The 5 Best Heat Gun For Crafting 2022

Are you fond of art and craft? Now you must be thinking about how to be a Crafting expert. Heat guns are the main requirements of the crafting apparatus. Everyone is familiar with a heat gun, but let me give you a short preview if you are not.

For experts, craftspeople, and DIY masters, a heat gun, also known as a hot air blower, is a must-have tool. Heat guns are well-known for their use in stripping paint, welding, and bending plastics. These handy tools, on the other hand, are much more flexible than just plastic welding tools.

In this article, we offer a detailed description of the Best Heat Gun For Crafting, and you are going to love it. We have collected the best heat guns from the market after deep surfing. Moreover, after the brief selection of proposed products we are looking forward to your decisions.

List of 5 Best Heat Guns for Crafting in 2022:

‎1.98 pounds
‎1.48 pounds
‎11.6 ounces
‎13.1 ounces
‎10.8 ounces

1. SEEKONE Heat Gun:

SEEKONE heat gun is offering versatile features to its users. With multiple purposes, this heat gun is going to be your ideal partner. Such heat gun features are undeniable as it is considered one of the best heat gun for crafting.


  • Brand: SEEKONE
  • Weight: 1.97 pounds
  • Style: Heat gun


  • Yellow color
  • Overload protection
  • 350W Wattage
  • ABS Material
  • 1.4 Meters Cord

SEEKONE Heat Gun review:

Ergonomic Design:

SEEKONE heat gun has an ergonomic design handle that can help avoid repetitive strain injuries. However, it is ideal for shrinking heat shrink tube, vinyl wrap, shrinking wrap, electronics, cell phone repairs, heating PVC, removing paint or floor tiles, thawing purposes, and other heating or loosening rusted bolts.

Power Modes:

SEEKONE 1800W heat gun has a powerful heating element that rapidly heats up to 1202°F (650°C) in seconds. In addition, there are two modes:

  • 50-450°C, 190-210L/min, and
  • 50-650°C, 250-500L/min.
Temperature Variable:

The temperature ranges from 120°F to 1200°F such a heat gun also have an overload protector to protect your gun and circuit from damage. Moreover, these heat guns, unlike other dual-temperature heat guns, have variable temperature control. The black dial controls rheostat-style heating. At the same time, the high/low switch on the handle controls airflow.

Nozzle Accessories:

This heat gun is comprised of different types of nozzles. A deflector nozzle works in a long narrow heat pattern that is directed to the work surface. Furthermore, the two concentrated nozzles provide accurate heat flow is directed to the work surface. However, a reflector nozzle gives heat flow in uniform condition across the entire work surface.

Easy To Use:

The heat gun is considered to be a lightweight tool. At the same time, the instruction about how to use it should be followed properly. This heat gun performs effective duty, and it is easy to use as well.

  • Pocket-friendly
  • Dual airflow settings
  • Lightweight design and ergonomic handle grip
  • Rear temperature dial for extra versatility
  • Overload protection
  • Heats within seconds
  • Takes longer to reach high temperatures

2. Wagner Spraytech 0503008 HT1000 Heat Gun:

Wagner Spraytech is producing quality heat guns for professional use as well as home use. In addition, you can get the heat gun at a reasonable price and become a crafting expert in no time. Such a heat gun is referred to as a Craft Heat Gun, reliable and efficient to use.


  • Brand: Wagner Spraytech
  • Weight: 1.58 pounds
  • Style: HT1000


  • AC power source
  • 120V Voltage
  • 1200W Wattage
  • Yellow color
  • Two years warranty

Wagner Spraytech 0503008 HT1000 Heat Gun Review:

Temperature Options:

The heat gun offers two temperature settings such as: low 750°F and high 1000°F. Additionally, you can find the ideal heat setting for your project by choosing between the two temperature settings.

Easy To Use:

This Heat Gun is durable and allows you to optimize your work with the perfect touch. However, such a heat gun is easy to use, and it has many applications and crafting activities. Besides all, the heat gun is a simple hot air tool that can be used to remove paint, thaw pipes, and loosen rusted bolts, among other things.

Ergonomic Design:

The HT1000 is strong enough to power through difficult jobs and large projects due to its ergonomic design. Moreover, it also acquires a corrosion-resistant nozzle and lightweight handle. The design of this heat gun is unchallenged and accepted worldwide.

Adjustable setting:

Unlike other heat guns, it gives suitable and adjustable settings. The two fans provide heavy-duty and make your project worth it with its effective output. Similarly, the settings are great and provide excellent finishing.

Hands-free Operation:

The heat gun is preferred to handle with care. Although, this heat gun gives hand-free operation to keep your working place assembled. The hot nozzle is protected from touching your work surface by an integrated stand for the safe application and ease while handling.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to use
  • Great design
  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting
  • Medium cord length
  • One nozzle

3. Homidic 6.56FT Long Heat Gun:

The Homidic presents the Best Embossing Heat Tool for craft lovers. A 6.56ft portable heat gun is a great choice to have at home. Such a heat gun has various applications, and you can never deny its uniformity while using it.


  • Brand: Homidic US
  • Weight: 11.2 ounces
  • Style: Handheld


  • Mini Hot Air Gun
  • Plastic material
  • Melts Adhesive at 80° C
  • 110V Voltage
  • Various Applications

Homidic 6.56FT Long Heat Gun Review:


The heat gun is suitable for various applications. This gun has a built-in stand and supports itself from falling. You can secure it on the tabletop with the help of a stand. However, you can use this gun for heating PVC film, embossing powder, and drying paint, rubber stamp, or clay.


With efficient Voltage, this heat gun can heat up in seconds. The degree of heating can reach 200°C within no time. Moreover, the temperature of the heat gun can be adjusted according to the working nature. The heat vents of the heat can reduce the internal high temperature and extend the heat gun’s life.

For DIY Lovers:

If you like DIY projects, this is an excellent device for you. It also has applications on the toaster or oven replacing while the polymer clay will become hard and shiny after using this gun.


The mini handheld hot air gun is made of high-quality stainless steel on the inside. In comparison, the outside is made up of ABS plastic. These heat guns appear with a clean design and long-lasting quality.

Long Cable:

This heat gun has a 6.56 feet long cable. With the portable design, you can also roam in the proposed place due to its long cord. Although, the line allows you with more systematic output while working.

  • It is a good accessory for DIYs.
  • Hardens and brightens polymer clay.
  • Heat vents on the detail to decrease the internal temperature.
  • Highly durable.
  • Built-in stand for self-support.
  • The long cable of over 6ft.
  • Made with high-quality stainless steel.
  • Needs switching on and off to reduce overheating.
  • It can blow up when overheated.

4. Heat Gun Chandler Tool Dual Temp Hot Air Gun:

A heat gun for multiple tasks is difficult to find. But now we have made your journey easy, try a heat gun from Chandler Tool and create your crafting worth it. You can get perfect results with this Heat Gun For Crafts.


  • Brand: Chandler Tool
  • Weight: 12.8 ounces
  • Style: Temperature


  • Small size
  • Blue color
  • Plastic material
  • 120V Voltage
  • Dual Temperature

Heat Gun Chandler Tool Dual Temp Hot Air Gun Review:

Ergonomic Design:

Chandler Tool comes with the ideal combination of compact size, lightweight, and low noise to reduce fatigue on even the most demanding tasks. It’s impossible to hold cheap mini heat guns when they get too hot. Moreover, as compared to traditional Guns, they are heavy and uncomfortable to carry as well.

Variable Speed:

The Chandler Tool’s heat gun gives both low speed and heating settings for detailed work and high speed and heat settings for heavy-duty or high-volume work. However, these heat settings and variable rates are available in only one small and easy-to-handle package.


This heat gun offers versatile applications to its users. It is the Best Heat Gun For Embossing powders, shrink tube connectors, soldering, shrink wrapping, and much more. Although, this heat gun is an all-in-one tool for various activities.

UL Certified:

The UL Certified heat guns are rare in the market. It is not an easy task to find a perfect heat gun for daily use or professional use. To buy a gun for a long time, you should check whether it is UL Certified or not. However, the Chandler Tool is offering one of the businesslike heat guns that are UL Certified, and you cannot challenge its outstanding features.

Easy to use:

A heat gun may be difficult to carry if you don’t know how to use it. The heat guns are designed to handle with care. Whereas Chandler’s heat guns are well ordered and easy to use.

  • Mini heat gun
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet
  • Adjustable heat settings
  • No warranty

5. Mlife Mini Heat Gun:

The Mlife Mini Heat Gun is versatile and offers two temperature settings. The motto of Mlife is to provide affordable heat guns for daily use and serves as the best Heat Tools For Crafts. The features of this heat gun are underrated.


  • Brand: Mlife
  • Weight: 11.3 ounces
  • Style: Handheld


  • Light gray color
  • 50Hz frequency
  • 300W Wattage
  • 110V Voltage
  • Plastic material

Mlife Mini Heat Gun Review:


The heat guns offer Two heat and speed settings such as 200°C and 300°C. In addition, the length of the power cord is 6.5ft that is ideal for detail work or large DIY craft projects. You can perform various tasks with this heat gun, for example, embossing powder, epoxy resin, rubber stamp, and much more.

UL Certified:

Mlife produces UL Certified heat guns. The certified guns are ideal for professional use. However, you can stabilize the hot air gun’s internal temperature with a heat sink for long-lasting performance.

Hands-free Operation:

This heat gun serves you hand-free operation and makes your working time systematic. The handle portion has a nonskid design with a prominent point that easily fits the user’s hand. Furthermore, for cup acrylic fabrication, an extendable bracket allows for hands-free operation.

Easy To Use:

Easy-to-use heat guns with durable elements are not a simple task to work. The Mlife offers you an exclusive mini heat gun that is suitable for any event, whether working at home on small projects or a professional project, with ease. Such a heat gun is easy to use and gives ultimate results with one go.

Adjustable Setting:

This heat gun provides adequate and adjustable settings such as Low speed/heat setting for fine work, or high speed/heat setting for bigger jobs. Mlife heat gun will help you save time and effort. Similarly, the grounds are fantastic and provide a great finish.

  • UL-safety certified
  • Dual Heat Settings
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • No warranty

Key Considerations for Choosing the Best Heat Gun For Crafting (Buying Guide):

Before buying any tool, you should know certain factors that are essential to keep in mind. Each tool acquires individual characteristics. Although selecting the best one may require deep knowledge. We hope to provide you with an in-depth buying guide and important considerations to consider when deciding. Following are some of the components that are effective to remember before buying Best Heat Gun For Crafting;


The temperature is the main factor to cross-check multiple times to come up with a next-level selection. Temperature is the key of heat guns. The running phenomena of a heat gun depend upon temperature. Although there are several temperature settings and variable controls so read a brief description of temperature settings that if it matches your requirements, then the proposed heat gun is ideal for you. Some heat guns for crafts gives several temperature setting, but most of them only offer one temperature setting. It is suitable to select a variable temperature gun so that you can perform several tasks with it.

Extra Accessories:

Accessories are components of heat guns for crafts. There are different kinds of accessories affiliated with a heat gun. Most of the time, a heat gun does not offer additional accessories, and you may find it difficult to look in the market for the components of your heat gun. If you want relief from searching for extra accessories for your heat gun, then select the one that itself offers different components, so you may not surf anywhere for additional accessories.


The knowledge of the durability of any tool is important because you are spending money to buy it. It is necessary to revise the durability of any product. The heat guns produce high air temperatures, their outer material may be susceptible to damage, or it may melt. As a result, you will need to think about the tool’s material to ensure that it can resist heat. You can also look into the added safety features, which will help prevent overheating and allow you to maintain your heat gun for a longer period.

Fan Speed:

The fan speed determines the heat gun’s surface area. Lower fan speeds are better for accurate tasks such as loosening solder joints or removing labels, while higher fan speeds make for more even heat distribution. The surface area of a heat gun with a low fan speed expands as you move it away from the target object, so the temperature decreases. A strong fan allows the surface area to expand without lowering the temperature, allowing a larger area to be heated at once. This setting is handy for bigger projects such as paint stripping or pipe defrosting.


Nozzles are an important part of a heat gun for crafts. There are different types of nozzles, and each one is dedicated to particular tasks. Reducer or cone nozzles focus heat in a specific region. The spoon reflector nozzles wrap around piping to uniformly heat the pipe’s entire circumference. However, the flat nozzles is suitable for a broad, and horizontal line application. Furthermore, the glass protector nozzles strip paint off a window while stopping direct heat on the glass. These are all popular nozzles for heat guns.


Power is one of the essential factors to keep in mind before buying an effective heat gun. The power of a heat gun determines its performance. If you want to cover a greater area or work with thicker materials, you will need a heat gun with a higher wattage power. It has an impact on the amount of time you will use the tool at any given time.


The versatility of a heat gun makes it stand different from others in the market. Heat guns are used for a variety of tasks, from small-scale DIY projects to megaprojects. Professional-grade heat guns are typically used on larger surfaces like walls, metal pipes, and so on. On the other hand, compact heat guns are ideal for crafts such as resin, embossing powder, and more. It is suggested to select the one which is reliable for all of your tasks.

Easy to Use:

A heat gun is a tool with high power output. It means that if you don’t handle it with care, it can be risky. As a result, choosing one that is easy to use with only a button’s push is highly recommended.


Most of the time, people get confused after going through several best products at the same time. We deliver authentic descriptions of each product so that you can select which one suits you best. Heat guns are popular among crafter and DIY lovers. Still, as a newbie or a professional individual, it might be difficult to select the one that is fulfilling all your requirements. However, if you face any confusion or need to ask a question, we would love to assist you more effectively. Although for your ease, we will answer some of the frequently asked questions so that you can get the outcome to select the best one for yourself.

1. What is the best heat gun for crafts?

Ans: The market is loaded with heat guns, and it is difficult to choose one. In that case, the best heat gun for crafts is “SEEKONE Heat Gun,” offering versatile features and legit properties.

2. What is the best heat gun for embossing?

Ans: Embossing is an excellent technique. However, selecting the best heat gun for embossing may be a tough job. But in fair suggestions, “Homidic 6.56FT Long Heat Gun” is the absolute choice.

3. Is an embossing gun the same as a heat gun?

Ans: Yes, the embossing guns and heat guns are the same things. They do not have any major differences. Only the names are different, but the overall functions are the same.


Choosing the best heat guns for crafting is difficult because there are so many alternatives and so many variables present in the market for your project.

Heat guns can be used in a variety of ways, particularly if you are a craft lover. We have a large selection of Best Heat Gun For Crafting. We are confident that we have the right one for you. At the same time, with our high-quality product, you’ll never need to go to the store to buy another heat gun.

The best heat gun combines heat, power, and use, as well as all other considerations. We have the five best heat guns, and we are sure you will make a complete decision after going through the details about each of them.

Now, if you are a bit confused and need positive recommendations, then we would like to recommend you two of the most demanded heat gun for crafts,

  1. SEEKONE Heat Gun.
  2. Wagner Spraytech 0503008 HT1000 Heat Gun.

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