEEKONE Heat Gun


PORTER-CABLE Heat Gun is an excellent quality heat gun for a vinyl wrap in low quality. The quality of this heat gun is worth the price you pay. Additionally, this heat gun is considered the professional one due to its features.

Also, it comes in black grey color, which makes it look attractive at the same time. The best heat gun for vinyl wrapping is the one that helps in doing multiple tasks and is not specifically meant for a single task.


  • In-hand feel
  • Comfortable to use
  • Easy temperature control
Professional design:

This heat gun is specifically designed for vinyl wrapping. Apart from that, there are different settings for the fan’s speed. This fan speed tends to provide low and high airflow.

Easy temperature control:

You can easily control the temperature through its easy adjustments. Besides, it also features hands-free support that reduces the stress from your arms while you work.

High-grade power cable:

Importantly, this heat gun features a long power cable that is six feet long. Also, this power cable is flexible and thick. This high-quality power cable gives a feeling of solid rubber.

Easy handling:

This heat gun is light in weight. Moreover, it is hardly 2 pounds, and you can easily hand it anywhere so that you don’t get tired.

Powerful motor:

This heat gun comes with a 1500-watt powerful motor with multiple fan settings.

  • Less sound created while working
  • Affordable price
  • Excellent quality
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Multiple fan speed settings
  • 3-years warranty
  • Non vented area
  • Weak output


BLACK+DECKER is the best quality heat gun at the right price. Moreover, this heat gun can beat excessively priced heat guns.

When I started my vinyl wrapping carrier, I used this gun first and was amazed by the results. Black decker is a great heat gun for wrapping as it lasts for years.

I frequently use this heat gun even now because I can’t get over this beauty. It provides perfect finishing and provides mind-blowing results. Some of its features that I discovered during the use are as follows:


  • Works wonders for constant heating
  • Heats up immediately
  • Holds up easily


Black decker is a lightweight heat gun, and you can purchase this heat gun for a lesser price and in great quality. Also, you will not feel bulky when using it for the purpose.

Constant heat supply:

This heat gun provides a constant heat supply and works in two settings. Besides, it even rests on its back so that the burning is prevented when the heat gun is not in use.

Fast results

This black decker heat gun provides the fastest and most reliable results. Also, it can help you to dry the paint conveniently.

Paint stripping:

This black decker heat gun softens the adhesives and helps prevent the toxic chemicals that strip off the paint from the furniture or wooden stuff.

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Easy removal of stickers:

This heat gun helps remove the old stickers from the windshield and or the car bumper.

  • Compact and portable design
  • Flexible temperature control
  • Lightweight
  • Back stand
  • Quality is worth the money
  • No additional accessories
  • A bit noisy

3. Genesis GHG1500A Dual-Temperature Heat Gun:Genesis GHG1500A Dual-Temperature Heat Gun

This heating tool cannot be underrated as it has some amazing features that are of great use to DIYers. Moreover, its versatility cannot be ignored, as it comes with many nozzles that help one work in several applications.

Aside from that, the application of this tool is quiet and easy, and anyone can use it without complex instructions. Furthermore, this heat gun is very meaningful for many people because it has many important features during application. Some of its features are listed below:


  • Used for craftwork
  • Easy temperature set
  • Hot nozzle to start your work
Nozzle kit:

The heat gun comes with a nozzle kit with many different types of nozzles required during the application. Also, it has two deflector nozzles that make your work easy. The best heat gun for vinyl wrapping has an important purpose as it helps in doing several tasks.

Compact design:

The heat gun is constructed of a compact design that helps to work conveniently and takes very little space to accommodate as you can fix it anywhere.

Money saver tool:

This heat gun is a money saver too as you can end up saving a hefty amount of money from your pocket. Also, this heat gun is an inexpensive one.


Indeed, this heat gun is extremely light in weight and can easily be handled while working. Aside from that,

  • Cheap heat gun
  • Heat up fast
  • Fast delivery
  • Light in weight
  • Easy handling
  • No such warranty

4. Wagner 0503059 FURNO 300 Heat Gun:Wagner 0503059 FURNO 300 Heat Gun

Another heat gun on our list is the Wagner heat gun, with less power than other heat guns reviewed above.

Besides, it has two different settings that make it convenient for the users to perform multiple tasks with its help. A DIYer can easily handle this heat gun as it has all a DIYer wants.

Aside from that, this heat gun quickly heats up and takes less time for the procedure to get completed. Many people truly admire this heating tool, and people opt for this heating tool. It is the top heat gun for vinyl wrap as it has many features attached to it.


  • 2 heat settings
  • Relatively small in size for easy handling
  • Stands upright
2 types of heat settings:

This heating tool is composed of two heat settings that benefit the users in several ways. Aside from that, this tool is quite convenient for users. The two heat settings make it easier for the users to use in any application.

Portable design:

This type of heat gun is all a beginner wants. Vinyl wrapping has become exceptionally easy due to this heat gun. Additionally, this heat gun comes with a compact and portable design that makes the heat gun handy and easy to use. You don’t need to know about rocket science to use the heat gun.

Amazing design:

This heat gun comes with a comfortable handle that provides you immense comfort during use. Equally, you won’t get hurt while using this heat gun as it has great back support, and you can place it on a flat surface after use.

Lightweight heat gun:

It is a lightweight heat gun that helps you during several projects; even then, you will not feel tired as it has exceptionally low weight, and you can easily hold it while you work.

It sits in a hand-free mode:

The heat gun is light in weight, and thanks to its hands-free mode, the heat gun can sit back when not in use, and there are no chances that it may fall when placed on a flat surface. The best heat gun helps you work more efficiently.

  • Best for beginners
  • It comes with a comfortable grip
  • Small and light in weight
  • Reasonable rates
  • Hands-free mode
  • Ranks less in terms of power

5. SEEKONE Heat Gun:SEEKONE Heat Gun

Finally, the last product on our review list is the SEEKONE heat gun capable of vinyl wrapping. Moreover, this type of heat gun can be ideal for many as it performs multiple tasks.

Whether you want to shrink PVC, wrap the car or use it for vinyl wrapping, you can do almost anything with this heat gun.


  • Powerful heat gun
  • Used for wrapping purposes
  • Variable temperature settings

The power of this heat gun is 1800-watt power which is sufficient enough for any work. This professional heat gun for vinyl wrapping is the best investment you can make.

Powerful heat gun:

SEEKONE heat gun is a powerful and strong heating tool that instantly heats up. Even more, within seconds, you can get the desired results, isn’t it astonishing?

Temperature control:

Several heat guns come with dual temperature control, but this one is unique as it has variable temperature settings that an avid user admires.

Dial to change the temperature:

The most amazing fact I liked about this heat gun is its dial on the back, which helps change the temperature settings.

Airflow settings:

This heat gun helps you to change the airflow settings while you work. Aside from that, it also has an overload protector that saves your heat gun from damage.

Comfortable design:

This SEEKONE heat gun comes with a comfortable design. The most interesting fact about this heat gun is that this heat gun relaxes your muscles.

Nozzle kit:

This heat gun comes with a nozzle kit with all the related accessories and four different types of nozzles that make the tool handy. This nozzle kit is extremely beneficial for the user.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Returned within ten days
  • Excellent tool for wrapping
  • Two fan speed setting
  • Reliable quality
  • It does not have an LCD

How to choose the Great Vinyl Wrapping Heat Gun (Buying Guide):

Hence, we will discuss a buyer guide related to the best heat guns for the vinyl wrap. Thus, we discuss the essential details of vinyl wrap heat guns below. Moreover, when buyers are looking for the best heat gun, this buyer guide will be handy. Then, below discussed are the factors that should be present in an ideal heat gun:

Power Capacity:

So, the very first thing to consider is to check the power strength of the heat gun. Because all heat guns for vinyl wrapping have an electrical cord, these heat guns need high power to tackle different tasks. Because for doing daily tasks minimum of 1800 watt power instrument is commonly used. Thus a maximum of a 3400-watt power heat gun can be used for high-temperature applications. Moreover, it contains a motor that provides an 800-liter flow rate every sixty seconds.

Wide Applications:

Thus just like other powerful instruments, heat guns are commonly used for doing DIY or professional applications. Further use of heat gun very light consider as DIY. So, a heat gun is used for removing paints from windows and shrinking cables in free time and used for professional tasks like garage packaging. Therefore best heat gun can deal-professional or DIY tasks.

Temperature Control:

Hence, nowadays, heat guns are used to do different jobs at a time. So, advanced heat guns are designed with a temperature control option. Moreover, some heat guns have two or three options of temperature control. But latest models have infinite temperature control options. Then, we suggest you to must check the temperature control option before purchasing. Thus it enables you to switch between desired different temperatures. The moreover ideal temperature for removing paint is about 500 degrees centigrade. One can easily switch to a task that needs less temperature.

Airflow Control:

Furthermore, the airflow control option is present in the more advanced heat guns for vinyl scrapping. Thus with the help of the airflow control option, you can easily control the pressure of the heat blast. Moreover, it is best to deal with very light and temperature-sensitive fragile materials because it has a control option at your fingertips.

Temperature Scanning Option:

Moreover, another essential factor to be noticed is temperature scanner available or not. Hence it is a sign of professional heat guns and used for professional jobs. Further, it is an additional professional tool that is available with heat guns. Furthermore, if the scanner is not present, purchase it. Thus heat scanner shows the temperature of the heat blast produced by the heat gun. So, it will allow you the most accurate method of controlling the heat given to the target. Also, it is suitable for sensitive objects because it easily recognizes the surface nature in heat-sensitive applications.

Heat Cut-Off:

Thus heat cut-off option is available in the most advanced heat guns. Because it ensures the safety of life. Moreover, when a heat gun is being used for a long period, it gets very hot. So, the temperature supply will automatically cut off. Further, this option enhances the lifetime of the heat gun. Therefore heat cut-off is the in-built securing system that reduces destroying effects of very high temperatures.

Heat Indicator:

Therefore nozzle of the heat gun after work lasts hot for a long duration. Hence it will cause injury when someone touches the hot heat gun because there is no heat indicator. So, the latest heat guns are available in the market with the heat indicator. Thus it will secure you against accidents and injuries by showing the warming color signal. Moreover, these color indicators remain appeared till the heat cools down.

Debris Filters:

So, debris filters are part of professional tools. Because if a heat gun is continuously using on a construction area or any sandy environment dust filter will be useful. Because it removes all dust, sand, and debris from applications like drilling and grinding. Hence all the debris is sucked inside via fan and collected inside the tool. Thus sometimes, it will damage the internal parts of a heat gun. A debris filter is placed inside it, which stops the entry of dust entering inside. Furthermore, this is an efficient and convenient way to enhance the performance and life span of the heat gun.

Stable Stand:

Hence nowadays, heat guns are designed with a stable stand that keeps the gun at a point. Moreover, it keeps the target over it. So, it is used for many jobs, most commonly for molding pipes. Thus many latest heat guns are available with handheld options or strong stands. Further, it is a safe option for hands hand free jobs because it is quickly standing on a smooth surface.

Additional Options:

Thus heat gun is not the only thing available in the box; it also contains many accessories. Moreover, nozzles are available in the market for doing different tasks. Hence a variety of nozzles are available with a heat gun. If not, I must buy them. So when you are looking for the latest heat guns must select a gun with one or two nozzles.

Aside from that, heat guns play a significant role in wrapping the sheets all over your car. It helps to wrap, but it is an amazing tool for removing old and stubborn stickers from your car. Isn’t that amazing?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Do you need a heat gun to vinyl wrap?

Ans: Yes, a heat gun is usually used for vinyl wrap. Moreover, a heat gun is used to exert heat on the different targets.

Q2. Can you use a heat gun for heat transfer vinyl?

Ans: Yes, you can conveniently use a heat gun for heat transfer vinyl. Hence, it is an excellent option to apply heat on rounded targets such as mugs.

Q3. How do you heat vinyl wraps?

Ans: Hence firstly, choose the right film, then remove overstretching. Moreover, warm to start the adhesive flow, adjust proper temperature and angle. In the way heats vinyl wraps.

Q4. Can you use a hairdryer for a vinyl wrap?

Ans: No, a hairdryer is not used instead of a heat gun for the vinyl wrap. Hence, the heat gun and hairdryer principle are the same, but it is not good for the vinyl wrap.

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I hope you have read the entire article thoroughly, and you must have found something reasonable as per your desire. Aside from that, this list has been sorted out after checking and using each heating tool, so the quality of each heat gun is excellent, and prices are reasonable too.

Additionally, I have listed the best heat gun for vinyl wrapping so that the readers are well aware of all the products and find the best suitable product out of this list. So, hurry up and get your hands on any one of these fantastic heat guns that will surely make your work easy and convenient. This article was written to help the readers decide which heat gun to buy for vinyl wrapping.

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