Top 8 Best Drill Bit for Cabinet Hardware 2022

Cabinet hardware is a delicate and costly accessory. Interior design includes decorating cabinets, such as kitchen cabinets. Drilling requires sessions for creative work. Drilling, on the other hand, has a high risk of destroying cabinet hardware. For cabinet drilling, you must ensure a cleaner entrance.

A cabinet drill bit with this capability can bore a hole at a justified angle. Insert the various shape instruments into the cabinet door or drawer to ensure you know which drill bit will fit the best. For example, if you fix a cabinet door with the most components to drill, you’ll have a lot of freedom to customize it.

The drill bit’s tip never gives up, and it produces results in a variety of locations on your cabinets, featuring knobs, hinges, handles, flat or open sections, and more. The most delicate drill bit for cabinet hardware will encourage you and save you money if you want to drill your cabinet. Drilling is not tricky, so you should begin right away; all you need to know is the appropriate bait and how to perform.

On the other side, there are certain limited drill bits in what they can accomplish, such as not having a spin shank or a shank that isn’t straight enough to prevent slipping. You can have a look at the Saiper 7pcs HSS Drill Bit Set for the top recommendation.

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List of Top 8 Best Drill Bit for Cabinet Hardware

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In this part, we will see the reviews of the best drill bit for cabinet hardware.

1. Saiper 7pcs HSS Drill Bit Set:Saiper 7pcs HSS Drill Bit Set


To satisfy your various demands, the Saiper 7pcs HSS Drill Bit Set includes seven sizes ranging from 5/64 inch to 1/4 inch. Drill bits make high-quality material and high-speed steel with a brass body and steel shank: significantly longer life and durability.

Center Drill Bits enable accurate control without movement. Sawdust discharges automatically from holes on both sides of the drill, improving punching accuracy by using a self-centering hinge drill bit set.

In Saiper 7pcs HSS Drill Bit Set, all power bit and fast chucks accept a standard 1/4″ hex shank. Drill holes for hinges, drawer supports, handles, and other components precisely. It’s simple to use and install, and you can change parts quickly with one-handed loading and unloading.


Saiper 7pcs HSS Drill Bit Set frequently uses carpenters, cabinetmakers, furniture makers, and other woodworkers. If the wood is soft, pick a smaller size; if the wood is hard, you can choose a more comprehensive or equivalent opening tool. So many factors influence whether a drill bit is excellent or harmful for cabinetry. First and foremost, the drill bit’s construction material, changeable size, and, most significantly, the right shank shape. Today, we’ll go over five alternative drill bits for cabinet hardware after weeding through many options. You can effortlessly bore several holes with any of them without forcing the bit into the hole.


Saiper 7pcs HSS Drill Bit Set is suitable for large-scale workplace usage and also for home usage.

  • Durable and strong
  • Self-centering
  • Variable shanks
  • High quality
  • Corded
  • High cost
  • Heavy

2. Eagles Self Centering Hinge Drill:Eagles Self Centering Hinge Drill


Eagles Self Centering Hinge drill kit came with a unique four-piece self-centering drill bit set. Quick-Change Hex Shank and 5pcs HSS Countersink Drill Bit. The center drill bit Provides precision. Drilling pilot holes in hinges, handles, drawer slides, and other precision equipment ensure that the screws are straight and flat for appropriate hardware installation.

Set of Countersink Drill Bits for Woodworking. The wood chips are released automatically. Sawdust will be efficiently drained from both sides of the holes, removing the need to remove wood chips and improving your productivity.


Woodworking Chamfer of Eagles Self Centering Hinge Drill can drill a tungsten carbide hole and a respondent’s participated pilot hole while keeping both axes parallel. The screw cap is well below the level of the board, put once. That may change the drilling length for #5, #6, #8, #10, and #12 screws by removing or adjusting the set screw with a wrench. Brass shell, high-speed steel pre-drill, aesthetic electroplating, and 14-month guarantee ensure long-term dependability.

Positioning precision provides the best punch performance; the chips will automatically discharge from the hole on each side of the drill’s top, and there will be no wood-chip jamming. This centering drill guide is essential for adding hinges, knobs, closures, locks, pulls, or anything else requiring centering screws.


Eagles Self Centering Hinge Drill is a good option for workplace usage because of its precision.

  • High-quality Drilling
  • Precise
  • Self-centering
  • Unique combinate
  • Corded
  • Small level drilling

3. PANOVOS Center drill bit:PANOVOS Center drill bit


PANOVOS Center drill bit includes the set of 7 self-centering drill bits for the installation of door hinges. Drilling for accurate placement that won’t shift. The making of the body is of high-speed steel, which is robust and easy to operate.


Set of PANOVOS Center drill bit self-centering drill bits get perfectly aligned holes for hinges, knobs, and drawer slides, among other things. Suitable for the door hinge assembly. Carpenters, cabinetmakers, furniture builders, and other woodworkers usually use seven standard sizes. It is not heavy-duty. Maintain the same separation as we did in the middle, but the difference will be in the door’s side edge placement.

The pilot point readily passes through the toughest woods, such as beech and pine. It may quickly drill as many holes as you desire in kitchen cupboards. As a result, the 7-piece drill bit set assures complete drilling work, whether penetrating cast-iron or wood products.


PANOVOS Center drill bit is a good option for home and personal usage.

  • Smoother and quieter
  • Accurate
  • Easy installation
  • Less speed
  • Less precision
  • Small level drilling

4. Eyech 4Pcs HSS Doo`r Window Cabinet:Eyech 4Pcs HSS Door Window Cabinet


Sizes of Eyech 4Pcs HSS Door Window Cabinet range from 1.98mm to 6.35mm in diameter. High-strength steel drill bit and electroplated brass body; customizable drill depth; improves excellent metal protection.

The Eyech 4Pcs HSS drill bit is self-centering, and the drill can be removed for quick replacement, resulting in less walking and more precise Drilling. Ideal carpenter tool for installing hinges on wood doors, cabinets, and windows, among other things. Sawdust will naturally escape from the rectangular holes in the brass shell, preventing the bit from being caught when drilling.


Drilling holes on tiny hinges and hardware, such as ornamental boxes, comes with a 5/64″ or 7/64″ bit. 9/64″ hinges and hardware are appropriate for medium to full-size hinges. Also, 11/64 is ideal for big hardware such as door hinges, gate locks, and gate locks.

There are some examples of use instructions for Eyech 4Pcs HSS Door Window Cabinet: Please modify according to the wood’s hardness; if the wood is soft, select a smaller size; if the wood is hard, use a bigger size or matching opening tool. The package includes a four-piece center drill bit. The manufacturer guarantees that if you are dissatisfied with the goods, you will receive a full refund.


You can use Eyech 4Pcs HSS Door Window Cabinet for home and small workplace usage.

  • Self-centering
  • Variable-length
  • High speed
  • Hard to setup
  • Sloppy

5. AFUNTA Center Drill Bit Set:AFUNTA Center Drill Bit Set


There will be no displacement in AFUNTA Center Drill Bit Set because of the perfect precision; sawdust will release automatically from the top of the hole on both sides, which will not obstruct the drill bit. 5/64 inch, 7/64 inch, and 13/64 inch are the most popular hinge screw sizes.

AFUNTA Center Drill Bit Set provides sawdust collection functionality. The sawdust discharges automatically from the tops of the holes on both sides, preventing the drill from becoming clogged. You’ll never miss the middle of the hole again if you use the hinge angles as a guide.

Different types of wood require various centering drills; remove the screw and replace the training. As a result, it’s simple to replace.


The design of the AFUNTA Center Drill Bit Set is one-of-a-kind, and the punch effect is superb. Applicable for the door hinge installation. It’s simple to use and install, and you can change parts quickly with one-handed loading and unloading. They’re well-made and straightforward to operate. You may practice on an old board, and you will find it extremely simple to use. This method will help your project go much more smoothly. Metal shavings from the production process are a part of the sleeves of two of these. On a few people, the sleeves were also too long. They look to be in good shape after brushing the sawdust out and straightening them.

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AFUNTA Center Drill Bit is an excellent choice for home-level drilling and also for objects of different shapes and materials.

  • Fast and stable
  • Safe
  • Large serving time
  • No window
  • Material restriction
  • Not adjustable

6. Werkzeug Self Centering Hinge Tapper:Werkzeug Self Centering Hinge Tapper


Werkzeug Self Centering Hinge Tapper has high speed functionality. Because it is constructed of high-speed steel drill bits and has a quenching treatment shell, the Werkzueg center drill is called Center Drill Bit. High hardness, long-lasting, and excellent drilling performance. Routines for hinges It comes in eight sizes, including 5/64 inch, 7/64 inch, and 1/4 inch, to meet all of your needs. One hex key and eight encludes the substitution of drill bits.

Werkzeug Self Centering Hinge Tapper provides a computerized positioning center with an excellent design that improves accuracy and efficiency. This drill is multipurpose because it has a double-sided hole design that allows sawdust to be discharged quickly and automatically from both sides of the hole. It’s ideal for hinges, knobs, drawer slides, carpentry, and other applications. Professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike will find it helpful.

The pilot holes will usually be off-center if you don’t have this tool. With self-centering drill bits, this would not happen. The box is acceptable, but it would be better if the material is thick and cuts the proper size.


You can drill at a modest pace. If you go too quickly, you’ll go off-center, break the bit, or get stuck. Most standard electric utility drills are compatible.

The shank diameter in the Werkzeug Self Centering Hinge Tapper of all center drill bits is 6mm. Most typical electric drills are compatible. The Drilling is easier and faster using a 135° slanted blade drill bit. Please adapt the drill bit to the wood’s hardness while drilling the hole. You can use the little center drill bit if the wood is soft. If the wood is hard, select the larger or comparable one. Use the hex key to separate the central drill bit if you can’t pull it out after Drilling. The pilot holes will usually be off-center if you don’t have this tool.


Werkzeug Self Centering Hinge Tapper is a high-quality drilling tool that you can use for your workplace and home. That can use it for small and large-scale drilling purposes.

  • Fast and efficient
  • Easy setup
  • It has a durable body
  • Adjustable door
  • Not for large Drilling
  • Material restriction

7. Snappy Tools Drill Bit Set:Snappy Tools Drill Bit Set


Hinge Bits of Snappy Tools Drill Bit Set are in sizes 5/64″, 7/64″, 9/64″, 11/64″, 13/64″ are included in this set. Drilling holes for hinges, knobs, draw slides, and other items with precision. Change from one bit to the next quickly and effortlessly. All power-bit fast change chucks accept a standard hex shank.

The Snappy Tools Drill Bit Set is a high-speed tool. Use hinge bits to drill precise holes for hinges, handles, drawer slides, and other hardware. They have a conventional hex shank that fits all quick-change chucks for power bits. The construction of high-speed steel drill bits is elegant. The design lasts a long time. Snappy is a company based in the United States.


Snappy Tools Drill Bit Set self-centering pieces aren’t better than the low-cost Taiwan equivalents, so save your money. These are unquestionably superior to cheap Chinese goods. The primary distinction is that you receive five different sizes with precise collars that suit North American hinges and countersunk holes. The springs are likewise well-made and robust, perhaps a little too strong, given their youth. It’s challenging to push them into the perforations. Aside from that, these are excellent value for money. For North American woodworkers and artisans, American-made is the manner to go.


Snappy Tools Drill Bit Set is a good option for small and large-level drilling purposes.

  • Self-centering
  • USA design
  • High speed
  • Hex shank
  • Hard setting up
  • Not for large objects

8. BOSCH Clic-Change CC2430:BOSCH Clic-Change CC2430


The BOSCH Clic-Change CC2430 bit has a self-centering mechanism that reduces bit wandering and improves drilling precision. The design is sturdy and dependable for extended life and usage in professional woodworking applications. The bit is self-centering, which reduces bit wandering and improves drilling precision.

It’s practical since it includes drill bits in sizes No. 6, No. 8, and No. 10 for pilot holes for mounting hinges, strike plates, and other equipment.

BOSCH Clic-Change CC2430 14-inch power hex shank attachments are universally accepted, including insert bits, nut setters, and sockets. Cabinet and door hinge installation and other precision woodworking applications benefit from BOSCH Self-Centering Hinge Drill Bits. They include a spring-loaded self-centering guide and adequately align the bit for drilling accurate and uniform holes.


According to Bosch’s Clic-Change bit architecture, swapping bits will never be more accessible. The Clic-Change system from Bosch was the first and is still the most dependable tool-free bit switching system on the market. The quick-change bit mechanism allows you to load and release bits with one hand, resulting in less downtime and more efficiency. Because of the self-centering design, it requires less walking, and drill beginnings are exact.


BOSCH Clic-Change CC2430is easy to use and a good option for home and workshop usage.

  • Fast speed
  • Durable and reliable
  • Precise
  • Not for large purposes
  • Fewer pieces

Buying Guide:

So, now that you’ve read our summary of the finest drill bit for cabinet hardware, you’re ready to go. We realize how difficult it is to pick the best option. The finest drill bit for cabinet hardware meets all of your needs and never lets you down in terms of price or performance. This shopping guide will assist you in choosing the best option for you. Before purchasing a product, we evaluate the following aspects to ensure that you have the best possible experience with your purchase.

Let’s begin with the first component.


When it comes to purchasing anything, quality is paramount. We can make price concessions, but never on quality. Although cabinet materials are not as durable as steel or PVC, a sharp drill bit is still required. Because you can’t press firmly with an old or dull drill bit, mainly when repairing knobs. Furthermore, the brad-point avoids another aspect while using thin-lining. Keeping this in mind, we’ve put up a list of some of our favorite selections. Let’s get to know each other. With the best HSS material, a drill bit should have either a cobalt or titanium coating. Apart from that, a flute with a 135-degree split appears to be more effective and suitable. Last but just not least, having varied shank overlooks sizes is an important consideration. But it is not a good aspect.

Material and length

The second thing you need to ponder about is the material. The piece set, which we appreciate such diversity, was the first item that drew our notice while scrutinizing it. As a consequence, every corner of your cabinet will be repaired and modified. The buttery smooth shank eliminates the chance of accidentally falling. The manufacturing of this drill bit is high-quality HSS steel, which is why it made our list. We must also recognize its use; it appears that we can use it to cut various metals, including cast iron, iron, bronze, copper, and hard plastic. Following interoperability, precision while cutting, and usage, we use the piece range as the following characteristic.

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We’ve learned that people adore it because of its multi-functional capabilities. As a result, the more piece drill bit set assures complete drilling work, whether penetrating cast-iron or wood materials. It may quickly drill as many holes as you desire in kitchen cabinets.

Following that, we enjoy seeing the three-step design of it, which makes it nimble and quick. The cobalt content has increased by eight percent, and this compound unit helps to withstand heat. When we combine the two qualities mentioned above, we are confident that it can increase its speed five times. As a result, the investment will undoubtedly pay off for its consumers. Manufacturers utilized 5% Cobalt in the formulation to enhance wear resistance and load-bearing capacity. For fine hole creation, a thoroughly ground spiral groove design clears any metallic dust from the center.

FAQ’s Section:

After looking through the best drill bit for cabinet hardware in detail, we may now presume that you are thinking about specific queries and concerns. We attempted to answer some of them below to assist you in resolving your confusion.

What size drill bit do I need for cabinet hardware?

Ans: The bolt will peel out and break off within the cabinet or door if it does not go in quickly. Just use a drill bit that is slightly bigger than the screw. For regular 8/32 inches screws, the suggested size is 3/16 inches drill bit.

How do you drill holes in cabinet hardware?

Ans: Poke a hole in the middle of the mounting hole with a thumbtack. Allow the tape to serve as your guide. Remove the cover and stick it to the wall where you want the power strip to be mounted. You may now drill the screws straight into the tape’s indicated location. Or you can mark the location with a pen.

Should I add hardware to kitchen cabinets?

Ans: Those are some of the reasons why adding hardware to your cabinets is a good idea. First, they assist the wood in preventing oils and pollutants from human touch, extending the life of your cabinet finish. Secondly, when you have complete overlay doors and drawer fronts, they’re a requirement.

What is the standard screw size for cabinet knobs?

Ans: The preponderance of cabinet knobs comes with #8 machine screws, which are 0.16 inches in diameter (approximately 5/32 inch). Drill the opening with a 3/16-inch bit. For the most part, 1 14 inches to 1 3/8 inches knobs are typical. Any knob with a diameter of 12 inches is suitable on more extensive cabinets or when the user wants their accessories to stick out and seem more dramatic.

Do you pre-drill cabinet screws?

Ans: Drill the pre-drill holes in the attachment strips with a countersink drill bit. Place the cabinet against the wall and verify for level and plumpness, using shims as needed. 3″ hardwood screws into the pre-drilled mounting holes will keep it in place.


Since we’ve reached the end of our advice on the best drill bit for cabinet hardware, we hope you’ve made your decision to get a printer. Nonetheless, if you have any questions not addressed on this page, you can reread them and contact any printers listed. We’ve compiled a list of the finest drill bits for cabinet hardware. You may compare costs and features to create a selection of the finest cabinet hardware drill bit that suits your needs.

A set of cupboard hinge drill bits is an excellent illustration. This drill bit will not fit within a cabinet hinge. It turns out that it won’t leave any scars. Many of us purchase a costly pick, such as splints made of Titanium, but they are still unsuitable for cabinet doors because they clog with dirt.

A good drill bit for kitchen cupboards has a brad point that is inexpensive and has a slight point at the end of the bit. As a result, this location prevents the drill bit from moving or drifting once you start drilling. As a result, we’ve arrived after this evaluation. Hopefully, you’ve determined which drill is ideal for cabinet hardware. Last but not least, never get a drill bit that would slip; this is why it will harm your lovely cabinets. Another thing to consider is the drill bit set’s range. You can choose any drill bit from the list above as long as it isn’t too expensive.


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