Best Exterior Stain for Cedar Siding 2022

Who doesn’t like their home to look amazing? At the point when many individuals consider cedar a development material, they think about that smell of cedar storage rooms, yet cedar is additionally a fabulous siding material for your home’s outside.

Cedar is quite possibly the toughest softwood, offering magnificent clamor decrease, protection, and life span. Cedar siding is certainly lovely, and unimaginably strong. Tragically, it is costly and can be high upkeep.

A great many people who pick cedar do as such for the magnificence of the wood, without worry for the cost and maintenance. On the off chance that you don’t need to stress over the expense of siding, cedar might be your decision.Best Exterior Stain for Cedar Siding

Paint or stain? The most appropriate answer depends on your home’s present cedar condition. Stain keeps going longer and regularly looks more normal whereas Paint offers more insurance and can be a decent decision for seriously worn homes with past stripping issues from past painting applications.

On the off chance that a couple of steps are performed, staining an old cedar siding comes out faultlessly. You ought to consistently eliminate all old chipping paint or colors on the top layer of wood by utilizing power washing. This article will be all about the best exterior stain for cedar sidings

Ready SealCedar Exterior Stain and Sealer– our Top Pick for Best Exterior Stain for Cedar Siding. We chose this among so many other options because we think it has got all the qualities that one seeks in a stain. Plus, the reviews that its users have shared on different social platforms have also played a big factor for us to choose it as our no.1 choice.

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Best Exterior Stain for Cedar Siding Reviews in 2022:

‎5 pounds
‎8.2 pounds
‎1 pounds
‎9.09 pounds
‎12.5 pounds
‎8.48 pounds
‎9.07 pounds

1. Thompsons Waterseal Waterproofing StainThompsons Waterseal Waterproofing Stain

This is a great exterior stain product for cedar sliding by Thompsons Water seal, it prevents damage from water and has very advanced polymers that provide fade-resistant color. The item weighs 9.33 pounds, originated from China. Comes in the color of woodland cedar. The company claims to be the best exterior stain for cedar sidings manufacturers.

Forestalls Water Damage

It stops damage by the water. Water is one of the most prominent factors that cause damage in water. It stops damage that can be caused by the water and does a great job of doing that.

Progressed Polymers Provide Fade Resistant Color

The progressed polymers that it has provide fade-resistant color which means the color will never fade away because of this feature.

Covering Resists Mildew and UV Damage

It covers and resists mildew and also the damage by UV sunlight.

  • Resistance against UV
  • Prevention from water damage
  • Fade-resistant color
  • Not to our knowledge

Final Verdict:

In the mid-1920s, polymer physicist Edward Addis Thompson fostered a recipe that shielded structures from outside water harm. His disclosure became known as Thompson’s WaterSeal Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer and at first, was utilized by structural and development firms for substantial applications. This is the product we advise our readers to go for as this has the qualities you may need for your cedar siding.

2. Cabot Exterior StainCabot Exterior Stain

Manufactured by Cabot in 2012. Weighs at 8.2 pounds product dimension – 6.75 x 6.75 x 7.75 inches. Comes in Cedar color only. Has Low VOC Wood Toned Deck & Siding style and flat finish. It also includes ‎Cedar – 1 gallon, Wood Toned Deck & Siding Stain Low VOC, Translucent as its added components.

Cabot Semi-Transparent Oil Based Stains are for use on outside wood decks, siding, fences, shingles, and rooftops. They are particularly successful on harsh sawn surfaces; and fantastic outcomes are acquired on premium grade timber like cedar, fir, pine, cypress, tidy, redwood, and compressed wood board siding.

Ideal for decks, siding, fences, and trim

It is ideal for decks, siding, fences, and trim, assuming you need your home’s cedar siding to satisfy its standing for life span and rot obstruction, ensure it’s dealt with or stained appropriately and checked occasionally. This product is the most ideal for your need.

Accessible in 5 wood conditioned shadings

It is accessible in 5 kinds of wood-conditioned shadings which is a great combination in its own right if used together. Elsewise, you have options to choose from.

Not expected for inside surfaces

Not suitable for inside surfaces. A clear oil finish that secures and improves wood’s regular appearance. It can be used on the exterior surface only.

  • Water repellent
  • profound infiltrating
  • expensive

Final Verdict:

Cabot stain is essentially the best stain available. it’s expensive however but this item is far predominant than anything utilized previously. The only drawback one may think of is its price but apart from that, it is a super product.

3. Ready Seal Cedar Exterior Stain and SealerReady Seal Cedar Exterior Stain and Sealer

Manufactured by Ready Seal, weighing 1 pound, product dimension – ‎12 x 12 x 13.75 inches.

Color: Natural Cedar

Ready Seal is a certifiable cloudy stain and seal that infiltrates, giving insurance on vertical surfaces as long as 5 years and as long as 4 years on flat surfaces hindering dampness with normal pitches and probably the best oils in the business; mildewcide-fungicide security; and UV assurance. Ready Seal is a business-grade oil-based, hazy sealer and color for outside wood. It is an interesting mix of tar, finely ground trans oxide shades, oil, and algaecide that infiltrates profoundly into the wood to shield and protect it from the components.

Requires no primer

Requires no preliminary. Prepared Seal is most obscure when originally applied. It arrives at its real nature in around 14 days. Try not to apply Ready Seal over painted or recently stained surfaces. Fixed surfaces repress entrance.

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Requires no wet-line application

Requires no weakening or diminishing before shower applications. Subject to or will incorporate a PaintCare reusing charge in the accompanying states: CT, or VT. Not accessible in CA. Simple upkeep – no sanding or stripping needed for re-application

  • No laps, runs, or streaks
  • No back brushing
  • Apply at any temperature
  • Longevity

Final Verdict:

Overall, a fine product including all of its features. Users have reviewed it amazingly well and are a great choice at the price that they ask for it. Totally worth its price, it usually goes out of stock because of what amazing product at a bargain price they are offering

4. #1 Deck Premium Semi-Transparent Wood Stain#1 Deck Premium Semi-Transparent Wood Stain

This cedar wood Stainer is another popular Stainer on Amazon. This Stainer serves two purposes, first, it protects the wood from the damage caused by water or dust, secondly, it also serves the purpose of staining the wood with some color.

Provides Long-lasting Protection

The #1deck premium guarantees long-lasting protection of the wood siding, providing a shield from all the harsh environmental impurities. This Stainer is great for staining softwoods, other hardwoods require more frequent touchups to show better results.

Natural Finish

The best thing about this Stainer is that it leaves a very natural finish on the wood giving it a semi-transparent look so that the realness of the wood and its patterns are not covered. This Stainer dries off quickly to make your wood sidings look clean and natural.

Easy to Clean

Another feature of deck premium is that it is very easy to clean and maintain. It can be easily washed with soapy water and there you have your wood good as new.

Easy Application

#1 Deck Premium wood Stainer is very easy to apply. Even if your wood is damp from washing, you can smoothly apply the Stainer which saves you a lot of time and effort.

  • Gives a naturally finished look
  • Stainer and sealer
  • Long-lasting protection
  • Not good for staining hardwoods

Final Verdict

This two-in-one semi-permanent Stainer and sealer are very popular amongst the buyers that are the reason it is currently out of stock from Amazon. If you are looking for a light and natural stain or your wood then there is nothing better you can have.

5. KILZ L832111 Exterior Waterproofing Wood StainKILZ L832111 Exterior Waterproofing Wood Stain

The best form of wood Stainer is the one that gives long-lasting protection and provides resistance from water and other impurities while maintaining the uprightness of the wood. This Stainer made by the company KILZ claims that their wood Stainer assures all these traits.

100% Acrylic Formula

The materials used in this Stainer are 100% acrylic based which gives a more durable finish and ensures protection from dust and damage.

Excellent Coverage

KILZ water-proofing wood Stainer provides great coverage and protection from the ultra-violet rays. The coverage provided is 250 square feet for the first coat and the second coat it’s 500 square feet to be precise.

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KILZ company Ranked as a Premium Brand

The company is known for making great quality stuff for woods and walls such as primers, paints, and strainers. They have been in business for more than 40 years now and people trust them for their name.

  • 3 years deck and years fence warranty
  • UV protection
  • Mildew-Resistant finish
  • Can only be used on dry wood
  • An be used on unsealed exterior wood only
  • Consumes time for application

Final Verdict

Even though this product is time-consuming to apply as it requires the wood surface to be completely dry and lightly sanded, it gives a very finished and neat look to your wood sidings with 3 and years of warranty so you do not need to worry about investing your money on this Stainer. This could be the best exterior stain for cedar sidings.

6. DEFY Extreme Semi-Transparent Exterior Wood StainDEFY Extreme Semi-Transparent Exterior Wood Stain

If you are looking for a natural matte finish then this product has got your back. This amazing wood Stainer available on Amazon is made up of a water-based material which allows the natural tones of the wood to reflect through the semitransparent layer of the stain. The water-based material also allows it to be environmental-friendly.

UV Protection

One of the greatest features of this Stainer is that it has Zinc Nano-particle Technology which provides a shield from the harmful UV rays that could damage the wood.

High Durability

DEFY Extreme Semi-Transparent Exterior Wood Stain offers high durability. The wood Stainer is composed of high-quality resins that provide a great finish and make your wood stronger than before as it protects it from external damage. It also gives a stain that lasts quite a while even in harsh conditions.

Easier maintenance

If you feel your coat is fading away and you need a maintenance coat then you do not require any extra job of removing the previous coat. All you have to do is apply another layer of topcoat and your wood stain is good as before.

  • Comes with Zinc Nano-particle technology
  • Highly durable
  • Long-lasting protection against UV radiations and other impurities
  • No warranty provided

Final Verdict

This product does not just fulfill its purpose of staining the wood, but it also provides protection and extra durability. If you are looking for something that could last you a while and be good to your pocket then this product is the best exterior stain for cedar siding.

7. Restore-A-Deck Wood StainRestore-A-Deck Wood Stain

This product is great if you are looking for a wood Stainer to add color. This could be used on fences, decks, and wood siding. This product could be a great choice for your exterior Stain.

Less Wear and Tear

This product guarantees less wear and tear as it claims to have deeper penetration power. The wood is fully protected and more durable due to its deep penetration property. This could be a great offer at a very reasonable price as you get to have more protection for your cedarwood.

Different Color Options

This Stainer comes in a variety of different colors that could match the different shades of your wood. The colors available are natural cedar, light and dark walnut, and cottage gray. The color variety makes your stain look better and more natural giving a unique touch.

Water-Based Medium

The water-based medium allows better clean-up and makes it eco-friendly for the environment and the people.

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No Mildew Growth Promotion

We have mostly seen that due to moisture or after rainy seasons we notice the growth of molds and fungus on the sides of the fence or in between the gaps of wood sidings. This causes a lot of damage to the cedarwood. Hence, this Stainer is specially designed to protect the wood from any mildew or fungal growth. It provides a defense against the growth of microorganisms and also protects the wood from UV radiations that may damage the wood.

  • Deeper penetration
  • Less wear and tear
  • Natural finished look
  • Eco-friendly
  • No mildew growth promotion
  • Currently unavailable at Amazon

Final Verdict

Your wood needs protection against not just sunlight but organisms that might grow on it hence this specific product makes sure to provide you with the best possible solution and giving you a very clean finish also. You don’t have to worry about your wood being damaged now as long as you have this product available with you.


Your fence, decks, and wood sidings are exposed to the outside environment all day long. Therefore, protection from sunlight, rain, snow, wind and other external factors such as the growth of microorganisms and wear and tear is very important. The external look of your house plays a vital role in making your house look presentable and clean therefore, we have picked the best exterior stain for cedar sidings from Amazon now we would want you to select whatever product you think is the finest for you.


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