Best Air Grease Gun 2022

A grease gun holds a significant place if most of your work is related to machinery. And if you are not a mechanic or your appointment is not related to machines by any means still, you will surely need a best-featured grease gun for household appliances.

Types of Grease Guns:

There are mainly three types of grease guns.

1. Manual grease gun:

It is also known as a lever gun. It consists of a mechanism that is operated manually by a person doing greasing. This gun does not need any external device or force. In this type of gun, The personal power of a person determines the pressure of grease. The grease flow can be controlled by the person itself, which is best for small and tight fittings. The more force the user adds to the trigger, the more high-pressure grease is released.

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2. Hand Pump Grease Gun:

It is almost similar to manual grease guns despite one feature that helps differentiate between manual and hand pump grease guns. These guns have a separate mechanic trigger that allows the flow of grease. It is more likely similar to pistols. Hence, it is also called a pistol grip grease gun.

When enough pressure is applied manually, then this trigger works. It doesn’t require much squeezing from hands, and a person only needs to press the trigger with full force. The rest of the work of lubrication is done by the mechanical trigger itself. This gun is said to be somewhere in between manual firearms and fully automatic guns.

3. Pneumatic grease gun:

It is also known as air pressure grease guns. These guns have the most demand in the market as compared to the other types. The pressure applied to grease the object is delivered by the air compressor attached to it. These guns are fully automatic and do not require any manual support or force. It has a mechanical system of applying pressure through the hose.

The pressure exerted from this gun is much higher and extra than the manual and hand pump guns. This gun is convenient and easy to use as it doesn’t require much effort, unlike the other two types. If you need a grease gun for professional usage and regular work. These guns are best for industrial purposes and professional uses. It can grease ample space in less time and with less effort.

List of 7 Best Air Grease Gun in 2022:

‎5.6 pounds
‎3.64 pounds
‎4.14 pounds
‎14.8 pounds
‎5.34 pounds
‎3.97 pounds
‎36.9 pounds

1. Lincoln 1162 Fully Automatic Heavy Duty Pneumatic Grease Gun:

This grease gun includes a 30-inch hose with high pressure to lubricate any tool within no time, also with a completely automatic operation. This is the best pneumatic grease gun.


  • Brand: Lincoln
  • Style: Pneumatic
  • Weight: 5.6 pounds


  • 1 year warranty
  • Air operated
  • LIN1162 model
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Comes with air bleeder valve

Lincoln 1162 Fully Automatic Heavy Duty Pneumatic Grease Gun Review:

Automatic operation:

This gun’s fully automatic operation provides a nonstop neutral flow of grease to the targeted part. You don’t have to check the flow continuously while performing lubricant tasks.

Controlled grease:

A limited and neutral amount of grease is squeezed from the gun with the help of a speed trigger to prevent any overflow or to stop extra oil from coming out of the gun to do more damage to the machine.

Easy to clean:

After completing your work, the most trouble-making task is to clean the object from the inside out. You don’t have to worry anymore about removing the stubborn dirt and leftover grease from the grease gun after usage. The accessible check valve is designed to ease contaminated cleaning grease so that you can use a clean and fresh grease gun next time also.

30-inch hose:

This 30-inch-long hose with extreme pressure makes it perfect for tight lubricating spaces and small holes.

Ergonomic design:

Its ergonomic design gives you a comfortable and convenient operation without hurting your hands and fingers. The rubber grip is specially designed to care for your easiness and comfort.

  • Fully automated
  • comfortable grip of the gun
  • Priming is too easy
  • Durable construction
  • advanced design for excellent performance
  • Loading is a little hard

2. AZUNO Pneumatic Grease Gun:

This metallic grease gun with bulk filling and cartridge filling makes your task much more accessible with its extra air compressor pressure. It is perfect for big machines and appliances to remove the tension and fatigue between the layers.


  • Brand: AZUNO
  • Style: pneumatic
  • Weight: 3.64 pounds


  • It is a quick-release coupler
  • It comes in ergonomic design
  • It consists of three ways loading
  • The Exterior surface is textured
  • It has a high suction capacity

AZUNO Pneumatic Grease Gun Review:

3 filling ways:

There are 3 ways to fill this grease gun. It can be filled by suction or bulk filling or with the help of grease cartridges.

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Smooth grip:

The rubber grip with a perfect small no slippery handle is an ideal solution for making your lubricant operation extra comfortable without continuous slipping of the gun from hands doing meaningful work. It can be a dangerous thing if a gun slides from your hands.

Trapped air:

After using the grease gun, the main problem is caused by the trapped air inside the gun, which makes it very difficult to use next time, or trapped air for too long can damage the inner system. An air vent valve is designed to solve this problem. With the help of this feature, the trapped air can easily burst out through the nozzle.

Large spaces:

This gun is the best option if you want to grease some large spaced items or machines. It provides friction-free smooth lubrication without causing any fatigue.

Air pressure:

This gun’s air compressor pressure is about 30 PSI to 150 PSI, delivering up to 6000 PSI.

  • Quickly loaded and put into place
  • Multi-functional
  • The o-seal does not leak
  • Non-slippery rubber grip
  • Loaded three-ways
  • Ergonomic design that is comfortably held
  • wide outer diameter
  • Low-level PSI

3. LockNLube Dual-Shot Pneumatic Grease Gun:

This pneumatic grease gun is unique with its double mode feature and long hose, and long-time warranty. Its grease coupler makes it easy to clean and can be handled easily.


  • Brand: LockNLube
  • Style: pneumatic
  • Weight: 5 pounds


  • Dual delivery mode
  • It is an Upgraded grease gun.
  • The flow rate of this gun is 5 oz.

LockNLube Dual-Shot Pneumatic Grease Gun Review:

Single shot:

This gun can give a continuous flow of grease till the completion of the task without any default. The other unique quality is that you can also provide a single grease shot to any spot if you want some specific point to be greased. You are switching to one site shot by turning the knob to the other side.


It prevents the leakage of extra grease, which makes it safer to use. Its features and accessories are durable and reliable. You can use it as much you want, just wipe out the extra grease and make it fresh to use every subsequent time.

Long hose:

The primary function of a grease gun depends on its hose. The longer the hose, the more lubrication can be done conveniently. This grease gun possesses a 30-inch-long hose with quality and flexibility.


The weight of this gun is very light. It is 5 pounds in weight only. It is easy to carry and use.

No leakage:

This coupler does not leak under high pressure. It is convenient and ultimately versatile in structure. You can use this gun on industrial plants also.

  • Has 2 application modes, including continue and single shot
  • 2 loading methods includes cartridge and loading
  • Has filler nipple & bleeder value
  • firmly constructed
  • continue automated operations
  • It’s a bit hard to control.

4. DEWALT (DCGG571M1) 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun:

DEWALT brand is well-known for its products in lubrications. All professionals and ordinary people trust it for their household lubricants for years. This cordless gun possesses high pressure, and it is very suitable to lubricate big spaces at a single time.


  • Brand: DEWALT
  • Style: grease gun
  • Weight: 14.8 pounds


  • It is yellow
  • The material used in this gun is plastic
  • It has a pattern of gun
  • The power source is a battery
  • 1400 inch-pounds torque.

DEWALT (DCGG571M1) 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun Review:

Maximum flow:

This grease gun guarantees the maximum flow of 10000 air pressure. This much intense air pressure can be beneficial to lubricate large spaces in a short period. It can cover total volume with this air pressure in a minimum time.

LED light:

LED light is a feature that is not common in many grease guns, but it holds a special place for its importance. With LED light, the process can be done much more effectively and efficiently when the light directly hits the target, which is to be greased off. It is best if you want any specific part to be greased and not like it all over the machine.

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Speed trigger:

Having advanced features in high flow doesn’t mean that you cannot use them for small and limited spaces. The speed trigger is attached to it to prevent the overflow and meet your requirement of a small spot greasing operation. As well, it is the air-operated grease gun in the market. You can pull the trigger, and the flow will stop instantly without shedding a single drop of grease after pressing the trigger.

Pump filter:

A pump filter is also attached to it, which pulls all the dirt and leftover grease after the operation. It can remove the grease from the gun, even from the minute parts.

  • High-volume pump
  • High-flow applications
  • Excellent hose length
  • Led light assists in locating
  • Precise control of the grease flow
  • Clogged grease settings
  • The battery is absent from package

5. OTC 2310 Air Operated Grease Gun:

This air-operated gun is from the most famous brand OTC. Their products undoubtedly come on the list of best products in the market. This grease has unique features with an aluminum head and a long hose with a pressure of about 4800 PSI, much higher than some other grease guns in the market.


  • Brand: OTC store
  • Style: gun
  • Weight: 5.34 pounds


  • Long cord
  • User friendly
  • Advanced design

OTC 2310 Air Operated Grease Gun Review:


This gun has versatile features. It is easy to use and operate. There is no need for any helper while using this gun. This is the unique air compressor grease gun.

Aluminum head:

The top of this grease gun is made up of aluminum with a heavy-duty die-cast.

Pumping chamber:

It possesses an extra-large pumping chamber ideal for substantial grease fittings in industries in short and minimum time.


Several accessories come along with the packaging at the same price. A 6 inches long bent extension made up of steel, 24 inches of long hose for high pressures

and three slim jaw couplers.


The weight of this gun is 5.34 pounds. It is considered a lightweight gun. You can carry this gun easily.

  • Larger pumping chamber
  • Leakage proof system
  • automatic air brakes
  • User-friendly handling system
  • stainless steel extension grease hose
  • Affordable price
  • Bit heavier

6. Ampro A3710 Air Grease Gun:

Amro is a brand famous for its reliability and durability in industrial products. This time, Ampro comes up with a perfect grease gun for industrial purposes, which is trusted and praised by almost all professionals.


  • Brand: Ampro
  • Weight: 3.4 pounds


  • One handle is included in the package.
  • The measurement system is a metric.
  • One year warranty

Ampro A3710 Air Grease Gun Review:

3- ways filling:

This grease gun can be loaded with three different methods. You can choose any way of your choice. Three filling methods include filter pump, bulk, and cartridge.

Vent valve:

A vent valve is also attached to it to remove any gas trapped inside the gun. The removal of trapped air can be done fast from this valve. This is a


A sharp nozzle with smooth edges is attached at the end of the gun. This nozzle deposits the grease at a very proper place without splashing grease outside.


The pressure delivered by it is 1200 to 6000 PSI, ideal for large greasing applications and penetrating the grease. The air pressure is about 3600 PSI. The size of the air inlet is ¼ -inch National pipe thread.


The hose of this grease gun is not much longer than the other guns, but it can do fillings accurately without any damage.

  • Releases trapped air pockets
  • Easy loading
  • Excellent level of pressure
  • Throughout comfortably
  • Low-quality connector
  • Nipple malfunctions connect quickly

7. BestEquip Portable 20L Grease Pump Set:

When talking about greasing stuff, the tool used for high-level greasing is a whole pump set. It can cover large spaces, and it is used frequently in automobiles, industries, machines to lubricate their parts. The same goes for the BestEquip grease pump set.


  • Brand: bestEquip store
  • Weight: 36.9 pounds


  • Manufactured as grease pump
  • Grease Output is 0.85L/Min.
  • Transmission Pressure is 30-40MPa.

BestEquip Portable 20L Grease Pump Set Review:


Unlike other heavy and hard-to-carry grease pumps, this grease pump is easy to carry and doesn’t have a considerable weight, making you worry about transporting it here and there. It is portable and convenient to use, as the name already suggests.


The air vent and gasket are present inside the lid. This particular attachment’s primary purpose is to prevent any leakage that can cause any harm afterward, especially in commercial areas. It is also used to protect the pump from getting any dust or dirt inside the pump.

Zinc Alloy:

This grease pump is uniquely designed with zinc alloy along with the coating of chrome it. This is the best air-powered greased gun.


The pumps usually have higher pressure than guns. This grease pump has a force of 50:1 ratio with an air pressure of 0.6-0.8Mpa. It has a 5-gallon capacity.


The hose length of this pump is 20 Ft. Which is more than usual. It is a hydraulic hose.

  • 5-gallon grease capacity
  • strong constructed gun
  • Convenient power regulation
  • Leak and spill-proof gun
  • Efficient power consumption
  • Occupy large space
  • Difficult to remove coupler

Key Considerations for Choosing the Best Air Grease Gun (Buying Guide):

When selecting a grease gun, you should check all the features and accessories a gun possesses. Your money has worth it, don’t waste it on something too costly with useless functions and poor quality.

We are here to guide you exactly on how to buy a grease gun for your use, be it a professional life need or a daily life need. You should consider these features before buying any gun in the market. Before considering the features, you must know all the types of grease guns available in the market. You can select any one of your interests.

Before using these kinds of guns, make sure to consult a professional and experienced person who is well aware of these guns’ pros and cons.? Take complete and clear guidance from them regarding every minute detail of the gun. First, learn how to use it, then make it a part of your daily life. If not handled properly and carefully, these guns can do colossal damage and are said to be unsafe.

Read the manual given along with the gun. Follow the instructions correctly that are mention on it.


Determining the pressure before finalizing a grease gun for yourself is very important. The application and working of a grease gun depend on its force. If you want a grease gun for large spaces and volumes, you should consider a gun with intensely high pressure. Grease guns can do the work with high-pressured handguns quickly and easily for larger applications. Many guns in the market offer force up to 10000; consider the guns mentioned above with this count of pressure.

Cleaning tools:

If you want a grease gun for regular and long-term purposes, you should invest in something that can provide you maximum comfort. Prefer guns with convenient cleaning property of leftover grease from the gun’s small parts after the application.

Cartridge Capacity:

If you need a grease gun for continuous and extensive purposes, you should consider a gun with a high cartridge-consuming capacity. If a gun’s cartridge capacity is too low, you have to fill the grease after every use, which can be a lot of time-consuming. The market is pack with colossal cartridge capacity guns. Use them more often without the trouble of loading them with grease continuously.

Hose length:

If you are looking for a grease gun to fix the machines’ friction, you should choose something that offers you comfort while greasing the small and tight parts. Guns with a longer hose can overcome this problem. A long hose can make the grease filling process much more manageable with its length and flexibility to tighten small parts.


You should first check carefully the details about the lubricant quantity released in a single stroke. This thing can prevent over greasing and damaging the machine. Many guns indicate when the greasing process completes.


The specific thing to consider before buying any product is its price. Buy a grease gun under your budget. Many guns in the market are highly priced but still give poor results. Simultaneously, some guns are under the store and provide the same or even better results than the costly guns.

Your money has worth it, and we care for it. Try to buy a grease gun by considering all these factors and features, and you will surely get the best grease gun for yourself.

Grease guns are included in our daily lives to remove the friction from different machine layers to prevent any damage. There are lots of grease guns with unique and extra excellent features available in the market. To select one grease gun among them after reviewing all of them one by one can be a little tough and much more time-consuming.


Now, after a detailed review of each grease gun, we hope everything is crystal clear. You can choose the perfect gun for you. Instead, if you face any confusion or a question in your mind, we are here to assist you.

1. What is the best air grease gun?

Ans: The best air grease gun is the Lincoln 1162 Fully Automatic Heavy Duty Pneumatic Grease Gun. This gun has versatile features, and you can use it easily.

2. How many PSI does a grease gun produce?

Ans: A typical grease gun produces 7,5000 to 15,000 PSI. It is a standard pressure.

3. What is a pneumatic grease gun?

Ans: A pneumatic grease gun is Air-powered with hoses directing compressed air to the gun, with the air pressure pushing the grease through the aperture.

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Demand for portable grease guns is increasing rapidly because of the frequent use of greasing in machines. Machines have consumed an important place in our lives; hence, their maintenance is also our responsibility. To grease the machine perfectly without any default, you will need the best air grease gun. To overcome your worry about choosing the best product, we have made a whole list of best-selling guns.

The products mentioned above are safe and easy to use and tested. Many guns in the above list are under the budget, and anyone can purchase them for their home use. There is no need to spend a large amount of money for greasing and lubrication purposes. We hope that our detailed review with their pros and defects will help you find the best gun for yourself, which can meet all your requirements. But if you need our recommendations, we would like to recommend you two best grease guns,

  1. Lincoln 1162 Fully Automatic Heavy Duty Pneumatic Grease Gun
  2. AZUNO Pneumatic Grease Gun

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