5 Best Heat Gun for Epoxy Resin 2022

As an artist, you have many barriers in your way to make your artwork perfect, if you are working with epoxy resin then you must have a heat gun for perfect work. The heat gun will allow you to remove the paint easily; this heat gun will also help you if there is any problem in the pouring of epoxy resin.

In this article, we will review the best heat gun for epoxy resin that will help in creating excellent crafts and other household items. Most bubbles remove easily from epoxy resin but some have to remove with a heat gun. Heat guns are used in removing dents and wrapping paper and in the opening of holes.

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One of the main uses of a heat gun is its use in epoxy resin art, where heat can be given to the resin and this resin can be molded into any form without any difficulty. There are several heat guns available on the market that claim they are best for epoxy resin. Some fulfill your demands and some are just a waste of energy and money.

With great research we have selected a few best heat guns for epoxy resin; you can get enough information about them if you read the article completely. If you have a shortage of time we have selected the best product for you that will save your time. The Heat Gun Chandler tool is the best among all in its features and performance.

Buying Guide:

Essential Materials

If you’re going to use a heat gun, there are a few essential materials that you should have on hand. First and foremost, you’ll need protective gear for your hands. Heat guns get hot, so it’s important to protect your skin. Additionally, wearing gloves will prevent hot epoxy resin from getting under your nails and ruining your manicure.

Secondly, you’ll want to wear protective gear for your eyes and ears. You never know when hot epoxy resin might splash up and hit you in the face or if a piece of metal will fly off and hit you in the eye. Lastly, it’s important to remember that heat guns get hot – very hot. So, make sure your heat gun is on a surface that won’t catch fire. A metal surface like the garage floor is always good, but be careful of wooden surfaces or any area that could cause harm to you or anyone else in the vicinity (especially children).

Also, consider how long you’ll need to use this heat gun. If you’re only using it occasionally, an entry-level heat gun will probably do the trick. However, if you’re using it frequently and for extended periods of time, then a more powerful model might be necessary. The same thing goes for the price – while a cheaper model might save you some money upfront, they tend to have limited life spans and break down easily.

Essential Types of Heat Guns

There are two basic types of heat guns: heated air and hot air. As the names suggest, dry heat guns blow out hot air, which is great for projects like drying nails or sterilizing objects (e.g., cutting boards). Steam heat guns come with a water tank; the steam allows you to bend and shape materials that would otherwise be difficult to work with.

Features to Look For

If an entry-level model will do the trick, then look for one that has multiple temperature settings (lower temperatures are best if you’re using epoxy resin) and variable speeds so you can adjust its power depending on what you need it for. Advanced models have other useful features as well, such as a thermal cut-out switch – it automatically turns off the heat gun if it overheats so you don’t have to worry about your safety.

If a professional-grade model is what you need, then a thermal cut-out switch is a must – most models won’t work without one. Advanced features that are nice to have include adjustable airflow, different nozzles for different functions, and variable speeds. This allows you to use your heat gun safely and effectively in a variety of settings.

We recommend shopping at an industrial supply store where employees can help you choose the best options for your specific projects. For example, while epoxy resin requires hotter temperatures than other types of glue (like super glue), it’s also more delicate after its hardened. So, while the steam setting on a steam heat gun may be useful in some cases, it’s not ideal for this type of epoxy resin.

Another thing to consider when choosing a heat gun is its size and weight. If you plan on traveling with your heat gun or moving from one place to another regularly, then a lighter model will probably work best. Remember that all heat guns get very hot, so make sure to take appropriate safety precautions.

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List of 5 Best Heat Guns for Epoxy Resin in 2022:

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Before moving to the detailed review of every product, we are providing a quick comparison to you that will give you an idea of what we are going to discuss. This comparison will help you a lot if you are a beginner and don’t know how to select a heat gun for epoxy resin. This comparison contains unique features of every product that make it different from all other items on the list.

Without any delay, let’s move towards the comparison table!

This was a quick comparison of the best heat gun for epoxy resin, with few features. Now you must have an idea of what you want and what features your heat gun must-have. Without delay let’s move to the complete review of each product that will help you a lot.

1. Mlife Mini Heat Gun:Mlife Mini Heat Gun

  • Time saver gun
  • Useful for delicate design
  • Heat sink for stability
  • Not good for acrylic paints

Time saver:

Mlife Mini Heat Gun will save your time and effort if you love the artwork. During painting, if you are tired of the hard work that you do in the form of blowing and drying of paints that you have to do for the safety of the artwork. Mlife Mini Heat Gun has a dual temperature range high and low that will dry the resin completely without any extra time and effort.

Useful for delicate design:

Epoxy resins are also used in making large and small delicate designs; this heat gun has a pencil-like structure that will perfectly meet the need of design. Mlife Mini Heat Gun has a non-sliding feature that is suitable for users’ hands, you can easily hold the heat gun and can apply the heat in the proper place and perfect time.

Heat sink for stability:

For everyone safety comes first and it is important for you as well as your family. Mlife Mini Heat Gun has a heat sink that will maintain the internal temperature within a suitable range. When the temperature exceeds, the heat gun automatically closes and you will be safe from any accident.

Not good for acrylic paint:

Mlife Mini Heat Gun has many features that make it perfect for epoxy resin, but this is not suitable for acrylic paint. Care must be taken when you use a heat gun for acrylic resin. If heat guns are applied on acrylic resin then it will give a dull and rough appearance. So, it is better to avoid the use of a heat gun for acrylic resin.

Final verdict:

Mlife Mini Heat Gun is the first product on the list, its pencil-like design is suitable for you to use over small areas for the delicate and perfect look. Its design allows you to hold it easily with no sliding and slipping from your hands.

2. Bubble Buster Tool Heat Gun:Bubble Buster Tool Heat Gun

  • Remove air bubbles
  • Compact design
  • Durable and safe material
  • Hands-free feature
  • Time limit usage

Removal of air bubbles:

One of the main problems that arise while working with epoxy resin is air bubbles, but for this, we have the Bubble Buster Tool that will completely remove the air bubble and your tumblers will look more beautiful. Your tumblers will look more smooth and elegant if they are perfect with no bubbles, Bubble Buster Tool can solve this problem easily.

Durable and safe material:

Now, we are moving to the next important feature of Bubble Buster Tool that is its durability and material safety. A heat gun needs care and caution when in use because it may get hot and may harm you. But with the Bubble Buster Tool, you will be safe in terms of burning because of its inside heat sink that will reduce the inner temperature of the gun.

Hand-free feature:

Another feature that makes this heat gun worth using is its hand-free feature. You don’t have to hold the heat gun over resin; you can complete your work by placing this gun on the stand. The stand that is used for the hand-free feature is already installed and is retractable.

Time limit usage:

One drawback that is present along with so many features in Bubble Buster Tool is its time limit usage. You cannot use this gun for more than 10 minutes continuously. This may burn your hand and also reduce the durability of your heat gun.

Final verdict:

Bubble Buster Tool is the best heat gun for acrylic cup making, with safety and beauty in your work. The only drawback of time limit usage can be overcome by using a heat gun after a few intervals. This Bubble Buster Tool is a perfect heat gun and gives you the best outcome you want.

3. Heat Gun Chandler Tool Heat Gun:Heat Gun Chandler Tool Heat Gun

  • Variable speed
  • UL certified
  • Lightweight
  • Insulated
  • Little expensive

Variable speed:

One of the best features of the Heat Gun Chandler Tool is its versatile speed and versatile temperature control. Depending on the volume of your work you may need large heating and for delicate work low heating will be sufficient. This Heat Gun Chandler Tool has both the feature and work both as a mini heat gun and heavy-duty full-size heat gun.


Ordinary heat guns may get too hot even after a few minutes of use, and large heavy-duty heat guns are large and heavy enough that no one can hold them comfortably. But Heat Gun Chandler Tool has excellent design and style that neither gets hot nor also it is lightweight. You can carry this heat gun to any place without any discomfort.

UL certified heat gun:

This gun has a unique feature that is not present in any other heat gun and this is UL certification of Heat Gun Chandler Tool.  Be careful while using ordinary heat guns that are susceptible to heat hazards and electric shock hazards. This Heat Gun Chandler Tool has UL certification that gives you compete for surety and safety.


One may find Heat Gun Chandler Tool a little expensive than another heat gun, but the price is high because this gun ensures your safety and protection while others are not with this safety feature.

Final verdict:

Heat Gun Chandler Tool is overall a great heat gun that will remove all air bubbles and is versatile in its usage. This can be used for any surface at any speed and any temperature; it all depends on your choice and requirement.

4. Heat Gun Resin Bubble Remover:Heat Gun Resin Bubble Remover

  • Safe hot gun
  • Easy to use
  • Long cable
  • Sink to control the temperature
  • Temperature cannot be adjusted

Safe heat gun:

Heat Gun Resin Bubble Remover has an outer stainless steel cover that protects you from burning if it gets hot. Sometimes voltage rises above than normal level and your heat gun will become hotter than the ordinary level, if this happens connection will be automatically cut off. This cutting of connection will protect you from the fire that may occur as a result of high voltage.

Easy to use:

Heat Gun Resin Bubble Remover is easy to use even if you are using a heat gun for the first time. You just have to hold the heat from a certain distance for two to three minutes. Your heat gun will automatically increase its temperature and this will cause wonder.

Sink for temperature control:

Sometimes the temperature of the Heat Gun Resin Bubble Remover increases to a high level if it is under use for more than five minutes and this results in overheating. Overheating lessens the durability and life of a heat gun, but no more problem if you have a Heat Gun Resin Bubble Remover. This heat gun has an inside sink that is designed to control the temperature.

No temperature adjustment:

Heat Gun Resin Bubble Remover has a fixed temperature that will be attained within a few seconds. You cannot control the temperature according to your needs. This is the only con with so many pros.

Final verdict:

Heat Gun Resin Bubble Remover is overall a great heat gun with a long UL-certified cable that ensures more safety from shock and fire. Anti-slip construction makes your control more firm on the heat gun.

5. Bubble Removing Tool Heat Gun for epoxy resin:Bubble Removing Tool Heat Gun for epoxy resin

  • Dries quickly
  • Quality material
  • Sleek design
  • Versatile usage
  • Short cable

Dries quickly:

When you want to complete your project within time, then you must need a heat gun that also works fast, in this regard Bubble Removing Tool for epoxy resin will not disappoint you. This heat gun will quickly dry the resin and you can carry on your work without wasting the time that you have to waste during drying.

Quality material:

Safety comes first, so your safety is the priority for us. With the Bubble Removing Tool for epoxy resin, you can safely use a heat gun because of its stainless steel construction, and hand-free feature. This heat gun is also light in weight and has an easy drip design that will make its application easy.

Versatile usage:

If you have an ordinary heat gun you can only do the task for which it has been designed. But with the Bubble Removing Tool for epoxy resin, there will be no limit in its usage. You can use this heat gun on every surface and with variable thickness and size.

Short cable:

Every good thing has some con that may limit its usage for some time but not all the time. Bubble Removing Tool for epoxy resin has a small-sized cable that can cause discomfort if you want to apply a heat gun to a large area.

Final verdict:

Bubble Removing Tool for epoxy resin is a good heat engine with a sleek and compact design. With safety and durable design, this material can be used for any surface with the same result as for resins.


No matter how much care you take, you always face difficulties in the form of bubbles. To solve this problem you must have a heat gun that will make your work elegant, beautiful, and perfect.

In this article, we have reviewed the best heat gun for epoxy resin you can view and can select the product that suits you. No product is perfect, every product has some flaws with some unique features. You have to make a compromise at some point and manage with that flaw.

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