10 Best Grease Gun Couplers 2022

If you’re a truck driver or a car owner, chances are you’ve had to deal with greasing your rig’s fittings and joints. And if you’re like most people, you probably use a grease gun to do the job. But what kind of grease gun coupler do you use?

There are a few different types out there, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the three most common types of grease gun couplers and talk about which one is best for your needs. So read on to learn more!

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A Grease Gun Coupler directly leads to the point that needs to be lubricated from the oil shell. The jaw part of the coupler adheres to the oil insert and locks the contact to inject grease. There is no need to hold the connection for long. It usually prevents damage and saves you from harm.

Since there are a lot of Grease Gun Couplers, then you need to do proper research to find the best gun that combines your work. Grease gun couplers come from several varieties on the market. They differ in the measurement of pressure, style, and suspension. Some heavy-duty couplers can operate under the pressure of 10,000 psi, while others are lightweight.

List of 10 Best Grease Gun Couplers in 2022:

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‎6 ounces
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So, I came up with a collection of the top ten Grease Gun Couplers on the market. Besides, I have discussed some of the advantages and disadvantages of making a purchase. So, let’s take a look.

1. LX-1400-2 Silver Standard Grease Coupler:LX-1400-2 Silver Standard Grease Coupler

The Lumax LX-1400-2 Silver Standard Grease Coupler is a two-component package equivalent to all types of ⅛ inch NPT cables. This standard oil coupler has 4500 PSI (310 Bar) which is the highest operating pressure.

The coupler has four stainless steel jaws made of high-strength stainless steel that makes it strong. This Grease gun has air-conditioning systems. The reason for mentioning this product in the best grease gun coupler list is that it provides an intuitive service.


  • Spring-Loaded ball check.
  • Knurled Body.
  • Flats for Installation/Removal.
  • Small Diameter.
  • Hard Steel Jaws.
  • NPT Female Threads.

The built-in Ball Check Valve built into the spring prevents pressure loss and leakage of lubrication. Slightly pushing action breaks the jaws with a fork. The outer diameter is small which allows for the installation of a break with a simple action. The body of this standard oil boiler is hidden and the flats make it easy to install and remove. The gun compound has a zinc coating that provides the oil compound with high protection against scratches.

Knurled Body:

This gun coupler is designed with Knurled Body structure so that it can be easily installed and removed when used. Due to its Knurled body shape, it is very useful for small objects placed in very tight places.

Spring-loaded ball check:

It has a spring-loaded ball check valve installed in it so that when oil is used it prevents its leakage and helps to lubricate without any hassle of holding lubricant.

Zinc Plated:

This grease gun coupler is zinc plated which helps it to prevent corrosion. Corrosion spoils the object but if the object is painted or zinc-plated it can be protected against corrosion.

  • The addition of a small diameter.
  • The Spring Check Valve loaded spring prevents oil leakage.
  • The heated body.
  • An accurate lubrication service.
  • Coated with zinc (protects from corrosion).
  • Lubricant can leak at times.

2. LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler Locked onto Zerk Fitting:LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler Locked onto Zerk Fitting

If you are looking for a non-disruptive softening experience, then this product is your best grease gun coupler. It has a patented locking mechanism that you will not use in other gun connectors.

If you use it you will get zero leaks, which leads to less damage and oil wastage. The coupler is easy to fit and free from grease.


  • Compatible with all grease guns.
  • Lock-On design.
  • Can withstand all pressures.
  • Rebuildable.
  • Budget-friendly.

It has a unique patent design that when locked in it always protects against leaks. It also has four hard-mounted steel jaws that can withstand high pressure. With this Greasing Gun Coupler, you can eliminate dirt, grime, and the frustration of grease. It can fit all Grease guns of 1/8” NPT as it can fit all SAE and Metric Zerk installations. If the pressure gauge is locked it is not a problem with this tool. It can easily loosen the closed-loop, even if there is a lot of pressure. Finally, it was made into Patent Locking Technology (US Patent 895554).

No Leakage:

Once the LockNLube grease coupler is locked on, it will not leak or pop off the Zerk. The leakage-free feature saves a lot of oil.

Completely Rebuildable:

It includes a free spare seal kit with every Locknlube Grease Coupler. If the seal or jaws ever wear out, easily replace them for free. Don’t waste time and money throwing away and replacing old grease couplers. This one lasts a lifetime.

Easy for Recessed Fittings:

You know the grease is going in, even if you can’t see the Zerk. You don’t have to fight to get the coupler to release. Just push down the thumb lever to release. Hence Recessed fittings are not a problem with this grease gun coupler.

  • Little or no dirt.
  • Replaceable worn-out items at home.
  • Easy to use.
  • Allows you to pump grease with both hands.
  • Keeps your work environment clean.
  • If you make a mistake while fitting, you will find it difficult to press the gun pump.
  • It is difficult to put it in tight places.

3. Lumax LX-1403 Heavy-Duty Grease Coupler:Lumax LX-1403 Heavy-Duty Grease Coupler

This standard oil coupler has many important advantages like a high-pressure gauge, an easy way to close and open, and half an inch short access to get the right lubricating grease. Other than that, the design is simple without a spring pad.


  • Light Weight.
  • Resist High Pressure.
  • Small Thread Size.
  • Ergonomic Thumb Lever.
  • Non-return valve included.

This flexible oil coupler can adapt to manual, pneumatic, and battery-powered grease. The four jaw layers are also suitable for the most common zerks. The maximum size of the final coupler is 5/8 inch. Also, it can hold a range of high pressure from 15000 PSI to blow pressure 22,000 PSI. The unit is easily disconnected from pressures up to 15000 PSI by a combined non-return valve. The sixth ergonomic paddle makes joining and splitting straight and powerless.

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Integrated Non-Return Valve:

Integrated Non-Return valve enables the unit to easily disconnect when the pressure is more than 15000 PSI. It is because the resisting limit for the pressure of the Grease gun coupler is 15000 PSI. So it is disconnected, To cure some severe mess.

Hardened Jaws:

This coupler has four hardened jaws that can withstand high pressure without any deformation and crack. This plus point makes this coupler unique from other grease gun couplers.

Ergonomic Thumb Lever:

It has a unique ergonomic thumb lever which helps in its physical usage. The coupling is a tough task in some couplers but due to the ergonomic thumb lever coupling and uncoupling become effortless in this grease gun coupler.

  • No leakage.
  • Usable with all fuel guns or lubricants.
  • Best for installation at any angle up to 90 degrees.
  • Ergonomic thumb lever.
  • Tough hard jaws.
  • The metal measuring connector quickly cracks.
  • There is no spring in the locker.

4. DEWALT Grease Gun Coupler, Right Angle (DCGG5702):DEWALT Grease Gun Coupler, Right Angle (DCGG5702)

The DEWALT Grease Gun Coupler Right Angle (DCGG5702) is designed for hard-to-reach access to zero input. The grease coupler of the gun usually attaches itself to the measuring jerk in the extension and slide sleeve over the gun nozzle.

Dewalt Grease Gun Coupler is very powerful and durable. This gun coupler is very suitable for all types of applications. The maximum operating pressure of this grease gun coupler is 10,000 PSI.


  • Lightweight.
  • Heavy Duty.
  • High Operating Pressure.
  • Access Zero Fittings.
  • Money-Back Guarantee.

This coupler has the right angles that solve the problem of removing the connector from the adapter and makes bending the pipe on the right side of the coupler much easier. This coupler quickly attaches to the Dewalt fuel gun. A gun coupler is very helpful to handle tight areas. This connector does not fall off while pumping the grease gun.

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Screw on Zerk:

It has Zerk inside at the end. The grease gun snaps inside and the outside barrel holds it on the Zerk. As for the size of Zerk, It works great in tight spots.

High Pressure:

This coupler is very powerful and durable. It is very suitable for all types of applications. The maximum operating pressure of this grease gun coupler is 10,000 PSI.

Right Angle:

It is designed in a right angle shape so that it can be easily installed and removed from the greasing gun. This shape also helps in tightening and greasing in very tight places.

  • It is durable and long-lasting.
  • Suitable for any type of lubrication requirement.
  • Designed for hard-to-reach access to zero fuel.
  • Suitable for use on hard surfaces.
  • It does not allow tightening or loosening of the tip.

5. AZUNO Grease Gun Coupler, 2nd Generation:AZUNO Grease Gun Coupler, 2nd Generation

From lubricating to replacing lost or broken zerks on your equipment, AZUNO has the perfect solution by offering a full line of grease gun products, quick-connecting oil connectors, and a fuel injection kit.

This fast 2nd Generation combines a grease coupler made of Zinc plated alloy steel and reinforced jaws with a gasket to ensure long-lasting performance. Includes blind alignment to help detect oil deposits in the dark.


  • It can withstand up to 12,000 psi.
  • Contains high-quality branding.
  • Suitable for daytime use in stores or garages.
  • It can be used automatically without the help of hands.
  • Outstanding Build quality.

This AZUNO 1/8 NPT is compatible with all standard grease couplers and small grease couplers. It is also compatible with all DIN and SAE lubricants, simply replace your grease gun couplers. It is designed with a unique and patented Retract Mechanism that reverses the inner mark and leaves the outer socket ring wide open, which helps to detect the placement of the zerk in the invisible area.

Robust Build Quality:

Built with premium quality Zinc coated Alloy Steel for day-to-day use in the store or garage, it is heavier and more powerful than any other oil blend on the market.

One-Hand Operation:

The smooth retrieval method allows single-hand operation. When the grease coupler is locked to the zerk fitting, it remains open and frees both hands to use the grease gun.

Lock and Seal up to 12,000 PSI:

Reinforced jaws and a standard sealing gasket ensure long-lasting and stable operation, prevent leakage, and withstand up to 12,000 PSI excessive pressure.

  • A strong jaw makes it different.
  • Attractive eye-catching design.
  • It can do heavy work.
  • Zerk installation is very powerful.
  • Coupler is perfect for long-term use.
  • Hose just wouldn’t work.

6. Milwaukee M18 2-Pk Grease Gun Coupler:Milwaukee M18 2-Pk Grease Gun Coupler

This grease gun coupler works very well and is ideal for long-term use. These long-lasting compounds stop oil leaks and work well in challenging and small environments. On the other hand, it is less expensive. It fits well with the right amount and makes smoothing faster and easier.


  • The right accessory for the M18 grease gun.
  • It is made of high-quality steel.
  • Suitable for use in small and difficult environments.
  • It is very effective in lubricating various parts of the car.

The real head of the coupler is made of high-quality steel and ensures proper lubrication. Hasslefree attachment and removal make it easier to use than other types. There is no need to use excessive power to work with this connector. This coupler is not expensive for any oil and pulls the zerk very quickly – in particular, it is ready for use with an M18 fuel gun. Most car workers use this coupler for various parts of car parts.

Durable and Long Lasting:

This Milwaukee M18 2-Pk Grease gun coupler is made up of very high-quality steel and can work very well. Due to the material used in its formation, it is a very durable and long-lasting Coupler.

Effective in Garage:

This grease gun coupler is very effective due to its usage in different environments. It can be used for very small and difficult places to lubricate objects and hence it can also be used in the garage to lubricate the various parts of cars and machines as well.

Easy to Handle:

This product is very easy to use and carry as well because it is very lightweight but compact to work properly. It can be easily used with an M18 Grease Gun.

  • Can take a lot of pressure.
  • Cheap but fully functional.
  • It is made of high-quality materials.
  • This coupler can be lubricated.
  • Doing heavy work can be challenging.

7. UTOOL Grease Gun Coupler:UTOOL Grease Gun Coupler

The UTOOL Grease Gun Coupler is another option with great features that make it unique. The tool supports both powerful and efficient guns thus increasing its productivity. Weighing in at just 6.3 oz, this fuel-gun can withstand pressures of up to 10,000 incredible PSI.


  • Extensive Use.
  • Hands-Free Greasing.
  • Rotatable Handle.
  • Tool
  • Latest Design.

The ⅛ inch NPT cable works well with all popular fuel guns including electricity, air conditioning, and manual. The flexible 4-jaw fits every metallic SAE grease gun in the market. Additional strong jaws increase the stiffness and durability of the tool. The sealing gasket prevents leakage from the fuel gun lock tip and that is why we think it is a great grease gun coupler connector.

Max Working Pressure:

It is suitable for high pressure and heavy heavy-duty lubrication applications work with 10000psi (690bar) Max working pressure and oil quickly.

Adjustable Handle:

360° swivel ABS plastic handle with a frosted non-slip surface, connect more easily to the grease zerk, and work with the most comfortable angle.

Widespread Use:

Adjustable 4-jaw fits most metric and SAE specification grease fittings. 1/8″ NPT thread works with all types of grease gun – electric, pneumatic, and manual.

  • The grease scale is easily inserted with a zerk wire handle.
  • Compatible with the use of heavy-duty lubrication.
  • Works well with all types of fuel guns; electric guns and handguns.
  • One-year money back guaranty.
  • You may experience difficulty while holding the oil insert.
  • Coupler’s jaws do not go out of the zerk houses holding a gun is appropriate.

8. VARSK Grease Gun Coupler:VARSK Grease Gun Coupler

The reinforced VARSK grease gun coupler jackets and quality sealing gasket ensure long-lasting performance. Besides, it prevents leakage or high pressure.

VARSK grease gun coupler does not let you down in terms of its durability and leak service. Once locked with a zerk balance, it sits and releases both directions to use the grease gun.


  • Multiple Accessories.
  • Robust Quality.
  • Compatible with all grease guns.
  • One-Hand Operation.

It comes with three replacement nails, one rubber accessory, two screw keys, and one 2mm Allen wrench, which can fit perfectly to meet all your desires. It can truly be surpassed by all the other rifle butts. Its excellent installation is enough for your motorcycle, tractor, and other repair devices.

Complete Accessories:

VARSK Grease Gun Coupler comes with replacement claws, rubber accessory, extra screw caps, and a 2mm Allen wrench. VARSK products have a long service life, but to avoid special situations, they prepared these accessories for customers in case of unexpected needs.

Impact Carrying Case:

The enclosed white case is easy to store grease coupler and easy to carry. The internal structure can fix the coupler well and is not easy to damage. They just want to provide customers with better service!

Versatile Use:

This coupler is suitable for trailers, tractors, UTV, motorcycles, marine, and other machines device. It’s essential lubrication equipment for everyone.

  • Long-lasting performance.
  • You can handle the connector with one hand.
  • It is reinforced by heat treatment, premium quality carbon steel.
  • Chromium coating.
  • It will work on any regular grease gun.
  • High maintenance is required if you want to use it later.

9. Lincoln Lubrication 5883 Slotted Coupler:Lincoln-Lubrication-5883-Slotted-Coupler

It works well so it is useful for all installations. Slide the balance of the zerk edge while using. Its strength can work much harder than other shoots. You should have worn a flexible hose while hitting. There is no need to use excessive force to work with this coupler.


  • This coupler with a 90 degrees slotted design allows the use of oil to remove solid surfaces.
  • The 90-degree grease jerk used on it eliminates the need to replace implants.
  • Some pipes and tubes fit everything.
  • It can handle pressures of up to 1 000 PSI.

However, the coupler does not leak into any grease and pulls the zerk easily. This coupler works very well. If you do not want to permanently attach this connector to your small grease gun, you can go to a car parts store and buy a grease zerk and use it as an attachment.

Highly Compatible:

This compatible coupler works well for all hard-to-reach items. It only needs to press it to the appropriate zerk during lubrication. It’s a good way to get rid of that problematic grease installation, can easily enter that area. When other couplers have failed to match, It can handle pressures of up to 1,000 PSI.

No Need Of Excessive Force:

Maybe it needs a flexible pipe while pulling. Without excessive use of force, the coupler enters the zerk without moving. However, this coupler does not drop any grease and pulls the zerk very quickly.

Modern Design:

It is small in size, so it is easy to clean without damage. The 90 degrees molded design allows the oil pattern to remove important stains and reduce the need for replacement.

  • Ninety degrees slotted design.
  • Reach a narrow space to remove vital jerks.
  • Suitable for each fitting.
  • It can take high pressure.
  • Different and attractive design.
  • Have a high chance of dripping.
  • Not ideal for U-joints.

10. Spurtar 2nd Generation Grease Gun Coupler:Spurtar 2nd Generation Grease Gun Coupler

Spurtar is a popular oil blend that fits all grease guns. A unique sealing gasket does not guarantee leakage from the front or rear at a maximum pressure of 12,000 PSI.

Or after locking yourself in the zerk is appropriate, it is not rewarding and will not appear under pressure. Apart from getting a clean hand, you don’t have to hold the coupler while rubbing.


  • Compatible With all Grease Guns.
  • Convenient.
  • Leak-Proof.
  • Withstand high pressure.
  • Upgraded generation.

This long-lasting coupler works with air rifles, handguns, and electric guns. It is also equivalent to a 1/8-inch NPT cable suitable for all Zerks of Metric and SAE. In addition, a leaky rubber seal stays inside the jaw and pushes towards the oil insert when the grease gun is pressed. It is known as a fast-paced connecting gun due to a system that presses the lock and release system; saves more time than a traditional coupler. Additionally, this fast connecting coupler is wide and long enough to reach a very tight area.

Compatible with All Grease Guns:

Spurtar Grease Coupler works with all types of fuel guns such as pneumatic, manual and electric. It is equivalent to a 1/8-inch NPT cable suitable for heavy hand use, battery-operated or air-powered fuel guns, and bulk oil pumps.

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The leak mark appears with a rubber mark that stays inside the jaws and then passes to the grease injection when your grease gun is pressed. It will not leak after attaching the lubrication even to the worst parts. More reinforced jaws, improve firmness and longevity.

One-Hand Use:

There are no longer solid sources. The smooth retrieval method allows single-hand operation. No need to hold during anointing. Lock and release both hands to use your fuel gun. Locked connections are convenient and tight to prevent the coupler from loosening and breaking the leak seal.

  • Unbreakable rubber band.
  • Compatible with all fuel guns.
  • The operation of one hand makes it unique.
  • Lock and release instant connection option.
  • The premium quality of the solid metal.
  • Excessive use leaks oil without carrying.
  • Dividing and measuring are sometimes difficult.

Key Considerations for Choosing the Great Grease Gun Coupler (Buying Guide):

Here are a few factors you need to consider when shopping for the best grease gun coupler.

Max Operating Pressure:

Operating pressure is calculated in Pounds per Square Inch (PSI). A grease gun coupler delivering a higher fluid pressure should always be preferred over others. So, do not forget to check the maximum operating pressure before purchasing it.


Another interesting factor to consider is the length of the grease gun. The gun couplers have different lengths but you should also keep in mind your working requirement.


Before selecting the equipment, you should check whether it offers ease of replacing and use or not. The easy way to judge the usability is to check its features making it easy to use.

NPT Thread:

NPT (National Pipe Thread) is an American standard thread used for piping and other works. You need to check your grease gun to know the thread is compatible. A gun coupler is useless if it is not compatible with your equipment so choose wisely.

However, for those people who are new to this tool, I will take you to the best Grease Gun Couplers I have met and how they can make the softening easier. I will not hide the other cons that I have seen So that you can make an informed decision.


Lubrication improves the longevity of any tool. But it can be difficult without a particular tool. The grease gun coupler, therefore, ensures that you have access to the connection to certain equipment. The leading cause of the difficulty of lubricating is the low maintenance of the lubricating guns which can emphasize the coupler. So always make sure it is always maintained and adequate.

So, after knowing all these detailed features, you can now choose one of the above grease gun couplers and experience the smooth lubrication work. In my opinion, LX-1400-2 Silver Standard Grease Coupler is the best grease gun coupler among all. In case of any query please feel free to contact us.


1. What is the NPT thread?

Ans: NPT stands for the National Pipe Thread. It is an American standard thread mostly used in piping and plumbing fields.

2. Why my gun coupler is not set up perfectly?

Ans: There could be several reasons behind it, but the most common one is that you haven’t pushed enough to tighten strongly.

3. What do I do if my grease fitting won’t take grease?

Ans: Just take out the Zerk, use penetration oil to clean it, and install it again.

4. Are there different size grease Zerks?

Ans: Yes, there are Zerks of different sizes available. The 1/4″-28 thread and the 1/8″ thread NPT are most common.

I hope this article is going to help you search for the best grease gun coupler. Have a great day!

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