About Us

I’ve been working with machines for almost 20 years now. When I was a kid, I used to make stuff with my dad in our house and now I make stuff with my kids, ha-ha. As I work on any construction project or help one of my friends with DIY, they always ask me questions about machines, “ if they can use a heat gun for crafting or what is the best manual grease gun? Or even how to load a grease gun? “ and I try my best to help them with their choices through my experience and expertise.

As I was helping a person on a forum, I realized so many people are looking for answers, who are new to this field, people who don’t know much about machinery and that’s when it clicked my mind to make a website where I could share my knowledge and help people make better choices.
So, I started writing about different tools, questions that people have in mind, questions that people ask me in daily life, I started writing about all this with the hope that maybe at least one person would be able to make a better choice for themselves through these articles.

Even though it was taking a lot of my time writing everything, researching about what kind of questions people are asking, what help do they need but I guess it’s all worthy if I can help even a single person.

The sole purpose of Machinery judge is to help people understand better which tool to use in different situations, how can you use one tool for different projects, which tool is better for DIY projects, and a lot of different questions that you might have regarding machines.
Here’s my little world of knowledge for you, I hope it will help you. Cheers