Best Heat Gun for Soldering in 2022

Are you soldering copper pipes? And it’s taking time then select the best heat gun for soldering and make your work easier. A best heat gun is a pistol-like instrument used for soldering different materials. Further, we used a solder that is made up of tin to join targets, removing paints, varnishing, breaking adhesion, and much more.

Thus, electric power is used to form a hard mechanical bond. Moreover, its design is very durable and simple. So, it can conveniently handle with a single hand. Also, it is made up of enduring materials.

Furthermore, the soldering gun has many in-built unique features that distinguish it from the soldering iron. Hence soldering gun immediately heat up and has a temperature controlling option for switching between desired temperatures. An ideal soldering gun can cool down immediately too.

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So, these are the characters of the best soldering heat gun. Some excellent soldering gun products are discussed below:

List of 5 Best Heat Guns for Soldering:

‎1.48 pounds
‎2 pounds
‎1 pounds
‎11.6 ounces
‎1.85 pounds

1. Wagner Spraytech 0503008 HT1000 Heat Gun:


Dual Temperature Range:

We find Wagner Spraytech 0503008 HT1000 heat gun an ideal option for doing household jobs. Thus it gives a dual temperature range of 400C and 540C. Moreover, household works like paint softening, removing adhesion, caulking, molding PVC pipes, and loosening bumps very easily. Therefore all works done with improvement using this HT1 heat gun.

Alterable Settings:

Hence two fans are placed in this heat gun that can control the working of a heat gun. Moreover, this controlling option customizes the requirement of work. Thus alterable setting option is adjusted in the stand.

Hands-Free Jobs:

Thus a stable and integrated stand makes it ideal for doing hand-free jobs. Moreover, it is very easy and safe. Hence it is used to protect our hands and nozzle too from touching the hot targeted area.

Vast Use:

Therefore due to its light and strong handle and corrosion-free nozzle, this heat gun is ideal. Thus this gun is sufficient to provide power for difficult and long jobs.

  • Maximum output.
  • Chemical-free.
  • Balanced stand.
  • Supportive hook.
  • Warranted gun
  • Single nozzle.
  • Short-length cord.

2. Genesis GHG1500A Dual-Temperature Heat Gun:



We observe that the compact design of the Genesis dual temperature heat gun makes it a more versatile instrument. Moreover, it is ideal for varnishing, painting, stripping, softening, and many more.

Single Stand:

Thus this heat gun has a single which makes it more convenient. Moreover, a sturdy stand erects the heat gun on its back easily without any additional support. Hence the stand design is the best option for doing handy tasks and protects from burning.

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Powerful Motor:

Additionally, it contains an in-built powerful motor. Thus used to provide heat within 750 watts and 1500 watts. Moreover, the average power of a motor is 12.5 amps.

Additional Nozzles:

Furthermore, two different changeable nozzles with different functions are available along with the heat gun. So, contain two extra nozzles such as reflector nozzle and air deflector nozzle.

  • Light in weight.
  • ETL certification.
  • Affordable price
  • Immediate heating.
  • Smoky sometimes.
  • Itself damaging.
  • No return.



Enduring Design:

The design of the heat gun is very enduring and flexible. Moreover, it has a comfortable handle which makes our grip strong on the heat gun. Hence, it is very light in weight just 2 lb. Further, a motor is present in it that delivers the heat of 1500 watts. Also, a hook is present for storage and support.

Durable Cord:

We have 6 feet high durable cord. Hence, it increases flexibility. Moreover Porter-cable heat gun is best for cold use due to this high-class cord.

Speed Selector:

The PORTER-CABLE heat gun has a fan in it. Hence, we can increase or decrease the speed of the heat gun with the help of a speed selector. Furthermore, the dual-fan is used for various activities like bending pipes, scraping, and separating wallpapers.

Temperature Control Setting:

We found it ideal for setting the desired temperature for soldering. Moreover, it has a dual temperature adjustment option. Hence, we can switch to the required temperature during the tasks. Further, we can control the temperature between 105 to 1,085 degrees.

  • Light and cozy.
  • Temperature adjustment.
  • Fan speed adjustment.
  • Reimbursement guarantee.
  • Sometimes smoky.

4. Homidic 6.56FT Long Heat Gun:


Sturdy Materials:

The inner part of the Homidic 6.56 FT long heat gun is made of the highest-quality stainless steel. Thus its outer portion is composed of ABS plastic material. Hence, its design is very simple and enduring quality.

Specific Handle:

Thus it is the most attractive feature of a long heat gun that it is available with a short specific handle. Hence the handle made this product handy and convenient. Moreover, with this handle one can strongly grip the gun and do work like embossing, shrinking, and wrapping easily.

Cooling Holes:

The voltage range of a Homidic heat gun is about 110 volts. Then the temperature of this soldering gun’s nozzle can reach up to 200 degrees in few seconds. Thus cooling holes are present for reducing the 200 high temperatures inside and increase the life span. Moreover, these holes prevent things from burning.

Self-Support option:

Hence self-support is the latest option available in long heat guns. Thus there is an in-built carriage for this self-support. So, it is convenient to handle.

DIY Specific:

If we are going to DIY jobs it is a compulsory part of it. Hence it durable synthesis and enduring working made it ideal for DIY projects. Moreover, it is excellent to replace a toaster or oven and used to brighten and harden the clay.

  • Small handle.
  • Lengthy and flexible cable.
  • Heat apertures.
  • Warming tips.
  • Extreme heating.
  • Lower drying power.

5. PRULDE HG0080 Hot Air Gun Kit Dual Temperature:



We found PRULDE HG0080 hot air gun very convenient. Because it operates very easily and is handled easily because of its lightweight that is 1.3 LB. Hence, we found its compact design keeps it upright and convenient. Moreover, it is ideal for long jobs as it can work up to 600 hours

Quick Heating:

Turbofans are placed in it for its quick heating that heats the gun in just 1.5 seconds. Thus, we believe the highest-quality turbofans are placed in this gun make it more reliable for soldering. Moreover, the heat gun has an in-built protection option.

Temperature Control Option:

PRULDE HG0080 hot air gun is ideal for us to do different jobs at a time. Because by using this heat air gun one can easily do the painting and plastic welding at a time. So, can easily use again temperature-sensitive objects.

Additional Nozzles:

Furthermore, this hot air gun has four additional nozzles. So, we can use these nozzles for different purposes. Because these nozzles replace easily. At the same time, we can do welding, painting, shrinking, and wrapping.

  • Enduring Design.
  • Additional nozzles.
  • Cozy handle.
  • United Stand.
  • Heat repellent.
  • Multi-purpose gun
  • Expensive.
  • Fewer color ranges.

Key Considerations for Choosing the Best Soldering Heat Gun (Buying Guide):

Here we are going to discuss the best buying guide for a person. Moreover, we try to discuss all the reviews and factors regarding the heat gun below. Hence when a buyer is looking for the best heat gun one must consider all the discussed factors:

Watt Range:

We recommend that must check the watt range of the soldering gun before purchasing it. Because it is an essential thing to consider. Hence watt range can easily distinguish the difference between the soldering iron and soldering iron. Because soldering iron is available in the market in watt range that is between 20 to 50 watts.

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Moreover, the ideal watt range of a soldering gun is between 200 watts to 260 watts. So, must check the watt range before buying. We observe that when the watt range is high it also maintains the highest temperatures for soldering. Hence high watt range soldering gun rewarm the gun very quickly and effectively.

Temperature Settings:

Hence, we discussed earlier that the highest watt range soldering gun gives you the highest temperature setting. But one thing to consider is that the temperature is controllable to how much extent? Also, the temperature setting option differentiates the soldering gun from soldering iron. Because temperature setting is not the feature of soldering iron.

Therefore, soldering guns are used by experts for their tasks and soldering iron for small DIY tasks. Furthermore, we find soldering guns more expensive than soldering iron because of professionalism.

Moreover, due to this temperature setting option, we can maintain the desired temperature at our fingertips. So, triggers and knobs are placed for controlling temperature. It is an important factor too.

Removable Tips for Soldering:

We observe that sometimes the working of the soldering gun stops due to continuous heating. Moreover, continuous heating makes tips of a soldering gun and soldering rod very crispy and inefficient. Further in continuous heating cases soldering guns will completely lose the soldering gun head conduction ability. So, advanced soldering guns are available with changeable tips.

Moreover, it is the character of the ideal soldering gun and soldering rod that they have changeable soldering tips. Furthermore, we can face the fitting issue on the tip. Hence soldering kit is used to solve this issue because has a set of changeable tips in it.

Soldering Kit:

The latest soldering gun is available in markets with kits. Moreover kit is an essential box that contains all the accessories required for soldering. Because kit contains all necessary setup like soldering gun, holders for the soldering tips, additional soldering tips required for the fitting issue, cleaning cloth, and solder for soldering. Additionally, it also contains other insertions like a fluxing brush instrument. Hence it is used for cleaning the soldering mark from any objects.

Furthermore, we found that some available kits do not consist of all galleons of instruments. Hence in these kinds of kits, an extra space just like a groove is present to keep the things. Therefore these boxes do not contain all the necessary tools but are available in an affordable price range.


We suggest that one must check the flashlight before buying it. Because flashlight consists of LED bulbs that are much shining and focused. Thus in most cases, our hand or soldering can project a shadow on the soldering target. Also, we know that soldering targets are very minute and accurate. Then if one cannot solder the right target it will cause damage to the object due hindrance of shadow. Therefore the LED bulbs work as a flashlight and a focused character able us to work on the desired target even in dark. So, it is highly skillful and functional.


Hence, another most important thing to consider is its warranty if it is less than 1 year meaning this is faulty. Thus 1-year warranty is also not very ideal for low-level brands. Then an ideal warranty range for the highest-level soldering gun is about 5 to 7 years. Hence it looks like minute plastic pieces molded into metals’ latest heat soldering guns available with such an attractive warranty window. Because it is the sign of excellent brands that give us warranty windows.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Can you reflow solder with a heat gun?

Ans. Yes, a solder can reflow with a heat gun. Because a heat gun is the cheapest way to reflow solder.

Q2. Can I use a heat gun to solder?

Ans. Yes, you can use a heat gun to solder. A heat gun is ideal for that solder whose melting point is less than 400 degree-centigrade.


At last, we are ending our discussion on the best heat guns for soldering with the conclusion. Above we mention all the useful features of the best soldering guns. Then we also discuss the buyer guide for the buyers who are searching for a new soldering heat gun. Further, we are assured in our task that these things help you very much in selecting the right soldering gun for you. Moreover after reading all the discussions one can easily differentiate between soldering gun and iron.

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Our Recommendation:

After testing dozens of heat guns for soldering we would recommend that the Wagner Spraytech 0503008 HT1000 Heat Gun and PRULDE HG0080 Hot Air Gun Kit Dual Temperature are best. Thus, both have a 7- and 5-years warranty respectively. Moreover, these heat guns have many additional features, smooth designs, and are available in an affordable price range.

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