Best Cordless Nail Gun for Fencing 2022

What’s better than having an instrument that reduces your effort and time while working on a project? Technology has now been influenced a lot these days by providing us with various options to choose from. So do these nail guns, which were the replacement of a hammer. Are you tired of hurting your hand and fingers by driving a nail through a hammer? Now you can work with lesser effort and more convenience through this well-designed product, a nail gun.

For easing all the problems mentioned above, you need to select the righteous device for your work. For selecting the correct option, you need to do extensive research, which we’ve done for you. This article will provide you a list of the best cordless nail gun for fencing. Moreover, we’ve discussed all the products with their features, pros, and cons for you to make an easier decision.

Technology has lent us this fantastic invention that goes well with any type of project you desire to associate yourself in. So, why not own one of the best among all to work more efficiently and conveniently? We’ve collected a few of the best options for you to decide. If you can’t manage time to go through the whole of the article, we’ve mentioned here our best choice so that you can make an instant decision. NuMax SFR2190 Pneumatic Framing Nailer is one of our best products due to its unique features balancing the value for money.

Top 8 Cordless Nail Gun for Fencing in 2022:

‎8.58 pounds
‎5.9 pounds
‎5 pounds
‎7.64 pounds
‎7.5 pounds
‎4.17 pounds
‎8.5 pounds
‎7.3 pounds

Here we’ve listed below many products that can help you choose one of the best cordless nail guns for fencing.

1. NuMax SFR2190 Pneumatic Framing Nailer

Comfortable grip:

Metal is used to construct this item, which is both sturdy and lightweight. However, it weighs 8.6 kilograms, which can be considerable if you use it for several hours without stopping and your arm is not strong enough. NuMax, on the other hand, has a feature that allows you to transfer the recoil force to your forearm. With this tool, a proper weight balance ratio was observed.

It also lifts a comfortable design with a non-slip, easy-to-grip handle that works both horizontally and vertically.

Possesses Depth adjustment mechanism:

You may need to attach different harder woods and change the cutting depth as needed during the job. Remember NuMax’s depth-adjustable nailers? By twisting the adjustable wheel to the left or right, you can easily alter the depth.

Multipurpose nailer:

This NuMax nailer is highly versatile and may be used for a variety of tasks. Subfloors, window frames, subfloors, and wooden fences come to mind. Because the tool is only 8.5 pounds, it is possible to hold the nail with one arm while shooting with the other. It’s also possible that it’ll be used for consecutive nails. Depending on your task requirements, the device features two trigger modes that allow you to choose whether to fire sequentially or individually.

  • Works fantastic on the hardwood.
  • Lightweight
  • Air-powered
  • Dry fire lockout
  • Doesn’t possess any belt hook


Are you looking for a great instrument to add to your toolbox that works great for home projects? If yes, this beefy device mentioned above has got you covered.

2. PORTER-CABLE Cordless Brad Nailer

Comes with:

The battery in this unit is a 1.5 Ah 20V lithium-ion battery with a charger included in the package. For greater productivity, it also has a deep selector, jamming, and a toolless release lever. You won’t have to waste time loosening the nail gun thanks to this release lever; instead, the clamped nail will come out effortlessly and without effort. The cordless tack also incorporates a depth control wheel to ensure that your nails are sunk evenly and quickly.

No jamming:

With this incredible technology, you won’t have to worry about nail construction. A latch on the nail allows you to remove paper jams or release levers. The cleaning jam lock creates a precise image of the magazine where the locking pin pushes into the nail. The tool is reset when the locking lever is pressed, allowing the drive blade to return to its original position.

This nail includes two non-harmful light crimson tips that are easy to notice. One is already attached to the contact tip, while the other is hooked to the magazine’s back holder.

Powerful battery:

These cordless Porter Cable tools are powered entirely by batteries and come with a Porter Cable 20v 1.5 Ah lithium-ion battery, which lasts significantly longer than NiCad. With a 4.0 Ah battery, you can shoot up to 1300 2-inch nails per charge or 450 pins with a 1.5 Ah battery. You won’t need to buy an expensive gas cartridge because it’s battery-powered, and you’ll save money and time charging and recharging the bus.

  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Value for money
  • No need for a compressor
  • Consistent firing power
  • It won’t help you to work in tight corners.


This device can be a great addition to your tool arsenal due to its fantastic battery and affordable price. Grab the opportunity and step forward.

3. DEWALT Brad Nailer Kit


Magnesium makes up most of the product’s body, making it both robust and light. The product offers a depth adjustment that does not require the use of any tools. This feature aids the product inadequately adjusting the nail heads. It also boasts a tool-free release mechanism that makes removing nails a breeze. This Brad nail set can drive 18-gauge nails with lengths ranging from 5/8 to 2 inches. There are 100 nails in the magazine. There is a sequential trigger on it.

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Safety lock:

The shutter lock is one of the unit’s key features; it’s a security element that keeps people safe when using the nail gun. In addition, depending on the nail you use, you may quickly switch between two speeds.

You can also use the bump position to slow down or speed up the nail exit. If you need to blast a large number of nails in a short amount of time, you can select the greater stroke rate. If you need good, precise work, however, choose a lower-speed setting.


A user pays the most for sustainability. Right? This nail gun is also one of them that will help you work more efficiently in the long run. This nail gun’s stable voltage is 18 volts, with a maximum starting voltage of 20 volts. Like other high-quality nail guns, the DEWALT cordless nail gun comes with a limited 3-year warranty and is highly durable.

  • Efficient battery
  • Long-lasting motor
  • Keeps external pollutants away
  • Easy handling
  • Don’t go well for progressive nailing.


This lightweight, flexible design is 10 out of 8 people nowadays because of its effectiveness and easy usage. We suggest you go for this device as it is one of the most flexible designs.

4. CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Brad Nailer Kit


This Brad wireless nailer is ideal for projects around the house, garage, and construction. This craft equipment is a practical requirement for enhancing your home, from changing baseboards to casting, flooring, and all types of remodeling chores.

Amazing build quality:

A 90-day satisfaction guarantee and 3-year limited warranty are included with this nail. Please contact Craftsman for further information; all you need to do is present your product proof.

Craftsman stands behind its product and its consumers when it comes to quality; it features a powerful motor and comes pre-loaded with a V20 20V MAX lithium-ion battery and charger to get you started. It also includes complimentary 1-1/4-inch, 1-inch, and 2-inch nails.

Easy usage:

The no-mar pad on this cordless nail gun from Brad protects the tool from harming the surface. It also contains several tool-free capabilities, such as depth modification and block removal, making it simple to use. Brad Tacker was created with an appropriate centre of gravity in mind, allowing you to find it comfortable while wearing it.

  • 3 year warranty
  • 100 nails capacity
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Climate resistant
  • Slow charging time


Break your search for an ideal nail gun for your projects. This one is a fantastic option if you are looking for something to carry for more extended operations.

5. Metabo HPT Framing Nailer

Can work with any fastener:

All fasteners in the 2″ and 3-1 / 2″ series are compatible with a wide range of plastic nails, making them simple to use. This item comes with a five-year warranty that will fix it if it breaks down. This device will assist you with any application you have in mind, whether for a wall, floor, ceiling, or floor covering.

Great nail capacity:

With the new Metabo HPT 3.0 Ah lithium-ion battery, the unit can output 400 nails each charge. It also accommodates 21-degree round nails with plastic strips ranging from 2 to 3-1 / 2 inches in length and width (0.113 to 0.131). This Metabo frame nail is suitable for all construction frame applications. Still, it is particularly beneficial for punching work on the construction site without using a tank or hose.

Unique Air Spring Drive System:

Metabo’s Air Spring Drive System consists of a spring and a sealed pressurized air cylinder. The spring is rolled and compressed under the barrel by the force of the battery-powered brushless motor, which gains up speed. The attached piston moves from the bottom to the top of the cylinder when the engine is started, forcing air into it.

When you press the shutter button, the pressurized air is forced out, and the piston is pushed down. The butt then contacted the nail head, causing the gun to fire. All of this happened in a fraction of a second.

  • Five-year warranty
  • Made with aluminum housing
  • Cordless
  • It can easily accommodate nails of 21-degree
  • A bit heavy


The smooth operation of this device is something that attracts the most and is the most paid feature of it. Also, it is a complete kit; you don’t need anything else except the complete kit.

6. BOSTITCH Framing Nailer, Round Head

Depth Adjustment:

Bostitch unusually approaches the task. The fire depth is controlled via a knob on the snout rather than a rotary knob. You press this button, adjust the depth with your nose, and then release the button. It’s simple to adjust. However, there are some safety concerns if you have to keep your hand on the muzzle.

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Build quality:

This device is made of Magnesium, a heavy but lightweight metal frequently employed in the manufacturing industry today. On the other hand, Magnesium is robust enough to withstand the daily grind of working in crowded construction sites and lasts longer. The Bostitch model with the spherical head would not be broken if the hand was dropped once or twice.

Comfortable usage:

This Bostitch nail gun is made to be as comfortable as possible for the user. It has built-in rubber runners to keep your hand from touching the gun when nailing and to give a secure grip. Contractors often spend all day working on ramp guns; thus, weight is a crucial consideration.

  • Value for money
  • Fantastic driving strength
  • Lightweight
  • Designed with Magnesium
  • A bit over-priced.


Grab this device if you want to work with more comfort. We suggest you go for this device as it offers incredible driving strength for convenient and fast working.

7. Freeman PFR2190 Pneumatic Framing Nailer


The tool’s weight is reduced while its durability is increased thanks to the magnesium casing. It also features a replacement trigger that lets you choose between single and contact switches. The driving blade is composed of heat-treated high-strength steel and is meant to last a long time. The tool’s anodized aluminium cylinder and Teflon O-rings ensure that it will last for years.


The tool-less depth adjustment and the no-mar tip of Freeman’s nail allow it to be set to fit a range of materials. Its powerful engine and rigid body make it ideal for burning nails ranging from 10 to 12 gauge up to 312 inches for the frame and wall cladding, panels, subfloors, pallet building, wooden drawers, and fences.


This Freeman creation is lightweight and ergonomically designed. This nail is relatively easy to use. Even if you use it for a long time, you will not have arm tiredness. The magnesium body of the Freeman helps it to be lighter than most strong nail guns.

  • It goes well with every type of material
  • Rust-free magazine
  • Easy usage
  • Fairly priced
  • A bit heavier


This device is designed for those professionals struggling with nails every day on their job. Freeman is well known for its manufacturing of quality materials.

8. Hitachi NT1850DE 18V Cordless Brad Nailer

Amazing Ergonomics:

The ergonomic design of this nailer ensures that it is well-balanced and portable. When the gadget is not in use, it contains a security feature that allows you to lock it. It prevents accidental nail loosening, which can be pretty dangerous. In addition, there is an LED light function that allows you to see clearly in low light.

Shooting Power:

Another topic of contention is the device’s direction. It can blast roughly 1650 nails on a single charge, making it one of the most powerful nail guns in the fencing world.

However, it is not appropriate for pressing nails longer than 2 inches, which can be an issue for those working on a variety of tasks. Aside from this one-of-a-kind flaw, the Hitachi 18V has all the other qualities that make your job more precise and remarkable.

Battery Powered:

When using batteries, this nail gun towers over the rest of the nails. It is powered by a Slide lithium-ion battery with a high capacity (3.0 Ah). This battery is 6 kilograms lighter and 6 centimeters shorter than a typical 3.0 Ah battery, making the tool more portable and convenient to use.

  • Quicker operation
  • Fantastic ergonomics
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Value for money
  • A bit bulky


This nail gun can meet the needs of any category due to its versatile nature. The well-known name ‘Hitachi’ has showered its blessing upon construction workers by providing them with this well-designed device in a very reasonable amount.

Buying Guide:

After going through this article, you learned enough information about nail guns and their best features. Right. All the option mentioned in this article above is worth considering and are trustworthy so you can now move ahead in deciding. But always make sure to look for the specific features when initiating to invest in some device.

Remember: approaching the right decisions requires detailed research regarding your desired product. So, if you are new to this field and don’t want to waste your money on something not worth it, you must read our buying guide. This guide and its features mentioned will let you reach a quicker decision without regrets in the end. Afterward, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions too.

Power source:

This feature is the important one to look for. Because the power source of a nailer determines the tool’s mobility and the type of work it can handle. For example, a pneumatic nailer drives nails using pressurized air from a compressor. And a cordless nail gun offers greater mobility than corded or pneumatic models. A battery-powered nail gun has a quick startup time but doesn’t have as much driving power as a pneumatic nail gun.


Keep an eye out for the length of the warranty offered by a manufacturer. Most brands will come with a one-year limited warranty, but specific tools go above and beyond. There is a wide range of nailers that include a five-year limited warranty or even more.

Type of nail gun:

The type of nail is essential to look for as there are many types, and all are associated with specified functions. You must first analyze your work and then look for what type of nail gun will perform this task. There are nine types of nail guns in total.


1. What kind of nail gun do I use for fencing?

Ans: Installing a fence is very similar to framing a building, so you need to collect accurate measurements and a solid foundation to succeed in your work. A siding coil nail gun will be a perfect match if you are looking for a product to carry on your fencing work. This nailer has the potential to fire ring shank nails above 2 to ½ inches long. A framing nailer can also help you in installing a fence.

2. Can I use a finish nailer for fencing?

Ans: No, you can’t go for a framing nail while fencing, nor you can choose a brad nailer. Because these nailers are meant to be for smaller projects, so their diameter is too small. These nailers are more inclined towards interior trim, cabinetry, hanging the picture on a wall, etc.

3. Are screws better than nails for fencing?

Ans: Both screws and nails have their pros and cons but can be used for wood fencing. Yes, screws are better than a nail due to their longevity and strength. These fasteners can be reused more times than a nail because they don’t bend if they are removed and can be reused.

4. How do I choose a good nail gun?

Ans: First things first, you have to look for your work’s type. For example, if you desire to have a nailer for crown moulding, a small body nail gun would be a perfect fit. You can also look for large body nail guns, which include roofing and framing nailers. In short, the size of the nails you want to drive in your workpiece matters a lot.

5. Which is better, brad nail or finish nailer?

Ans: This debate is always the talk of the town, but it is no wrong if we say that finish nailers overtook brad nailers. Both of them are important when working, but we suggest you choose finish nailers if you are given a choice between them. A brad nailer can only give your project a finishing touch, but a finish nailer is actually associated with the actual work.


Now that all the worth-considering options are defined in front of you, you can step up the game of your workpiece. Select any of the products mentioned above as these are the ones you can trust and can invest in. Thoroughly read our list of the best cordless nail gun for fencing so that you can select one device for your construction.

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