Top 5 Best 3 Oz. Grease Gun For 2022

Are you trying to grease your equipment or car with your hands? Or does your equipment deteriorate after constant use? If this happens to you, you will need a 3 oz Grease gun to grease the parts of the machine without making any waste. A mini grease gun is a great tool that is useful for all storage, personal or business. Everyone wants to have grease in their proportions. Not only is it a necessary tool but it is also very important in reducing your machine or equipment.

Because without proper lubrication on the moving parts, the mechanical parts will dry out and cannot last long. A good grease gun is a widely used tool not only in the garage or workshop but also in many industries, including automotive, construction, and agriculture, and also excellent for DIY projects.

It allows you to pump the right amount of grease to any moving part with a limited volume in the required areas. A good grease gun can simplify your job as a car mechanic. Never choose the wrong grease gun as it can tear down your parts when you need them most.

You will find different types of 3 oz grease guns while you are searching in the market. So here is the list of the five best 3 oz grease guns in this list.

List of 5 Best 3 Oz Grease Guns in 2022:

‎0.16 ounces
‎9.6 ounces
‎3 ounces
‎3 ounces

1. Lumax LX-1172 Black Mini-Pistol Grip Grease Gun with 3 oz Cartridge:

The first best 3 oz the grease gun on our list is Lumax (lx-1172). This black mini-pistol grip pistol is small, compact, and lightweight, making it ideal for hard-to-reach areas. It is also suitable for the automotive industry, hardware industry, RV systems, and farm applications. High-quality plastic and metal products have a unique, heavy, cast-alloy head, which makes them durable.


  • Contoured Lever.
  • Nondrip cap.
  • Extension Pipe.
  • Ergonomically designed handle.

With a capacity of 3 ounces or 85 grams of electricity at a time, it is sufficient for any project. Its beautiful design with a handgun makes it easy and convenient to use with one hand, especially when applying lubricants. You can load it in two ways – in bulk and in the cartridge, which increases the flexibility of this product.

Extension Pipe:

This mini grease gun has a 4 – inch extension pipe which helps the grease flow smoothly and it also prevents the grease to disconnect while greasing any equipment. This extension pipe also helps to reach areas where you can’t approach easily.

Nondri$p Seal:

Anti-leaking is the main feature that every grease gun must have to be useful for the customer. This 3-oz grease gun has a non-drip seal which prevents the leakage of the grease when used which makes it best of all.

Contoured Lever:

While you are using a grease gun, you have to develop pressure to grease the equipment. So you have to put a lot of effort to develop sufficient pressure but this mini grease gun has a contoured lever which helps to develop sufficient pressure with less effort.

  • Durable.
  • Compact.
  • Sturdy.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comfortable Grip.
  • Not suitable for long-term use.

2. Astro Pneumatic Tool 101 Mini Grease Gun:

It is a perfect little grease gun that anyone would like to have. It can contain up to three ounces of grease. It comes with good use and there is no need to put extra pressure. The needle tube is a strong and reliable performer. It is made up of high-quality material which makes it compact and sturdy and increases its working quality.


  • Heavy Duty.
  • One Hand Operated.
  • Light Weight.
  • Needle Nozzle.

This little thing is a lot stronger than your expectations. If you work hard on bicycles, this small grease gun is perfect. You can buy your grease in bulk and save something. Setting up and using is easy, all you have to do is remove the screw from the top, pack the cylinder with whatever lubricant you want to use, and repeat. After that, you should insert a screwdriver or similar tool at the bottom of the cylinder and press the plate with grease. After that, you can start pumping it until the grease starts to flow.


Unlike other general grease guns which may waste the grease by leaking or something else, this grease gun does not waste the lubricant. Although its pumping action is also reliable and strong, which makes it is useful.

Size and Weight:

This mini grease gun as also mentioned in its name is so small that it can be used with only one hand and its weight is also so less than about 1lb which also assists in a one-hand operation.

Needle Nozzle:

The nozzle is an important part of any mini grease gun and this Astro grease gun has a needle-like nozzle for precise greasing and better results which makes it unique and the best 3 oz grease gun.

  • Easy to use.
  • Store three ounces of grease.
  • Can be carried anywhere.
  • Precise Greasing.
  • Affordable.
  • Does not include Hose.
  • Not for Zerk Fittings.

3. Mercury Quicksilver (91-74057Q5) 2-4-C Marine Grease with PTFE 3 Oz Grease Gun:

If you are looking for effective lubricating equipment for a standard steering system, rotating and switching straps, remote controls, shaft, and rotating pins, then the mercury quicksilver (91-74057q5) 2-4-c seaweed oil with PTFE is the best for you. The quicksilver product is a leading provider of original mercury equipment and works on all real machine products in the maritime and energy sports industries.


  • Mercury 2-4-C Marine Grease with PTFE.
  • Develop 5,000 PSI.
  • Flexible Pressure Tube.
  • Spring-loaded Pump Action Gun.
  • Include integral zero steel coupler.

By providing high performance, their (91-74057q5) 3 oz grease gun is strong enough to withstand extreme conditions. The weight of a heavy fan allows you to use it for hours on end. It comes with high-quality, lithium-based 2-4-C seaweed oil with PTFE. In terms of pressure, this grease gun has a flexible pressure tube with a connecting metal connector, which can bring up to 5,000 psi, which is quite cool in its size.

Flexible Hose:

When it comes to grease tiny places of your machines in your garage or workshop then it may be a trouble for you but with this mini grease gun having a flexible hose you will not face any trouble because its flexible hose fits into tight places and greases them perfectly.

High Pressure:

To deliver the smooth flow of grease, high pressure must be delivered and in this mini grease gun, it can deliver up to 5,000 PSI which is an awful amount of pressure according to its size which makes it the top 3 oz grease gun.

High-Quality Material:

This Mercury Quicksilver 3 oz grease gun is made up of high-quality material which makes it compact and durable and helps you to use this grease gun for a long time and grease your equipments precisely and without any wastage of grease.

  • Suitable for steering System Cables.
  • Flexible hose.
  • Heavy Duty Follower Spring.
  • Durable and Compact.
  • Has to improve quality.

4. Slippery Pete Mini Pistol Grease Gun:

Slippery Pete mini grease gun is a good choice for you if you are looking for a grease gun for your regular use. It is stable and suitable for the use of a small machine. Include all the accessories you need to make yourself comfortable with greasing. It comes with sturdy construction and accessories as well. The 12 ’’ pipe, which can operate under a pressure of 3,000 PSI, is amazing. It helps to reach narrow and difficult areas to apply.


  • Flexible Hose.
  • Cranks High Pressure.
  • Ideal for Tight Places.
  • Balloon Plunger Technology.

High pressure is required to apply the grease precisely on small and tight places and the pressure of about 500 PSI is maximum for perfect greasing and zerk fittings but this mini grease gun can deliver up to 3,000 PSI easily.

Flexible Hose:

When you have to apply grease to the tight areas of your cars and machines in your garage then it may be a huge task for you to manage it but the Slippery Pete Mini Grease gun has a 12” flexible hose which manages easily to grease tight areas.

Money-Back Guarantee:

This grease gun is perfect for small projects and came with all essential accessories but in case of any fault or inconvenience, this brand provides a 100% money-back guarantee.

Greas$e Engine:

This grease gun uses balloon plunger technology so that the grease may flow smoothly and the last ounce of grease can also be used without any wastage.

  • Strong Hose.
  • Need less effort.
  • Perfect for small projects.
  • No extra spreading of lubricant.
  • The handle can pop out of the notch.

5. HORUSDY 2900 PSI Mini Pistol Grip Grease Gun:

This is a pleasant-looking mini grease gun. It is a challenging touch to separate and apply the grease until you get its suspension. It works perfectly with a lawnmower and it is very easy to assemble and use because the directions in the package are given. You will save a lot when you compare it to what the garage will charge.


  • Chrome Plated Finish.
  • Vented Head Cap.
  • Lightweight.
  • Positive Lock for easy fitting.
  • Pistol Grip.

It’s a perfect grease gun for small projects. As, it is very glossy and durable, considering the quality finishes it has. It comes with a handgun in the package and also has a lever. The action of the lever makes the work more comfortable.

Safe Packing:

To secure, one part of the grease tube is wrapped with a foil cover, and the other side has a plastic cap. However, tubes and pistols are easily installed. It is more suitable for long-term use.

Working Pressure:

As I have mentioned several times that pressure plays an important role in greasing and for a better experience of greasing without wastage. This grease gun also takes up to 2900 PSI working pressure which suits its size and capability.

Comfortable Grip:

If you are a mechanic then you may have a bulk of work in your workshop and for greasing you can save your time by operating this grease gun with one hand. As it has a comfortable grip which provides ease for one-hand use.

  • Budget-Friendly.
  • Easy to use.
  • Pistol-like handgrip design.
  • Ensure Long-Term Usage.
  • It may stop sometimes during work.


You can’t think of a garage or a workshop without the best 3 oz grease gun for small projects. Grease Guns soften the moving parts of your machine and other equipment and improve the efficiency of your work, that is, the ability to perform many tasks.

As, there are many options available in the market, choosing the right one will suit your needs. But by following the reviews and guidelines above on the grease guns, we now hope you can easily choose the best one depending on your preferences. In my view, Lumax LX-1172 Black Mini-Pistol Grip Grease Gun with 3 oz Cartridge is best among all. If you have any suggestions or queries you can contact us for help.

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